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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. MandoBear

    Monarch M7+ 8x30

    Interested to understand how these fit in between the new M7 and the Monarch HG. Nikon's mid-range is getting rather crowded, but nothing at the top end?
  2. MandoBear

    Question regarding focus issues with the Conquest HD 8x32

    It always strikes me that the Conquest HD is very much a tool binocular - very rugged construction, great optics, but perhaps not the most refined user interface. The eyecups are an example of this: they get the job done, even if their adjustment is a little bit clunky. I set mine when I got my...
  3. MandoBear

    Zeiss - Try it for 48hours

    I used it in May. Very slick and easy process. Expensive for me, though - I ended up buying a Victory Pocket 8x25. 😁
  4. MandoBear

    Review: Opticron Verano BGA VHD 8x32

    Nice write-up, Lee. The trouble is, the wonderful way you write, and the interesting places you visit, make using almost any kind of binoculars seem really exciting... 😁😁 However, these Veranos do sound rather excellent for the money. Just as well I'm really not in the market at the moment...
  5. MandoBear

    New here, happened upon the conquest HD 8x32.

    I think the thing with the Conquest HDs is that although they give wonderful views, they don't feel quite "premium" in the hand. Tough, rugged, efficient... yes, but not quite as refined as top-level alphas. If you want that bit of extra refinement you have to pay rather more for it.
  6. MandoBear

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    I'm pleased that this has been resolved satisfactorily for you Edmund, but it doesn't seem to reflect particularly well on Zeiss. Let's hope that your replacement pair give you long and excellent performance.
  7. MandoBear

    Why I like a refined Nikon EII 8x30 porro binoculars?

    Just don't tell Lee about this thread... He once compared holding a Porro binocular to shaking hands with an alien. 😂😂 Have to agree, though - I love my E-II.
  8. MandoBear

    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    The Opticron 25mm objective covers fit well - in fact all of them S, M, and L fit to a degree. The S size 31041 are a bit tight for my tastes, and for my purposes, I found the L size gave the best fit - secure enough, but easy to pop open at a moment's notice. The L size 31027 (to fit 34mm...
  9. MandoBear

    Binocular Sightings

    For many years, one of the many incarnations of the Pentax 8x40 wide field was my only binocular, and it served me very well indeed - fabulously sharp in the centre of view, but less so at the edges. I sold it to "upgrade" to a roof prism binocular, and gradually regretted the sale. After some...
  10. MandoBear

    Nikon Prostaff 7S (10x42) vs Kowa SV or SVII

    Nothing at all against Kowa, but I would think that at the level of the Kowa SV or SVII, they are just as much "mass produced" as the ProStaff. As always, if you can try before you buy, you're more likely to make a satisfactory purchase.
  11. MandoBear

    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 Diopter fell off

    Hi Edmund, Are you able to post up a photo of the "stub" where the diopter knob has fallen off? I'm considering a purchase of the VP 8x25, and am curious as to how they are put together, and how the knob may have come off. Thanks. I recently tried a pair using the Try Zeiss free hire scheme...
  12. MandoBear

    Nikon monarch 7 8x30

    It's a nice, compact binocular - quite small for an 8x30, but not really "pocket" - unless you have a hunting type of jacket with big pockets. It's a nice bin though, and good for the price.
  13. MandoBear

    Do I want an EII 8x30?

    Indeed - I find many of these threads are merely a springboard into all sorts of interesting streams of thought and pools of insight. It's fascinating to see which way the current will take them. A conversation, like life, very rarely proceeds in a straight line. I have always considered the...
  14. MandoBear

    Zeiss Dekarem 10x50 cheapo's!!

    Good catch - and kind of hard to go wrong at that price. I have a pair of CZJ Deltrintem 8x30s from the 1950s. They don't appear to have ever been serviced, and they work flawlessly. It's hard to beat simple, quality engineering.
  15. MandoBear

    Do I want an EII 8x30?

    Something you do on a frequent basis, Lee? Just need to know in order to understand how robust your basis of comparison is :LOL:
  16. MandoBear

    Do I want an EII 8x30?

    It's funny, I was also just musing on the fact that this thread, like a river nearing the ocean, had meandered far and wide from it's original starting point.
  17. MandoBear

    Comparison pics cl 8x25 side by side with ultravid 10x25

    "Cody Spy"...? I'm guessing that's autcorrect-ese fro Cley Spy? :D
  18. MandoBear

    Help picking new Swarovski binoculars

    No Time Lords, but didn't you know about the special chip implanted into all Swarovski binoculars? They know what you are thinking...
  19. MandoBear

    Do I want an EII 8x30?

    I use my EII with glasses all the time, and therefore keep the eyecups rolled back permanently. I really don't find it a problem, and, with the glasses I wear which are the rimless variety, I find the eye relief to be adequate, though not generous. One advantage of having the eyecups rolled...
  20. MandoBear

    Nikon Monarch 7 8x30, 10x30 vs Vortex Diamondback HD 8x32

    Glad you like the little Monarch 8x30. I got mine in 2017 and have used them a lot - no issues with the armour (seems pretty hard wearing). For the price, they work very well, bright, clear and a nice wide field of view.
  21. MandoBear

    Help picking new Swarovski binoculars

    P.S. The CL Companions are nice. I have the 8x30 and they complement my 8.5x42 EL FP very nicely.
  22. MandoBear

    Help picking new Swarovski binoculars

    Shoot a quick email to Swarovski - they'll send you some for free.
  23. MandoBear

    Do I want an EII 8x30?

    Nothing like stretching a point until it breaks, is there Dennis?
  24. MandoBear

    Do I want an EII 8x30?

    Dennis - interesting. I don't have the EL 8x32, but I do have the 8.5x42FP, a CL Companion 8x30, and a Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42 at my disposal - all of which I use regularly and am familiar with. Whilst each instrument has its own characteristics and differences, I have never considered the view...