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  1. Fowl Mouth

    Anyone want to help this idiot with a wader ID?

    Shot in Connecticut this morning. My gut tells me it's a Willet, or is it some sort of Sandpiper? I don't believe it's a Godwit because of the beak, or a Dowitcher because of my location. But I am so new to waders that no answer would surprise me. Boy, I'm stumped. Perhaps I'm making more of...
  2. Fowl Mouth

    New 70D on the way!

    Hmmm, I forgot I even had a blog! :-O Last April I snagged a used Siggy 500 4.5 EX (pre-DG). That was the single most mind blowing purchase I have made to date for birding. This lens really doesn't fail unless you miss the focus. What I mean is it is stupidly sharp and free of CA and scatter...
  3. Fowl Mouth

    Sigma 500 4.5 EX / Canon EF body compatibility?

    This is kind of a two part question, predicated on the desire to upgrade my old 20D. I'm curious to hear from Canon users (the few of you out there) what body you use for this lens. In my case it's an older non-DG lens. My concern is that newest bodies may pose some compatibility issues. I had...
  4. Fowl Mouth

    Dragonfly ID request- Eastern, USA

    After a year of relying on my single ID guide, I still feel like a dunce with this. Yes I need to acquire another guide. :-O I think it's a type of cruiser...maybe???
  5. Fowl Mouth

    Anybody use Gilbertson PVC boxes?

    I'm getting ready to build a couple of these for the yard, typical mid-winter-waiting-for-the-spring project. I'm wondering what the real world experiences are regarding house sparrows. They completely bullied out three different interested Eastern Bluebird pairs last year. Admittedly I didn't...
  6. Fowl Mouth

    Clearance sale galore

    We took a trip to Barnes & Nobel last night to grab some books for the kids, but I ran across the post holiday clearance shelves and was pleased by the prices on some great bird guides (among other stuff, of course). The whole stack in the image cost me $25 ($5, $4, $6 and $10 respectively from...
  7. Fowl Mouth

    It's Eagle time.

    Yesterday was the first successful Bald Eagle day for me since December of 2009. Although the eagle images are few, and lack detail, they were aided by some pleasant natural lighting. Several birds were captured in and around the grounds of Gillette's Castle, as well as a distinctly prismatic...
  8. Fowl Mouth

    Inspired to try my new 72-ED

    Hey all. Just picked up an Astro-tech AT72-ED, roughly a month ago. Mainly purchased it as a wide field scope for astrophotography...galaxies, nebulae, stuff like that. But since I've yet to find time to get under the stars, I figured I'd try my hand at birds. Got the following shot earlier this...
  9. Fowl Mouth

    Banded Pennant female? (I.D. in CT, USA)

    Just trying to work this one out for the past couple days. I tend to think it's not a Calico because the wing spotting is much bolder than any other pics I have found for reference. If it is a Banded, the yellow markings on the abdomen seem like less of a pronounced triangular pattern than they...
  10. Fowl Mouth

    Folded-wing Skipper ID?!? - CT, USA

    I thought picking up some ID guides would make my life easier. :-O Thanks.
  11. Fowl Mouth

    Wrens in CT, USA...ID please?

    The first photo is one I took back in March, and honestly did zero research, so I put it in my 2010 list folder and named it House Wren. OK...smash cut to yesterday when I got the second image at one of my hanging feeders, and after listening to it's song for a good 20 minutes, and paying close...
  12. Fowl Mouth

    TEST: Sigma 150-500 OS + Extension Tubes

    The disclaimer – Although I wouldn’t consider myself an idiot by any means, I am in no way an expert regarding optical physics or mechanics. I simply love the technical arena that comprises all things optical. I offer the following info as a shared experience of my own Sigma 150-500mm OS lens...
  13. Fowl Mouth

    Good ID book?

    Maybe a common question? Just looking for suggestions regarding a quality ID guide for a newbie in the US. Thanks.
  14. Fowl Mouth

    Red-shouldered Hawk? Juvie?

    Red-shouldered Hawk? Juvie? Northeast USA This should be a simple ID. But the thicker banding on the tail is throwing me a bit. Also, it appears to me that most overhead images of Red-tails provide a slightly different breast appearance. The only image I could find that resembled this was...
  15. Fowl Mouth

    When do the Baltimore Orioles get here?

    Just wondering from local Northeastern US residents when I should hang my new Oriole feeder. I'm dying to get some shots this year...finally. They are the darn near most skiddish birds I've had in the back yard. But boy are they beautiful.
  16. Fowl Mouth

    Advice for an Eastern Bluebird newbie in CT...

    So I spent $34 at the hardware store, 3 hours building on Tuesday afternoon, and I've ended up with these...now what? I live in CT, and I'm trying to figure out when I need to get these up to beat the return of the Bluebirds in the area. The bad is that I currently have only one available post...
  17. Fowl Mouth

    Your dream Canon telephoto lens...

    Just to piggyback off of Terry's dream 8D thread (sorry, dude), what would you like to see in a new lens? I know this is not an original thread idea. I'm just bored, and feel like talking about lenses that I might be able to buy when my budget hits it's ceiling. My biggest beef is the huge...
  18. Fowl Mouth

    Baldies in East Haddam

    Just spent a morning out in the Gillette Castle riverside hills, yesterday. After spotting a pair of adult baldies skimming the river surface, this one landed in a tree not 200 ft from me. I managed to get within 50 ft, maybe closer. I'm not sure if this is early in the winter season or not...
  19. Fowl Mouth


    Not really sure what this is. Location Connecticut. Another thing, the bird was in a deep shadow, so I'm not sure how accurate the yellow coloring is since I had to boost the exposure on the bird in post processing. Or maybe the yellow is accurate. I'm not being helpful, so I'll shut up and let...
  20. Fowl Mouth

    What kind of Warbler?

    Male Pine? Female Prairie? Immature Yellow? I'm in Connecticut, FWIW. Thanks in advance, Warbler experts. ;)
  21. Fowl Mouth

    Interesting show

    I just discovered "Wild Photo Adventures", a North Carolina based video series by Doug Gardner discussing...well... wildlife photography. Somewhat insightful, entertaining, lots of nice gear...|:D| Links to a pair of bird specific episodes: Waterfowl Songbirds I enjoyed the heavy lean on...
  22. Fowl Mouth

    How do I setup multiple flashes?

    I've started researching this idea via the web, and I know that the practice is used regularly in staged lighting, but I can't seem to find a straight answer. How would I set up two seperate stand mounted external flashes, both wire synced to my main digital EOS body? In this, I mean, what...
  23. Fowl Mouth

    My 20D Ev compensation has a mind of it's own?!?

    So my new in box 20D is having the following problem: While shooting (it always happens during burst shooting in Aperture Priority mode, but that could be coincidental...), my active Ev compensation meter will sometimes drop a few notches on it's own. I can then press the Ev compensation button...
  24. Fowl Mouth

    New 20D owner

    While everyone else is (understandably) raving about their new 40D 's and 50D's, I figured I bring back some attention to an old school version. Yeah, the 20's are old bodies. But I've been shooting exclusively with a 350D for two years, and simply desired a faster shooting frame rate, and more...
  25. Fowl Mouth

    Uh, yeah I dunno...

    Finch, Sparrow, male, female, juvie, winter plumage??? Picture taken in Connecticut. Thanks for taking a look.