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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. NDhunter

    Choosing SLC over NL... (Swaro please read)

    This was a very good thread until the talk about a CNN anchor came up. Surprising a moderator chimed in, Lee. Very off topic. Jerry
  2. NDhunter

    Choosing SLC over NL... (Swaro please read)

    Canip: Can you tell us more about your comparison of these two? I value your opinion. Jerry
  3. NDhunter

    Leica 8x32bn Bill Oddie Trinovid.

    I agree, this binocular should be judged on its condition for resale. The 8x32 BN is a very nice, classic binocular. The Bill Oddie thing would not help the value for most buyers. Jerry
  4. NDhunter

    Nikon 8x42 EDG, ships from Japan, CAD 2,747.78 - Expensive?

    Jonny, it seems you have no experience with Nikon optics or their service. Why do you still like to complain. (n) You are just one to ignore, all the way around. Jerry
  5. NDhunter

    Excellent Nikon USA Factory Service

    So, that means you got the 10x42 SE back ? Jerry
  6. NDhunter

    Leica 8x32bn Bill Oddie Trinovid.

  7. NDhunter

    Zeiss SFL 8x40, A Field Review

    Henry: This is a good presentation, and most will not see any differences in these binoculars in real life. You mentioned how computer monitors, and cameras vary in accuracy, so it is hard to do a good comparison. The Nikon EII is well thought of by most all users, not sure if any color bias...
  8. NDhunter

    Arek's new 12x50 Reviews

    I read the review. Very odd he just tested the older 12x50 HD model, but not the current HD+. I wonder why he made the effort. The HD+ models are from 2014-15. Jerry
  9. NDhunter

    Zeiss SFL 8x40, A Field Review

    Thanks for posting, if you read the brochure, the SFL seems lacking compared to the SF. The lack of FL glass causes it to show a green tint according to the photos....... The Zeiss advertising is very busy and confusing. I am not sure who is excited by their style. The redhead on the first...
  10. NDhunter

    Zeiss SFL 8x40, A Field Review

    It seems this thread has developed into mostly a color thing. And that is like going down a rabbit hole. Every person has a different ability to observe color, and so that is going to be subjective. I for one, have never commented much about color in binoculars. I do like the warm Nikon view...
  11. NDhunter

    Zeiss SFL 8x40, A Field Review

    Henry: That is a good point from the ad copy above that Lee posted. My oh my, that one on the left looks very green to me. How could Zeiss put out an optic that looks like that !! Oh, my! Jerry
  12. NDhunter

    Zeiss SFL 8x40, A Field Review

    I agree with you. It is hard to compare the highest offerings of the big 3, comparing new and current models. Zeiss is the latest to offer an offering in this area. The SFL looks to be another one to enter the arena. We don't know long term the quality of how these may compare.
  13. NDhunter

    Zeiss SFL 8x40, A Field Review

    Lee, your writing ability is very good. I can imagine myself on those very shores. It seems this is a nice new addition to the binocular world. Enjoy your trip in good health. Jerry
  14. NDhunter

    Swarovski 8.5x42 EL - focus wheel noise

    Swarovski is well known for great optics. However, they are not known for very good focusers. Jerry
  15. NDhunter

    Leica Trinovids - Old vs Recent

    Very interesting. I find the small pocket types very fiddly and not very useful for regular use. I do think you are in the minority. Jerry
  16. NDhunter

    Used habicht advices

    Welcome to the forum. The Swarovski Habicht porro models are very good. There are some good recommendations above, so try other models before you decide to buy. This post could be moved to the Swarovski subforum, so it receives more recommendations. Jerry
  17. NDhunter

    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    That is interesting, so that means the specs. that Canip posted may be suspect. I suppose he will be back to confirm. Jerry
  18. NDhunter

    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    Canip: Thanks for the specs., very educational. I am surprised at the high speed of the SFL focuser. You state it only takes 180 degrees, where the average of the rest is closer to 300. Wow, that seems fast. Jerry
  19. NDhunter

    Binocular bargains

  20. NDhunter

    Binocular bargains

    The strong US dollar $$$. makes this possible. Jerry
  21. NDhunter

    Leica Trinovids - Old vs Recent

    Welcome to Birdforum. The answer to #1 is maybe, the older Leitz are not as good as the Leica BA or BN. The recent Trinovid HD models are another step up in some ways. For #2, the answer is much the same, yes. The Trinovid BA and BN are still very good optics. Good luck in your search. The...
  22. NDhunter

    Info request from a beginner (Habicht SL 7x50)

    Another welcome to the forum. The SL is a porro prism design and you can find out more about this model if you go back to page 58 on the Swarovski forum. I have the 8x56 SL, and it offers a nice view but newer models have many improvements. Maybe Henry Link will reply, he has much experience...
  23. NDhunter

    Product Review: The GPO Passion HD 10 x 42.

    Dadra: I enjoyed your review. It was well done, and you had a nice comparison with a top competitor the Nikon Monarch HG. I have not tried the GPO, but I do really like the Nikon MHG. Jerry
  24. NDhunter

    fastest, smoothest focus knob for birding?

    Yarelli: Back to topic, and I agree with you. The former Nikon HG, LX series, and then the HGL, LXL, Premier series have the smoothest focusers that I have experienced. The words "smooth as silk", apply here. I have experience with many binoculars, and of all of them, Nikon has excelled in...
  25. NDhunter

    My Swarovski EL 8.5x42 Review

    I am pleased you like the 8.5x42 SV, and thanks for posting your thoughts. This size and model, has been around since when introduced in 1999. Some things said about this binocular are it is the "Universal Distance Viewer", and it offers a "picture window" view. Enjoy your new binocular in...