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    Zeiss Diascope and Baader eyepieces

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Zeiss scopes. I recently bought a used Diascope 85 with a 20-60 Zoom. I like it a lot. However, I'm a fan of fixed 30x eyepieces and Zeiss has none for this scope. After some googling I'm now aware of the Baader Hyperion eyepieces. So with one of these and an adapter I...
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    Nikon ED50, still fragile?

    Hi everyone, I own a 10 year old ED50 which was sent for repair once. Broken thread mount (a well known problem as can be seen in older threads in this forum). This model has been around for many years. Are later specimens improved in this respect? Owners of this lovely scope: do you carry it...
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    Birding on the porch in Peru

    Hi everyone, I will spend Jan 2019 in Peru, travelling the country. I'm looking for nice places to stay where it is possible to do good birding and nice walks near hotel/lodge. Paracas, Cloud forests, Amazon, the Andes. But also outskirs of towns/villages. I'm aware of the fancy lodges, but...
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    Birding on the porch?

    Hi everyone, I'm heading to Sri Lanka next week. Looking for places to stay a few days where one can do some birding in hotel area or garden? Also to do good birding walks without having to use a car to get there. Any recommendations? Cheers Wolf
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    Hummingbirds in Yucatan

    Hi guys, I'm presently on vacation in Yucatan and Quintana Roo. One week remaining. I have seen very few hummingbirds so far. Any tips on good spots for these? I'd like to do some photography. I will stay on mainland, so such sites are preferred. Thanks! Wolf
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    Good hotel for birding on Crete?

    Hi, I'm heading to Crete on May 1st. I have not booked lodging yet, only car hire at the airport. Suggestions on a hotel with good birding in the near surroundings are very welcome. Ideal would be a place where morning bird walks should be productive. Right now I'm thinking of Georgioupolis...
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    Multi day hiking i tropical regions?

    Hi I'm travelling a month every winter and the past years Ive been to Cameroon, Uganda and Guyana. All three are highly recommended. I like to arrange hikes when I get to a place, getting a guide and perhaps a cook and spend some days/nights in the forest. In Cameroon I did fanstastic walks in...
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    Canon 15x50 IS - longevity?

    Hi guys, I have the opportunity to buy a used pair of Canon 15x50s. About five years old. I can see some old threads from the mid 00s about this model, so I wonder: are old 15x50s still working? Have they been repaired or replaced (due to high repair costs)? Or are they still working perfecly...
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    Birding in Guyana

    No threads about birding in Guyana - how come? From reading about this area of S. America I have learned of wonderful habitats. Since English is the official language, should there not be a lot more interest in going there? Is it too unstable and crime ridden? Any information on travelling in...
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    Uganda around New Year

    Hi, I'm planning a trip to Uganda from about Dec 28th until the end of January 2011. What about the Christmas and New Year Holidays? Will it be crowded in the National parks and increased prices? If so perhaps I should postone the trip a few weeks. Does anyone have information on this? Wolf
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    Weather in the Amazon basin i Jan-Feb

    Hi guys, Five years ago I spent 5 weeks in Ecuador. It was great but a little shattered since I got bitten by a dog and had to go to Quito four times in order to get rabies vaccination shots. However, I spent about a week in the Amazon around Coca. The weather was good for two days and really...
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    The Amazon of Venezuela

    I'm planning a trip to Venezuela just after Christmas or maybe in Jan 2011. 3-4 weeks, the main goal is the Amazon. The first stop will most likely be Puerto Ayacucho. I will explore this area for one or two weeks and then move closer to the coast, perhaps the Orinoco delta. So does anyone on...
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    7x36: Improved eye cups on the way?

    In other threads we have disussed the design of the eye cups of ZR 7x36, and some users think that the eye relief could easily be improved by a re-design of the eye cups. One of the advantages of most 7x binos is a great ER. What do you think of the current design, will it be improved in the...
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    Anyone going to Cameroon or Ghana this winter?

    I will go to Cameroon or Ghana this winter (haven't decided which country yet) Anyone else going there? I would be interested in teaming up for some hiking and bird watching. I will also do some serious dragonfly watching and photographing. I will go there for 3-4 weeks in jan-feb 2010 Wolf
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    Relaxed birding in Morocco?

    I will do some birding in southern/central Morocco during the first two weeks of December. The first week I will rent a car but the second week I´d like to take it easy. I have a few guidebooks but cannot find that special place I´m looking for; A relaxed and small place where I can take...