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  1. 3Italianbirders

    A botched February ski trip remembering the Autumn

    This post is mostly an excuse for writing up about our weekend (in October 2021) in the Dolomites (same place as last summer) for the annual meeting of EBN Italy. I had started working on a brief report when we came back but then somehow it fell by the wayside. 🙄 So, first the botched ski trip...
  2. 3Italianbirders

    A week in the Dolomites - late June 2021

    First of all apologies for the lateness of this trip report, which was almost ready weeks ago, but somehow I kept on postponing the final touches. Like last year, we had decided not to book any holiday in advance because of Covid-induced uncertainty. The original idea of the French Pyrenees and...
  3. 3Italianbirders

    Reed or Marsh Warbler? Tuscany, Italy, late May

    Hello all, I first posted this photo in another thread, labelling it as a Reed Warbler, as they were singing everywhere. But now we are having second thoughts and a bizarre idea: what if it was a Marsh Warbler? It's rare and very localised in central Italy, but not impossible. We didn't see it...
  4. 3Italianbirders

    where to move our feeders?

    We have always kept our feeders at the back, in front of our garage (where we keep the feed) and they have always been very successful with up to 20 species throughout the cold season and 80-100 birds (mostly Siskins) on the coldest days. You can have an idea of what they were like in my spring...
  5. 3Italianbirders

    Abruzzo and Gran Sasso National Parks, Italy, July 2020

    We spent 5 days in Abruzzo, a region in central Italy with three National Parks and a couple of regional ones. It also happened to be one of the areas in Italy that had been less affected by the COVID pandemic and thus presumably safer, although we weren’t planning to spend a lot of time in...
  6. 3Italianbirders

    Birding in Southern Tuscany and thereabouts

    New thread! Same species, albeit with some nice mammals. Also an expedition is planned for tomorrow in a neighbouring region, so something new should crop up. The usual afternoon drive, with a couple of hours spent stationary in the middle of a field produced more or less the same species of...
  7. 3Italianbirders

    a birding holiday in 2020?

    We usually go on holiday in mid-June, having to wait until the schools close on June 10. This year it would have been different anyway as our daughter has exams and we would have had to go later in July or August, terrible months for birding, unless we travelled very far - Australia had come to...
  8. 3Italianbirders

    it was in my salad

    Found this in my bagged salad (I know I shouldn't). I thought it would be easy to identify because of the heart-shaped leaves and the red stem, but I failed to find it on my plants book and on two different apps, PlantSnap and PlanNet (in my experience both are pretty useless). Can anyone help?
  9. 3Italianbirders

    High winds kill thousands of migrating birds in Greece

    Anyone seen this? Or anyone in Greece can confirm?
  10. 3Italianbirders

    what is this? (from the paper) Peacock? Or a fake? Venice, Italy

    there is an article in the Guardian about "wildlife" supposedly coming back to Venice because of the lockdown. The first picture is the one attached below with the caption you can see. "seabird" seriously? it looks like a cross between a grebe and a peacock!!!! Do peacocks even swim? Ideas? :eek!:
  11. 3Italianbirders

    Birding in the time of Coronavirus

    So we are stuck. We can go out within the precincts of the town council only to buy groceries and/or medicines, or other necessary errands such as going to the bank or the post office. We are as yet unsure if going for a walk, provided we keep our distance from other people (as we have been...
  12. 3Italianbirders

    A weekend in northern Tuscany

    We spent an enjoyable weekend (again without the offspring) with some of our fellow EBN Italy members in the area just north of Pisa, at the northernmost tip of Tuscany. We got up at 3am on the Saturday morning in order to meet the others at Marina di Vecchiano at 7am for a bit of seawatching...
  13. 3Italianbirders

    Half a day in Torrile, Parma, with herons and ducks

    Not much going on birding-wise in the past couple of weeks, so being in the northern city of Parma on non-birding business we grabbed the chance to visit the nearby LIPU flagship reserve, Torrile, where G had been eons ago but that I had never visited. The reluctant teenager refused to join us...
  14. 3Italianbirders

    Sardinia and Corsica 9-22 June 2019

    This year we went for what our daughter called an “almost normal” holiday ;). We had had a very busy spring and didn’t want to drive thousands of kilometres like we did in Spain last year and in Scotland two years ago, nor could we face the hassle of flying - renting a car etc. We opted instead...
  15. 3Italianbirders

    Our Local patch with Black-headed Bunting (and more)

    We made a flying visit to our local patch yesterday afternoon, since G had seen twice a Black-headed Bunting and when we had gone together it had failed to materialise. This time it was there! Singing from a wire, not very close (definitely not like this one a couple of years ago), and in...
  16. 3Italianbirders

    Lake Neusiedl, Austria, April 17-26 2019

    We had been eyeing the calendar for a couple of years, as you don’t always get an Easter break in the second half of April, which even if it’s not the peak of the spring migration, can still be pretty good compared to most Easters. On top of this there was an Italian national holiday, April...
  17. 3Italianbirders

    World Press Photo and falconry

    I had a look at the winning pics of this year's World Press Photo awards and couldn't believe my eyes as the first prize in the "Nature" category is a story about falconry. While the first three photos are about the decline of Saker falcons in Mongolia, all the others depict falconers with...
  18. 3Italianbirders

    Lake Neusiedl end of April

    Hello all, I have posted this in the "information wanted" forum but have had no replies yet, maybe I'll have better luck here? We are planning a trip to Lake Neusiedl for the Easter break (April 21), which is longer than usual this year as it is just before the Italian national holiday of April...
  19. 3Italianbirders

    Lake Neusiedl end of April

    Hello all, we are planning a trip to Lake Neusiedl for the Easter break (April 21), which is longer than usual this year as it is just before the Italian national holiday of April 25, so we'll have over a week, roughly from the 18th to the 28th. Considering that it will take us a full day to...
  20. 3Italianbirders

    Spain road trip - June 11-28

    After three summer holidays in cool to cold climates, Sweden, British Columbia and Scotland, this year we opted for a change and chose Spain, targeting two main areas: Extremadura (although we knew that it wouldn’t be the best time to visit) and the Central Spanish Pyrenees. We drove, taking...
  21. 3Italianbirders

    Warbler (?) Arrocampo, Spain, June

    We saw this from the hide next to the Visitor's centre at the Embalse de Arrocampo in Extremadura, in mid-June. It looks big from the picture (it's a tight crop to include as much detail as possible) but it looked reed-warbler sized. We only saw it for maybe 20 seconds and were able to take 4...
  22. 3Italianbirders

    Larks, Spain, June

    Further to my earlier post https://www.birdforum.net/showpost.php?p=3744764&postcount=16 we are looking again at all our photos of Crested/Thekla larks that we took last month in Spain in case we have misidentified them. Some were taken at the Hoces del DuratĂłn and some in Extremadura. I am...
  23. 3Italianbirders

    Looking for Rosy Starlings

    As reported here Italy has seen a massive influx of Rosy Starlings over the past week or so. They were reported in northern Tuscany the other day, so, presuming that they were expanding southwards on Sunday afternoon we roamed high and low through the Val d’Orcia area (our local patch) looking...
  24. 3Italianbirders

    Spain road trip - second half of June

    We are going to Spain for roughly 2-3 weeks leaving on June 11. We are taking a ferry to Barcelona for the outward journey and then driving back the long way. We arrive in Barcelona in the evening of June 12. We are aware that this is not the best time to visit but we have to stick to school...
  25. 3Italianbirders

    Where to Watch Birds in Southern and Western Spain - new edition?

    Hello all. We are planning a 2-3 weeks tour of Southern France and Spain (Pyrenees, northern steppes and Extremadura) in June, and I was going to buy both the "where to watch birds" for Spain. The book covering the north and east has apparently been recently updated but the one about the south...