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  1. NDhunter

    Nikon 800mm camera attachment

    I am looking at taking some photos with my fieldscope, how does this attachment perform? Jerry
  2. NDhunter

    Zeiss 8x56 Dialyt Classic

    I am looking advice for those with experience with this model. I only own one other 8x56, and I do like older models. I am more of a collector with a binocular like this. I have found one for sale, a T*P model, and looks to be very nice with case and box. Jerry
  3. NDhunter

    "The Big Year"

    The birding movie from 2011 has been discussed before on the forum after it came out. It is about birding competition for how many species one can see in one year. It is entertaining, and is available in the US for Prime members at this time. Worth the time. Jerry
  4. NDhunter

    7x35 - a forgotten class of binoculars

    Allbinos has a recent article about the 7x35 model size. It is a very good discussion of this model and why it has been so popular over the years. Maybe someone can post a link to this, or go check out the Allbinos site for yourself, a very good resource. Jerry
  5. NDhunter

    Which of the older Trinovids are best ?

    This question is about the BA and BN models. For the ones I have experience with, the 8x32 and the 10x50 are very good in their sizes. Jerry
  6. NDhunter

    Swarovski SLC is now morphing into the Kahles Helia S 42

    It has been mentioned Swarovski is going to discontinue the SLC 42 models. Kahles is now offering a new model, the Helia S 42, and it has the same specs. as the SLC. They say it is available in April 2021. Kahles is part of Swarovski. So that means with an armor change we now have a new...
  7. NDhunter

    New Allbinos review, Zeiss 8x32 SF #1

    Allbino's has a new review on the Zeiss 8x32. Very good ratings, and has reached their highest score placing it at the top of those they have tested in the 8x32. Maybe someone can post a link. Jerry
  8. NDhunter

    Eyecups for the Victory SF

    This has mentioned on here some time back, but Zeiss does have a replacement eyecup for the SF. I have the 10x42. checked into these back earlier in the year, but Zeiss was having issues getting settled into their new service center in Kentucky and with covid. So, now I got a set, and the...
  9. NDhunter

    Allbinos - New testing methods

    I found that Allbinos has now changed their testing methods, and I think this makes sense. You may want to find the article and see the results. This has changed some of the ratings of various features, and also has changed the overall rankings of the binoculars tested. Maybe someone can...
  10. NDhunter

    Zeiss Jena 8x30, large field ?

    I found this Zeiss Deltrintem binocular being offered on an auction site, and I have not seen any like this with the marks, large field 8.5 MC, on the prism cover. Can anyone tell us more about this model ? Jerry
  11. NDhunter

    Nikon F

    I like retro, and just bought a Nikon F with Photomic viewfinder. Anyone else out there with this camera ? I can't wait until I get to shoot some film again. Jerry
  12. NDhunter

    Fungus among us

    I recently had a chuckle when reading a sellers description of a binocular that he has for sale, on an optics website I frequent. The ad included this line. "Left side view has some discoloration, looks like a fungi - please see close up. Which is strange as there is no musky odor to these...
  13. NDhunter

    Carl Zeiss 8x30

    I recently obtained a new binocular for my collection. I have many porros more than a dozen, mostly Nikon models. This is the Carl Zeiss Jena 8x30W, Jenoptem, multi-coated, and it is in lightly used condition, with the flat brown leather case. I really like view, bright with a sharp center...
  14. NDhunter

    Review - Zeiss Terra 8x42

    I found a recent review from Binomania, on the newly restyled Terra binoculars. There are a few changes, including color options, a furnished case and observed changes to the optics. You can find the review by going to the site. Jerry
  15. NDhunter

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    I thought this was a good idea for a new thread on the binocular forum. This was a surprise for me this morning, as I saw this cow and calf bedded down in my back yard. I must admit, I did not need my binoculars to see this pair, and quickly got the camera out for a photograph. This is when...
  16. NDhunter

    2019 - New models EL

    Every 10 years Swarovski has been coming out with a new binocular model in the flagship. In 1999 the EL was introduced, 2009 the EL Swarovision, so I wonder what is coming this year. I think it will prove interesting. Jerry
  17. NDhunter

    Binocular Identification

    I found this binocular that my Grandson has recently acquired, and am wondering if anyone can help with an ID ? Jerry
  18. NDhunter

    Swarovski 8x30-32 discussion.

    Swarovski has had 4 different models of these sizes over the years. The Habicht porro, SLC, CL and the EL. Which ones are your favorites, and why ? I have a photo of all 4, in no particular order. Jerry
  19. NDhunter

    What scope is this ?

    What model Nikon scope is this ? I am familiar with the FS II and III models. It is 60mm with 20X eyepiece. Thanks, Jerry
  20. NDhunter

    Eyeglasses, AR coatings, antireflective.

    I am wondering how these newer optional coatings affect viewing with binoculars. I don't wear eyeglasses, except for readers, I have noticed you can tell when someone is wearing these, with the reflection off of the lens. I suspect this also affects binocular viewing, and so also must affect...
  21. NDhunter

    Meopta Meocap

    Here is a new product from Meopta, at least new to me, I found while searching their site. This is an ocular rainguard, that easily hinges up and down, and also aids in blocking peripheral light. This seems to be a good idea, I have not tried it, but it looks good. Jerry
  22. NDhunter

    Review: EL SV 10x50

    There is a new review on the Allbino's site of the SV 10x50. It is an interesting read, and I am thinking some here will enjoy it. Jerry
  23. NDhunter

    Binomania - Repair of vintage binoculars

    I check in on the Binomania site from time to time, and there is a new article on the repair of vintage binoculars. It is very interesting, and it gives the position of many companies in Europe and what they can do. Some of the discussion is about fungus in optics. That can afflict many...
  24. NDhunter

    Zeiss Dialyt finds

    I found this one currently listed for sale on the famous auction site. It is sold from a Goodwill seller. The description says it all. "These binoculars have seen almost as many birds as Audubon himself". Jerry
  25. NDhunter

    Zeiss Classic Rainguard - Eagle Optics

    Eagle Optics has the Zeiss Classic BGA rainguard on sale for $8.00 during their closeout sale which ends soon. These are a full rainguard, and are not a commonly found item. Also they have some nice EO binocular cases. Jerry