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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Black-throated Bobwhite'

    We were at Rio Lagartos 4 days before this, but couldn't find any! Good work!
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Booted Racket-tail'

    Exquisite, and I really like the framing. You've caught the essence of this hummer. You might consider correcting the spelling, so the search engines will find it.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Orange-fronted Parkakeet'

    Nice shot, and very considerate of you to respect their privacy (actually, they were probably gleaning mites) :-)
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'At the shrimp bar'

    Excellent shots of these herons!
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'GBH LOL'

    Great pose; this bird stays almost motionless for so long that you must have needed some patience for this shot.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Buenos Aires, Costa Rica'

    Nice photo of a beautiful place, but the name should be Buenos Aires.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Near-endemic Bicolored Antpitta - Grallaria rufocinerea 1 - Rio Blanco, C A'

    Wow, really fine work you did there. And finding an antpitta is an accomplishment in itself.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Short Eared Owl'

    Wow, superb photo! As hard as I try, I rarely get a flight photo worth keeping. This is exceptional.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Flying Colors'

    Michael, I've been curious about this spectacular image since I first saw it. According to my references, there is no place where the Military Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw co-exist. The Military is a bird of the SE coast of Mexico, whereas the Scarlet is primarily on the Gulf Coast, but also...
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    Hummingbird, Michoacon, Mexico

    Thanks very much, Tom - you pointed me in a new direction with the knowledge that the bills are dark on top in immatures. Howell & Web show the Green-fronted as further south in the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca, but among the Amazilias, the Violet-crowned Hummingbird is in Michoacan, and the...
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Great Kiskadee'

    Nice to catch this bird with the moon! Good writeup, too. I've noticed a lot of variation in this species, having seen hundreds of them from Texas to the southern end of its range in Argentina. Even though common, it always draws my binoculars.
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    Hummingbird, Michoacon, Mexico

    Here's a hummer that has caused me lots of effort. The photo was taken at very long range, and is not that good, but one would think it would work for an ID. The crown feathers seem to be just getting started developing color, and thus are not reliable for identification. My best guess is the...
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Red-legged Cormorant with youngsters'

    Excellent photo of a very interesting bird!
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Some Autumnal colors'

    Very nice pose, well captured. Your recent shots appear substantially shifted towards green, though. Maybe a white balance setting?
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'This was a stretch'

    Nice shot, but I think it would be even better with a color adjustment. This one and the Ruby-crowned Kinglet show up very green on my monitor. If you're shooting RAW, it would be easy to do this in the conversion.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Hoopoe'

    Wow, great capture - I chased these all over southern Spain, with only a few acceptable images to show for it. These are quite common in some parts of Europe and Africa, but they always make my day to see one.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Scarlet Honeyeater'

    wow. I'd go a long way to see this bird.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Australian Brush-Turky'

    Awesome turkey. Tough bird to get a clear view of, in my experience. (however, my experience was limited to one bird!)
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Wood Duck (male)'

    Very nice wood duck. I'm taking note of the location; thanks for the tip.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Superb Starling'

    They might be common, but I can't imagine ever being bored with them. Superb capture, nice work!
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Bearded Tit'

    Truly beautiful shot. Excellent work.
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    Comment by 'nomdeploom' in media 'Brunnich's Guillemot - Penguins of the North'

    A nice composition of a bird I may never see!