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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    Papilio II Strap?

    I wonder if a little holt head would fit and click in place. If so then you could knock up a strap holder….. very annoying as the fittings are nice and work well. Peter
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    Big Brother of my Kowa TSN-99a

    Depending on the eyepiece you could put the filter on the eye end, need something to hold it in place and you’d need to well shield the view as otherwise you’ll end up just seeing a reflection of your eye as the views are darkened. There will be a roll off of filter performance towards the...
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    80mm Spotting like Astronomical instrument?

    For planets you’ll want a mirror diagonal or you’ll get a spike in the image from the edge of the erecting prism diagonal. Peter
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    80mm Spotting like Astronomical instrument?

    I carry an 80mm ED refractor for sotting sometimes. Gives great views and I can change the magnification and keep wide views with a choice of eyepieces…. Downside is that it feels it it made of lead, so, I only carry it about if I really need to, otherwise I carry smaller (and lighter) optics...
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    Product Review: Nikon E II 8 x 30.

    Their Nikon part number seems to imply they’re just standard E2, nothing new, so who knows, one hopes that Nikon will keep making them… Peter
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    ED82 and Astro eps?

    Amy good sources of such eyepieces, especially wide angle ones? Microscope eyepieces tend to be sold by magnification… which is not so easy to translate to scope use?? Peter
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    focus on mm4 50

    ish up the magnification and see that it does the job. Ar low power you’ll mainly need the coarse adjust. My 60 has a retry free fine focus. I assume there is no “wiggle” of the focus knobs, which might indicate they’d been bashed. Peter
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    Leica Swarozski Etc Etc Etc Et Etc Etc

    The number of “kingfisher” I see in local rivers that turn out to be bits of plastic when I get my binoculars out (any old pair suffice). Peter
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    New MM4 50 vs part-used Nikon ED50

    The apparent brightness is related to the exit pupil (aperture divided by magnification), though in the day your eye pupil is often smaller and thus effectively aperture limits your optics. As it gets darker you pupil gets bigger and hence you want to have as large an exit pupil as you can to...
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    New MM4 50 vs part-used Nikon ED50

    The time you can view will depend on the magnifications. If the focal ratios are the same then the exit pupil (brightness) will be the same across the magnification ranges… the smaller scope resulting in lower magnifications. Peter
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    Fixed mag EP with shorter focal length than 40831

    The lure of cranking the zoom up and down is a strong one… even if it means accepting a less immersive or engaging view. With fixed eyepieces there is always the nagging doubt that you’ll have brought the wrong one along and what if there is a bird that needs just a “bit more power”…. Peter
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    Fixed mag EP with shorter focal length than 40831

    … best get one before they vanish?! Peter
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    Fixed mag EP with shorter focal length than 40831

    Shorter focal length eyepieces will give higher powers. I agree too, something around 30x for the 60mm MM4 would be ideal, the discontinued one was probably a little short and the 23x as noted is a little long. My understanding of that Opticron don’t sell a lot of dudes eyepieces so there is...
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    MM4 60 lens hood / thread diameter

    You could look to find/make a suitable cylinder than you could push over the front and pull out when needed. Peter
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    I am naturally somewhat cautious about online stuff that’s away from the “normal”, but always encourage people to try stuff out and report back. Some things turn out bad and other times real gems are unearthed, or ways of doing things that break with the “established ideas”. It certainly sounds...
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    In praise of small scopes

    Walking round with the scope on the tripod and the legs extended for super rapid deployment is the profession way to go. Fold legs in a sling over your shoulder and off you go. Your setup is ideal for that, far quicker to deploy than a backpack! Peter
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    We don't sell vortex's

    Nikon do some 7x35 porro that got some positive reviews, but they aren’t waterproof, though that’s only an issue for some people occasionally. Neil English has some good reviews of some lower cost models. Binoculars | Neil English.net Good luck Peter
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    Travelcase for MM4 60mm w. SDLv3

    Totally agree, worried me too. The triple thickness foam doesn’t bend that easily and I can just make sure the “pot” is rotated in the bag so the focusser and eyepieces don’t point outward. I added a “poking up section” to cushion the eyepiece that pokes out to one side to. The manfrotto Befree...
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    Travelcase for MM4 60mm w. SDLv3

    I carry mine in a backpack and made a drop in protective “pot” from foam camping mat. 3layers so not the most compact, but seems to do the job and I still have space in the bag for binoculars and a compact tripod. Depends how you want to carry the scope and in what situations. Peter
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    New MM4 50 vs part-used Nikon ED50

    I only use the lowest power if I have trouble pointing the scope, the narrow field of view doesn’t provide as much help as a wider one would. I then normally tune the zoom to give the best balance of detail and brightness for the conditions (normally 25-32x ish) and keep it there. I only crank...
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    New MM4 50 vs part-used Nikon ED50

    I tend to use my Befree live a little lower than I need so it’s easier for people of different heights to have a look when I observing with a group. If it’s not windy then the stability seems fine. I’d be interested in your 23x vs zoom comparison. Peter
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    New MM4 50 vs part-used Nikon ED50

    I use a 190 for my larger kit, but with the 501ah it’s a brute to carry. Replaced with a Befree live. Yes it’s not as stable and one axis lock knob is easily confused with the clamp release (I’ve added tape so my fingers don’t adjust the wrong one). But it fits in the backpack nice and easily...
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    New MM4 50 vs part-used Nikon ED50

    I lightened my scope setup recently and was going for the kowa ts501, but secondhand and other things resulted in me getting a 60MM4ED. The low end of the zoom is a bit narrow. I’d like a fixed 27x, but as noted a little lower power gives a brighter image for those dim situations, which is more...
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    Are Luminosity and Twilight Factor relevant when describing a binocular?

    Depends how you want to use your bins, what matters to you. How much you mind carrying. Beat to look through some as there are many things that fiddling with magnification,field of view and aperture numbers can’t provide. Peter
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    FOV - beyond what value is too much?

    As Lee notes, there have been super wides binoculars from back to at least the 1940s, I have some “recent” ones from the 1960s, nice, but a little heavy and a little short on the eye relief. FoV specs are like 0-60mph for cars… not everyone is flooring the gas at every set of lights. When you...