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    Using DS eyepieces for viewing on a ED82 fieldscope?

    I have now used my ED82 for a few months, including a birding festival in May and a week long birding trip to Churchill Manitoba. I have pretty much used my 38x MC 95% of the time. The MCII zoom can get a bit more resolution if the air is very still, but most of the time you are limited by...
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    Churchill, MB - June

    No, it is a Red Fox, although this area is in the range of both foxes. It's a "cross morph" between a blue morph and the normal morph. Apparently the cross morph gets more common the further north you go.
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    Where do the American coots go?

  4. Red Fox

    Red Fox

    Cross morph Red Fox
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    Churchill, MB - June

    I ended up seeing 94 species in Churchill. 110 total if you include a couple hours of birding in Winnipeg on my layover. Biggest highlights were probably seeing Sabine's Gull, half a dozen Little Gull's hunting at once, Parasitic Jaeger on a nest, hundreds of Scoters and Eiders at once with sea...
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    R7 to be announced soon.

    I have been shooting with a 7DII for awhile now. When I upgrade it will be for the R7.
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    R7 to be announced soon.

    Don't get the Mk I version of the 100-400. It isn't very sharp, especially on a high pixel density APS-C. The Mk II version is super sharp, buy way more expensive. The best wildlife lenses on a budget are the 400mm f5.6 L, 300mm f4 L or the Sigma/Tamron 150-600mm IMO.
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    R7 to be announced soon.

    A crop sensor is always going to suffer a bit at high ISO.
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    R7 to be announced soon.

    The EF adapter is just an empty tube. No optics involved, it just takes up the space left by the reduced flange distance (where the mirror would be on a DSLR). Image quality is the same as if used on a native EF camera.
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    R7 to be announced soon.

    I've been trying to spend my fun money on travel instead of gear. God do I want to upgrade my 7DII though. Tempting, tempting.
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    WTB: Athlon Cronus 20-60x86 spotting scope

    Hey, I don't have any leads on the scope, but there is a "want to buy" section here: https://www.birdforum.net/forums/wanted.650/
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    Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 vs. 8x42 for birding

    I would measure your dark adapted pupil. You should be able to Google how to do that. I would start with that before I make a decision. There is a pretty significant difference in going from a 4mm exit pupil to a 5.25mm, but as others have said, it isn't an absolutely massive difference. You...
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    Can Starlings imitate Soras?

    I heard an interesting call on this morning's walk. It sounded just like a Sora, except cut shorter than a typical Sora call. It's also early for a Sora here and a fair ways away from typical Sora habitat. There were a lot of Starlings around. Do they imitate a Sora call? I would have thought...
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    Low-light trade-off

    I thought twilight factor was just some made up marketing term. After some conversations on this site it seems there is some science behind it and magnification will help see detail in low light. Given that you also plan to use a tripod, I would go for the 12x, all else being equal.
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    Poor Kowa service

    Have you tried calling them? I have no experience with Kowa UK, but some services still run a old school style of customer service where a phone call is a lot more effective than an email.
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    Quinta Roo (Cancun) Guide Recommendations

    Did you end up going? Who did you use and how would you rate them?
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    Have 8x32, 7x42. Worth having 10x(42 or 32)?

    I find the extra reach of 10x to assist in IDing more distant birds. I find I can hold steady enough to give an advantage standing without support. I am in my 30s, fit and have shot competitively for over a decade though. I also find it hinders slightly in close up and busy forest environments...
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    That Nikon, with it's storied history, doesn't even make cameras in Japan anymore. They were pioneering in turning the image of "Made in Japan" from cheap junk to professional quality. Many don't care where stuff is made. To each their own, I'm not going to try to convince anyone to care. I'm...
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    I didn't say everything was Made in China, I said almost everything. The 500mm f/5.3 and the new 600mm f/6.3 are both Made in China, and I wouldn't call those low end. Even the top dog mirrorless Z9 is Made in Thailand. With Canon even the cheap RP is Made in Japan, and only their cheapest...
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    I wish Canon would make something similar. With Canon it seems you either spend $10k+ for one of the fast telephotos or you get to use a zoom. I'd jump ship, but I'm really disappointed in Nikon moving almost all production to China. When you get your lens please post some shots!!!
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    Comment by 'sillyak' in media 'Black-capped Chickadee'

    Our constant woodland companions. You have to love them!
  22. Merlin1.jpg


    Female Merlin
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    Maven, Meopta or Zeiss 10 x 42?

    I compared the Conquest 10x42HD very closely to the Meostar 10x42HD, which led me to purchasing the Meostar, which has been my main bino for over 6 years now. The Conquest has better transmission, slightly wider FOV and slightly more ER, it's also a fair bit lighter. The Meostar had better on...
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    Next step: I need a scope

    When the conditions are right, high magnification can be amazing. However, magnification over 50-60x are usually mush no matter how good your optics are because of heat distortion (mirage).