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    If you could have only ONE binocular ? (no list).

    Canon 12x32 IS. Clear skies, Alan
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    12 power recommendation wanted

    I've never been able to hold 12x binoculars steady enough to enjoy and take full advantage of the extra magnification, but I used a pair of Canon 12x36 IS IIs for about 16 years as my main birding glass. Because of their poor close focus, which sometimes caused problems, I replaced them with the...
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    Favorite 8-10X Canon IS for woodland birding

    While I understand the desire for a lower power, wider field for woodland birding, I've been using 12x Canons (12x36 and then 12x32) for about 20 years now and do mostly woodland birding. At first, I missed the wide, 8-degree field of my 7x42 pair, but I adapted to the narrower true field and...
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    Canon 18X50 IS Binoculars

    A steady, handheld 18x view of birds is quite nice, but they are, for most people, too heavy to carry around in the field much. Their narrow field can make birds a bit hard to spot and follow around, but experience helps some. They also have very poor focus, 6m (19.7'), which can be a problem in...
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    Canon 8x20 vs. 10x20

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    Canon 8x20 vs. 10x20

    The 8x20 is small and light, but it's not a pocket friendly compact. Clear skies, Alan
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    Canon 8x20 vs. 10x20

    I'd been dithering about a pair of Canon 8x20 IS for some time, desiring something lighter than my 12x32 IS to carry on our walks. Fortunately, I ran into a good deal on a lightly used pair about a month ago. I am very happy with them. The IS works exceptionally well, the focus is smooth and...
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    How many ditched their spotter for higher powered bino’s?

    I don't bird often with the local group, but when I have, most folks have binoculars, and, depending on the trip venue, a few also have spotting scopes. I've never seen anyone with binoculars mounted on a tripod. Clear skies, Alan
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    Do we look for problems??

    I spend time deciding what fits my needs, and checking what fits well in my hands and is easy to look through and use. Once I've decided and have it home, I tend to simply enjoy the views. I don't going looking for problems. I spent about a year looking for my first high end binocular, once...
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    Does Canon Advertise or Promote IS to Birders?

    When my wife bought me a pair of 12x36 II IS, about 20 years ago, my birding binocular was a Swarovski 7x42 SLC. Better optics, but the larger image scale and a steady view at 12x revealed more detail and allowed for easier IDs. The difference between "There were some kinglets out in the...
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    Does Canon Advertise or Promote IS to Birders?

    Thanks for the responses. For years Canon Professional Services has been bringing their cameras to the annual Northeast Astronomy Forum in Suffern, NY, USA. In 2018 they got so many people asking "Why not the IS binoculars?" that one of the reps made sure they had some in 2019. They didn't have...
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    Does Canon Advertise or Promote IS to Birders?

    Some years ago I subscribed to a couple of birding magazines. I do not remember any Canon ads for their IS binoculars, although there were certainly plenty of ads for other brands. Does Canon actively advertise to birders and promote their line at birding events? Thanks, and clear skies, Alan
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    NL Pure 10x42 or Canon 10x42.

    Canon IS binoculars work fine in the winter, even in very cold weather. The secret is Lithium batteries. My 12x36 were used for more than 16 years with no problems, and are still working for relatives after another 2 years. My wife's 10x30s have been fine for about 2 decades. No problems...
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    Canon ISIII 12x36 First impressions: amateurs vs professionals

    A good example of why it's good to try before you buy or make sure the dealer has an agreeable return policy. I used the Canon 12x36 IS II for about 16 years as my main birding binocular (now replaced by the 12x32, mostly for the improved close focus). In my hands the ergonomics were fine. The...
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    How much time do you spend looking *for* binoculars?

    I spent about a year looking for a high-end pair in around 2000/2001, mostly because I wanted to check them all out in person. Even back then finding some models was difficult. Fortunately I arranged for a dealer friend to bring the three final contenders to an astronomy convention and bought...
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    Just received a 10x42L

    Interesting. Complaining about people complaining..... I prefer the 12x36 IS and 12x32 IS over the 10x42L. Clear skies, Alan
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    I like slower focus

    I like a fast change of focus and have not found it makes it more difficult to focus precisely. Their slow change of focus was one of several deal breakers for me with the Canon 10x42Ls. Not really a fan of finding I'm a bit too close to get good focus, especially for a Black-backed...
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    Looking for a compact budget monocular

    I long thought a monocular would be a handy thing to carry, but I was disappointed. A lot less agreeable and less comfortable than binoculars and, in spite of a similar AFOV, the one-eyed view seemed more constricted. Clear skies, Alan
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    Testing longitudinal (axial) chromatic aberration

    I am skeptical that even 10x is enough magnification to reveal secondary color (longitudinal chromatic aberration). In achromatic refractors it generally reveals itself at higher magnifications. Plus, under the bright conditions that might tend to reveal secondary color, most binoculars are...
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    IS binoculars or scope for higher magnification?

    Keep in mind that IS binoculars are advantageous both because of increased stability and higher magnification. The advantage of even a 12x IS view over an 8x standard binocular view for making identifications may surprise you. I have the Canon 15x50 and it's not something I like to carry in...
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    Is IS for the birds?

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    Is IS for the birds?

    Had several friends, mostly amateur astronomers and casual bird watchers and nature lovers, buy IS binoculars after trying my 12x36 IS IIs. I don't bird much with groups, but, given I tend to be a gear head, was surprised not to have any birders on the trips ask about my Canons. I've certainly...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    Now I'm confused. First you wrote "Then there is the IS. On Normal IS the Canons IS is very poor with a lot of shaking still going on and even on Powered IS the Canon still has micro jitters that drive you crazy. The Fujinon 14x40 TSX is rock steady with no micro jitters and is a LOT more...
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    Is IS for the birds?

    I certainly agree about the eyecups, but the IS on my 12x32s is solid and free of jitters. I thought it better than the Is on the 12x36 IIs, which I had been quite happy with. Perhaps it's the additional power, but it seems unlikely - if it's a general problem it should still be detectable at...
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    Real calcium fluorite in NL binoculars?

    Agreed. Clear skies, Alan