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  1. stoop

    Anyone using a Z6ii for birds in November 2021?

    Hi all, I'm thinking now of getting a Z6ii to pair with my Nikkor 500 PF. I have been using a D500 and a Df. -Mostly the D500 for birds but I have been wanting an FX body. I was going to get a D850, but then thought about a Z7ii, and now with the Z9 in the wind, I'm thing of a Z6ii. I see Moose...
  2. stoop

    Falco peregrinus pealei in Japan?

    Hello. I have been in Japan for many years now. I have often felt that I've seen different subspecies of peregrine at different times of the year. I bought a new bird guide last year that said there are 5 subspecies that can be found here. It can be difficult judging between immature and adult...
  3. stoop

    Confused which camera body with 500PF

    Hello. I have been dreaming for the last two years about getting a new camera body to go with the Nikkor 500 f5.6 PF. I have been using it on a D500, but often find the field of view a bit narrow and thought maybe an FX model would suit it better. I admit, I am bit of a Goldilocks, because I...
  4. stoop

    D500 or D850?

    Hello. I see there are threads about both cameras but I wanted to get some thoughts specifically about this. I was going to trade in my D300 and D7100 and get a D500. Then I will be left with a D800 and a new D500. However, I realised I could trade in my D300+D7100 and D800 and get a D850 for...
  5. stoop

    Bird photography with a broken arm.

    Hi everyone. I know I'm mad but I would like to find a good solution to my current condition. I broke my arm 5 weeks ago and apart from misery and agony I am trying to recover from boredom. I have been going for walks the last couple of weeks but most of my camera gear is too heavy with one arm...
  6. stoop

    Is this a Richard's Pipit? Japan

    Hi. I often see these guys hovering over long grass by the side of a wetland area, in Niigata, Japan. Usually in June. This pic was taken on June 11, 2017. I always overlooked them but would now like help confirming what they are. They sing when they hover. I hope the pic os enough. Thank you...
  7. stoop

    Best and cheapest tele-lens solution for raptors in migration

    Hi all, I would like your ideas please. I have Nikon D800 and D7100 and use them with the older AF-S 300F4 with teleconverter 1.4ii. (I also have the af-s 80-400VR). I would like a bit more reach for migrating raptors that I'm expecting to see in Japan later this month. As I already have 420mm...
  8. stoop

    Go from D800 to 7100 for birding?

    Hi folks, I'd like some opinions please about moving from D800 to D7100 for bird photography. I love my D800 but use Dx mode most of the time for birds. (Of course it depends where I go) Now, here in Japan, the D7100 body is just 83000 yen, or $842us and I thought it sounds like a good deal...
  9. stoop

    Is this Peale's Falcon in Japan?

    Hello, I posted this on the Birds of Prey forum too but haven't had a reply yet: I photographed this Peregrine in Niigata, Japan yesterday. I don't think it is a Japanese subspecies which is usually very pale and without such a full helmet. Yesterday's bird appeared quite large and dwarfed...
  10. stoop

    Strange Peregrine subspecies in Japan

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help id the subspecies of peregrine I found in Niigata, Japan today. This is not falco peregrinus japonicus which I've seen many times in Japan before. Another observer thought it is peregrinator which if found in China and India but I disagree. I'm wondering if...
  11. stoop

    Saving Nikon Raw files in the field

    Hi folks, I'm going into the wilderness overseas for about 10 days and was wondering the best ways to download and backup my pics. I will be carrying two cameras, D300 and D800 and 300f4 and 8-400mm lenses and don't want the extra bulk of carrying a pc if possible. Would it be possible to back...
  12. stoop

    Nikon V1 plus adaptor and Nikkor 300f4 or 70-300 anyone?

    Hello. Has anyone tried either of these combos? Was checking out Bic Camera prices in Japan last night and found the V1 has gone down more than 20000 yen as well as big price reductions on Nikkor 300f4 and Nikkor 80-400 VR. (down 20000 yen each) Good time for Chrissy shopping or wait til New...
  13. stoop

    Pink results with Nikon D300

    Got one pink picture today with Nikon D300. It was set to raw. Had a similiar thing happen a while back when it was set to jpeg. Continued using it with no more pink results. I just don't want the same results with a fleeting rarity. Has anybody had something similiar and can I fix this? Thanks...
  14. stoop

    New 200-400mm VRII

    http://www.nikon.com/about/news/2010/0427_200-400mm_f4GEDVRII_01.htm Man. I'm picking up my new 80-400VRI tomorrow night. I hope I'm not a day too early.
  15. stoop

    K-7 with Pentax 300mm f4

    Saw a guy with this kit when out birding a couple of Sundays ago. I was jealous lugging my hefty Nikon D300 with new but dated Nikkor 300mm F4. The Pentax lens is the same price but half the weight of the Nikkor equivalent**. I have too many cameras at the moment but I reckon if I was starting...
  16. stoop

    Amur Falcons and Rough-legged Buzzards in Japan

    Hi! The above mentioned have been recorded as rare or accidental visitors in Japan but not here in Niigata, the eastern side of the Sea of Japan ..However, today I was walking towards a fairly famous wetland area when I saw a grey bird flying across a ricefield at eye-level towards me. At first...
  17. stoop

    My SLR birding cameras and lenses

    Hi Pentax people! Hope its ok starting a new thread. I am interested in Thomas' collection of lenses under "birding with pentax" and wanted to note the beautiful examples attached. I've been reflecting on my experiences and wanted to put down a brief history: 1985: Got Pentax K1000, and bought...
  18. stoop

    No sleep and D300

    Hi! First time for me to enter any of the camera forums (at birdforum or anywhere) and I don't want to wear the wrong football colours into a new club asking questions but I can't sleep and am thinking about selling the farm and getting a Nikon D300 and either a AF-S Nikkor ED 300mm F4(IF) or a...
  19. stoop


    Hello, I`m an Australian birder living in Japan. The photos in this database are amazing and are sure to inspire. I hope to contribute what I can. Cheers, Stoop