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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    8x42 NL image circle

    I like it! Nobody can argue with that, Robert. I'm now going to resist checking for this through my little assortment of glass as I don't want further temptation to spend on any NL Pure. Without checking I think I get this from my SLC 8x42 but I could be deluding myself as I hate to think it's...
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    8x42 vs. 10x50 dawn/twilight

    ReinierBos, I'm not even going to think of answering this scientifically because others have researched this in all its complex physics and detail and to be honest I lose the will to live once I've got halfway through the first page, so let someone else better qualified give you your answer. But...
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    Nikon 8x42 EDG, ships from Japan, CAD 2,747.78 - Expensive?

    I certainly never had any problems with mine and I get the impression the 8x42 is even better optically (I had the 7x42); even the objective caps fitted perfectly despite this being something often found below par in other examples. Best focuser ever. I sold but only as I had other 7x42s and...
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    Why is it so hard to find a competent binocular...

    I know exactly what you mean but I'm only bothered if the mechanics are letting me down and of course if the collimation is out or the optics just aren't delivering. (Or if the instrument is hard to hold still but that is another matter!) I suppose a jubilee 'Paddington' edition of any bin...
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    What's your favourite bins of all time..... and why?

    I have always liked green bins. The S K green FL came my way second hand at London Wetlands Centre about six months after Troubadour sold me his black one. Any other colour and I'd have been perfectly happy to stick with 'just' the black one. Apparently the green ones can show discoloration over...
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    What's your favourite bins of all time..... and why?

    Having read a bit about Meopta from other users on here, I'd say you already have alphas in both your Meoptas. Nice collection you have there, Ries :)
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    What's your favourite bins of all time..... and why?

    The answer I'm coming up with actually surprises me a bit, but thinking of what I used for my best day out observing, first birding and then looking at general views in and across a valley — and plenty of times since, I'm going for the discontinued Zeiss FL 8x32. I was expecting to choose a...
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    Leica Ultravid HD Plus numbering

    Thank you for taking time to look up all those numbers! Separately, I'll be in touch soon — time just seems to fly by! Tom
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    Leica Ultravid HD Plus numbering

    Thank you for the info, everyone! Tom
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    Leica Ultravid HD Plus numbering

    Mike, This one is interesting as I bought my 7x42 HD+ new in 2019 with the number 1649900 i.e. number lower than yours by only 15. However I no longer have the sticker to hand with the date; it might have been in the shop a while, I suppose.
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    8x32 UVHD+ vs 7x35 Retrovid

    Hi ZDHart, if you want a bit of putting off i.e. convincing to put away your credit card, I'd just say that in my own experience the enjoyment of each pair of bins can be diluted the more you have. It hasn't stopped me sometimes getting another one, even so but sooner or later I usually sell...
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    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    Assuming the optical and mechanical recipe is unchanged from the Sw SLC originals you have got yourself a real treat, Brummie. The view through the SLC 8x42 is awesome and with great contrast. If fast-flying viewing isn't needed I prefer the slower than usual focuser, personally. I'd be...
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    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    Just to say I like your explanation and examples of discussion about sharpness, contrast, microcontrast, over/digital sharpness, Eitan. This is how I often sway to and from between the different makes wondering what feature I like best but usually end up preferring Leica for its particular...
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    8x32 UVHD+ vs 7x35 Retrovid

    Hi Paul, I am as you can see very late with this reply so it is probably no use to you now...but just in case anyway: I have both (as well as an 8x50 since this time yesterday!) and I'd say there is a definite difference. Not in image quality as both are superb but in ease of use. We are...
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    Leica Ultravid HD Plus numbering

    Anybody here in the know about Leica serial numbers? The curiosity relates to the current Ultravid models i.e. HD Plus, all bought between 2019 and 2022 from the same excellent stockist. Here goes: I had 8x32 (1641---) bought new in 2019 and then because that one was unusually not up to...
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    Leica 8x50 Ultravid HD Plus

    Rebought an 8x50 UVHD Plus yesterday (not the same example I previously had): I think the only binocular I have had any regrets selling, hence the second attempt! While I find the 7x42 version of UVHD Plus definitely a bit steadier to hold, the 8x50 is easier still for me to hold than the big...
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    Trinovid BN 8x50s

    How exciting to have such fine binoculars respond so well to your decontamination treatment! Having only yesterday repurchased an 8x50 (UVHD Plus flavour, not your BN model) I agree about not finding the narrower field of view much of a problem, and after all you have the 7x42 to deal with...
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    Have 8x32, 7x42. Worth having 10x(42 or 32)?

    Hi Luca, Just to say that you have vocalized my own wondering over exactly this question (and like you I use the same two Leicas — and one or two Zeiss and Swaro). I am not an experienced birder and don't get to view as often as I'd like at the moment but I have tried three 10x bins and sadly...
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    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    Geriatric community... 'the GC Concept', surely, Andy? ;-)
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    Why Does Zeiss Still Use 42mm HTs in their Marketing?

    Hear hear; that is the reason I sold mine in the end after three years of good use, as I preferred the build of the 7x42 T*FL and the look and colour were very similar. If anything the HT had an edge in colour saturation of warmer colours. The eyecups on the HT felt mushy. However a part of me...
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    New Retrovid 7x35

    John, This was exactly the same as my experience with a new UVHD 7x42 Plus for months. In the process of trying to 'get there' I discovered for myself the findings you list in every one of your paragraphs! And now those binoculars are a favourite (all the bins I have kept are favourites, each...
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    8x32 UVHD+ vs 7x35 Retrovid

    Mike, Minority of 1... I could be tempted but I think I know the extra weight even at 7x would rob me of some of the pleasure. Tom
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    Which 10x binoculars to pair up my SLC 8x42?

    I assumed the same about 10x32, GrampaTom — that it would be frustrating when the light was weak towards the end of the day or early in the morning. That was till I got a Zeiss 10x32 T*FL from eBay for a fair price for the model and it compared very favourably with my 10x42 SLC (final version)...
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    8x32 UVHD+ vs 7x35 Retrovid

    Mike, Yes, I don't know why (assuming nothing has changed recently) Leica and Zeiss don't take more care over that. The HT I had needed to be set at +2 whereas different Leicas once I got them right mostly have been in the -1 region, give or take about 3/4 of a dioptre. It seems such an...
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    8x32 UVHD+ vs 7x35 Retrovid

    Hi Paul, I like your description and analogy! Addressing your last paragraph: all seemed fine when I first collected the 8x32, alongside the 7x42 — both new, I tried both bins out against a variety of architecture as I was in a busy city for the purchase. Tall buildings, church towers...