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  1. Ev4dawin

    Unknown warbler, South Cape May Meadows August 2nd.

    Hey all, another ID required please. I am not sure what this bird is, I think it’s a warbler of some sort but I honestly don’t have a clue. Don’t recall it singing or calling either. Many thanks, Ev
  2. Ev4dawin

    Red-shouldered hawk? Stillwater PA just now

    Saw this hawk 5 mins ago and looks good for immature red shouldered hawk, happy to be corrected though? Sorry for back of the camera shot. Many thanks, Ev
  3. Ev4dawin

    Unknown flycatcher, Stillwater PA, yesterday.

    Hey all, had this very interesting looking flycatcher on a post yesterday, I don’t know at all what it could be. Can’t upload actual files as I don’t have a computer with me, so it will have to be back of the camera shots. Apologies. Many thanks, Ev
  4. Ev4dawin

    Dark eyed Junco? Stillwater Lake Pennsylvania Today.

    Hey all just had this bird in the deck at the place we are staying at just 10 minutes ago. It behaved a lot like a Junco but it seems very early to be one. Photo quality is very poor, so might not be ID’able. Is it a dark eyed junco? Many thanks Ev
  5. Ev4dawin

    Sparrow ID, Philadelphia this morning.

    Hey all, I saw this bird feeding a grey cowbird chick and I don’t know what it is. Sorry for the back of the camera shot. Many thanks, Ev
  6. Ev4dawin

    Philadelphia, 11 Days Birding, July 2022-August 2022.

    Good morning all, I'm currently on holiday seeing family in Philadelphia, hence the reason why I am typing this at 4:25 in the morning :ROFLMAO: . On Monday, we checked into our flight and to our surprise, we had been upgraded from Premium economy to Business class. I'd never flown business...
  7. Ev4dawin

    South Cape May Meadows

    Hey all, heading to the Meadows in Cape May next week, and I'm hoping to see purple martins there. I haven't been there at all before so could I request some information from the people who have some knowledge about this place? I'm not sure what trails are the best either. Many thanks, Ev
  8. Ev4dawin

    Young heron species, Sacramento, California, yesterday.

    Hey all, a family member in California sent me this pic which I presume is a type of heron or egret? Is it a young night heron or something else? Many thanks Ev
  9. Ev4dawin

    Aberrant swift or something rarer?

    Hey all, photographed this swift from my garden 20 minutes ago, in Chislehurst, Kent, UK and it’s throwing me off because of the long tail, which is very thinly forked and a white patch on the back of the bird. I know back of the camera pictures are difficult to ID, I will get some uploaded in...
  10. Ev4dawin

    Birds with black on them recently.

    Hey all, I have noticed recently that a blue tit that has been visiting has lost the white on its cheeks, and has practically become black in the face. Additionally at my dads, one of the robins has some black coming out along its chest. Is this a lack in Vitamin A? Or is it something else...
  11. Ev4dawin

    My rarest bird yet..

    Annoyingly couldn't get this report out quicker but I'm getting it done now. May 28, 2022, Saturday Having heard of the news that there was a once in a lifetime bird in the area of Sandwich Bay, I was ever keen to travel and see it. Although by the evening of the 26th, it was no where to be...
  12. Ev4dawin

    Ibis species, fuerteventura, Spain

    Hey all, my grandpa came across this bird yesterday which looks like some sort of ibis. The bird had a metal ring on it, so is presumably an escape.
  13. Ev4dawin

    What features should I look for in great spotted cuckoo?

    Hey all, about 10 minutes ago I had a brief sighting of a cuckoo species fly across my bus heading towards Mottingham station, near London UK. It had a long tail, and I thought I could make out some features but I was unable to. I saw it again very briefly after it departed from a tree a couple...
  14. Ev4dawin

    White wagtail?

    Seen today at RSPB Titchwell UK. Had to digiscope as no camera with me. Is it a white wagtail? Many thanks, Ev
  15. Ev4dawin

    Moth sp

    Not someone who looks at moths all the time but came across this one in a hallway in my school. Anyone have any ID’s?
  16. Ev4dawin

    Stock dove?

    Seen yesterday in my garden in Bromley, London, UK. Can anyone confirm it as a stock dove?
  17. Ev4dawin

    Stuck on what to hire.

    Hey all, I'm heading to Philadelphia in July-August and I was planning on hiring a camera body from a company who I have always hired from. The 2 bodies I'm looking at getting are the Canon EOS R and the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I'm there for 14 days, and the prices are £252 for the EOS R and £323...
  18. Ev4dawin

    Choosing between 2 lenses.

    I'm having a difficult decision with choosing between the Canon EF 100-400 f4.5-5.6 IS II USM and the sigma 150-600 Contemporary. The Sigma has more reach, is light and produces high quality images. However, it struggles with birds in flight as the autofocus is slow; although there is a way to...
  19. Ev4dawin

    Song ID Oxleas Wood, Eltham UK

    Hey all, am I correct in thinking this is a firecrest? The rising pitch and abrupt flourish made me believe this was a firecrest. I did in fact see this bird but had no optics on me or my camera. Many thanks, Ev
  20. Ev4dawin

    Upgrading my gear.

    Hey all, I'm looking at upgrading my Canon EOS 700D around December and I'm not sure on what to do. I was thinking about the Canon 5d mark IV as my main switch, having learnt about its quite good autofocus system. I've also been thinking about switching directly to Sony, probably starting off...
  21. Ev4dawin

    Starling display flight?

    Throughout my observations of the birds today, I've noticed that the starlings around have been flying very high with rapid wingbeats. Is this some sort of display flight? It seems similar to a skylark in song flight but they are very clearly starlings. Is this some sort of display flight or is...
  22. Ev4dawin

    Does leucism affect the strength of a birds feathers?

    A couple months back, I was observing the carrion crows which frequent my school's campus, and I watched one crow without any leucism fly up into a tall conifer. Soon after a second bird flew after it and this crow in particular had some brown mixed in with the black and the middle of the wings...
  23. Ev4dawin

    Bird of prey, South Philadelphia area.

    Hey all, I was asked about this bird of prey seen yesterday by my dads girlfriend, and I’m unsure of what it is. I’ve cropped it a little and tried lightening the picture but I can’t bring out any detail. Can anyone safely ID this bird?
  24. Ev4dawin

    Anyone here get parakeets?

    Hey all, I regularly get a multitude of parakeets visit my feeders each day and it’s getting repetitive having to chase them off all the time. I’m looking at the Roamwild Pest Off feeder for peanuts and Roamwild Pest Off feeder.They have figured out how to get into the squirrel buster feeder...
  25. Ev4dawin

    Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve

    Hey all, I think I might be going to Stodmarsh on the weekend, and I have seen on Facebook that people are able to hand feed the robins there as well as great and blue tits. I have never been before, but they seem to be handfed mostly near the "dad bench". Where is this bench? I am aware there...