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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. ajfossey

    Swarovski Spotting Scope Back Pack anyone...?

    For the price point I expected a better designed bag. Fine if you don’t want multiple pockets as is my preference.
  2. ajfossey

    Swarovski Spotting Scope Back Pack anyone...?

  3. ajfossey

    Poll: does NL glare depend on eyeglasses?

    I have both 8 and 10 x42s, use one or the other daily, and voted that despite wearing eyeglasses, I experience no issues with glare. Both top notch binoculars.
  4. ajfossey

    Next step: I need a scope

    Built up over time, I can assure you! All the combinations get their turn in the field; just depends on weather, habitat I’m visiting and mode of transport as to which gets used. An expression I heard once said what needed to be said: “The best binoculars you have are the ones with you.“ I...
  5. ajfossey

    Next step: I need a scope

    My main scope is a Swarovski BTX, usually combined with a 115mm body (I also have the 95mm and 85mm bodies with ATX and STX modules). It’s an absolutely beautiful thing to watch and observe through if weather conditions allow and you’re not planning to walk too far. It never accompanies me on...
  6. ajfossey

    Next step: I need a scope

    Agreed the MM4/60 is an excellent travel scope and I’ve used with both and SDL2 and SDL3. My preference however is with the x23 delivered using the 40831 HDF T WW eyepiece. The 40858 HDF delivering x32 also works well, but is difficult to find for purchase now.
  7. ajfossey

    Opticron mm3 focus wheel broken

    I had a slightly different issue with my MM4 fine focusing wheel not working. Contacted Opticron to confirm the process for returning in order to be repaired. Sent them away and they returned fixed. No drama, paid for postage out, they paid postage to return. Very good experience in my opinion.
  8. ajfossey

    New Camera Advice

    Post #39 Malcolm nails it here for me with “I'm a birder not a photographer”. The Sony RX10 IV is the camera I’m going to have with me; my Canon 7D MKii & 100-400 MKii is going to be either still at home or in the car when needed! If you’re commercially reliant on your camera for photography...
  9. ajfossey

    ATX - stiff zoom?

    I can’t recall the specifics of the issue to be honest; it was just clearly not right and that was enough. Seriously please don’t listen or act on any suggestions of silicone spray or other DIY fixes on your new expensive purchase! Such attempts may invalidate any warranty! Quality instruments...
  10. ajfossey

    ATX - stiff zoom?

    Suggest that you compare with another sample and consider returning to Tring Observatory for replacement. It was an issue that I experienced and eventually I ended up returning the unit to Swarovski to resolve the issue.
  11. ajfossey

    Trekking pole with camera mount head - recommendations?

    Hello. I purchased this fairly recently: https://www.harrisoncameras.co.uk/pd/leki-fs-carbon-4-section-monopod-trekking-pole_380098 I’ve not used it in anger and am no walking pole expert, but it does extend high enough for me to use with a binocular support from either the floor or as a finn...
  12. ajfossey

    NL pure 10x vs 8x

    Agree with Gijs. NL 8x42 is an excellent binocular and I’ve experienced no issues with using mine.
  13. ajfossey

    Night vision equipment for mortals

    Pulsar Axion XM30S Thermal Monocular available at Naturespy currently. Purchased one this morning.
  14. ajfossey

    Swarovski slc 15x56 or el 12x50

    What was your opinion on these binoculars after some time to experience?
  15. ajfossey

    Swarovski Backpack 30

    I’ve used this Swarovski backpack a couple of times recently. It’s comfortable and has room enough for what I wish to carry, but to be honest, the Vanguard Endeavour 1600 remains my favourite. The 1600 is a better thought out birding option. Accessing content from the bag is easier when in the...
  16. ajfossey

    Scope histories

    No longer have (sadly) Kowa TS1 and Kowa TS2 Kowa TSN4. Think I had a 20x, 30x and zoom. Regret trading this in. Still have: Nickle Supra (Draw tube), never use. Nostalgia only. Still use: Nikon ED 50 x27 Opticron MM3 50 HD (SDL2 (x2), SDL3, x18, x24) Opticron MM4 60 HD (SDL2 (x2), SDL3, x23...
  17. ajfossey

    Small and light scopes ...

    Thank you Pete. I’d forgotten that the 40831 was still available. I like the brightness of the 23x on the 60mm MM4. This is a magnification that I can generally work with when walking some distance and works very well on a lightweight Gitzo series 1 tripod (GK1545T-82TQD) if not too windy...
  18. ajfossey

    Small and light scopes ...

    My wife and I on occasion use the Nikon ED 50mm along with the 27x eyepiece and it is undoubtedly a useful and very lightweight piece of kit. This is the only eyepiece available to us for this scope. I have no experience of the zoom options here. I’d also recommend the Opticron MMx ED 50mm and...
  19. ajfossey

    How much of x10 (over x8) is psychological?

    8x/8.5x when birding with a scope or in woodland. 10x/12x when birding with no scope or walking the dog away from woodland in more open habitat. Not hard and fast rules to rigidly follow, but generally what works (for me) and always enjoy giving all the optics an occasional outing!
  20. ajfossey

    swaro news

    Hello. Using the 8x42 NL as an early adopter, I’ve not experienced any issues with armouring catching on my clothing and cannot find any sharp edge on my sample. I also never use the objective caps in the field but would consider doing so in particularly sand-blown environments.
  21. ajfossey

    77mm Eyepiece Magnification

    Managed to find all now but for the 40858.
  22. ajfossey

    77mm Eyepiece Magnification

    I have the MM3 50mm HD and the MM4 60mm Opticron scopes and am considering adding the MM4 77mm. I’d like to understand the magnification of the various eyepieces available to me. Some are clear and easily found, such as the SDL2 (40936) and SDL3 (41270) where I understand the magnification...
  23. ajfossey

    Swarovski Backpack 30

    Clearly a popular backpack, not! Well I’ve obtained one myself and will report back my findings after some experience. My current favourite is the Vanguard Endeavour 1600 which I rate highly.
  24. ajfossey

    Birds in field - maybe fieldfare? Kent, UK

    Skylark for me. Triangular shape and trailing white edges to wings visible in the photos. Also, birding in north Kent myself, this would be a fairly typical view along the coastal saltings on one of my many ‘exercise’ walks.
  25. ajfossey

    Swarovski Backpack 30

    Firstly, apologies to BirdForum administrators if I’m posting this request for opinion in a less than appropriate category. Here in the UK, the Swarovski optik backpack 30 is available for purchase for around £190. Whilst not inexpensive, it does have the advantage of being manufactured from...