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  1. K

    American Herring Gull - Victoria. BC. - July 2022 ?

    Hi all. Is this a 3rd calendar year American Herring Gull please - apparent 3rd generation primaries. Or otherwise? Thanks again. Keith
  2. K

    Western Gull - Vancouver ferry terminal - July 2022 ?

    Hello. This looks like a 'pure' juvenile Western Gull - dark coverts bar. Am I correct please or are there any pointers to the contrary. Thanks. Keith
  3. K

    American Herring Gull ? - Vancouver - August 1st

    Hi. Is this a 3rd calendar year AHGU please? Or some Glaucous-winged hybrid? Thank you. Keith
  4. K

    Finch / Bunting - Victoria BC - July

    Hi. Please what is this? Clover Point, Victoria, BC, Canada - July (today) I believe it must be a juv. Thank you. Keith
  5. K

    Gull ID please - Vancouver - July

    I will not post a whole host of hybrid gull photos here but I am trying to sort some out where I have decent photos. Vancouver BC - July (2022) ‘Olympic’ hybrid? 3rd calendar year? Thanks. Keith
  6. K

    Vancouver. BC. - Gull - AHGU x WEGU ?

    Hello again. Vancouver ferry terminal, July 1st (2022) Any ideas about this one please? Thank you very much. Keith
  7. K

    Western Gull 1+1 ? - Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, Vancouver - 1st July

    Hi all. I understand that Western is scarce here at this time of year, but these look like good candidates for a ‘pure birds’ Ideas please. If not please explain so I can learn something! Thanks Keith
  8. K

    Sparrow ? - Victoria BC - today, July 4th.

    Hi and help please. Glencoe Park, Victoria BC - July 4th Juvenile Chipping? If otherwise how do we ID it? Adult White-crowned and Song also present. Many thanks. Keith
  9. K

    presumed Finch / Grosbeak ID ? - Alpine County, CA - August.

    Hi. What is this please? Carson Spur Vista, Alpine County, California. August 28th (2019) Cassin's Finches nearby. Thank you again. Keith
  10. K

    Warbling Vireo August / CA ?

    Hi. I have seen Warbling before under very different circumstances. Are these birds that species also please? Blue Mountain Road, Wilseyville, Calaveras, California. August 25th (2019). I don't want to screw up ebird data. ;-) Thank you. Keith
  11. K

    UK birder in Victoria BC throughout July ‘22 would like to meet some locals.

    Hi. I will be in Victoria for a month and would very much like to meet local birders. I have been birding for ‘decades’, not an over obsessive lister, but there are a few species that would be great to catch up with. Thanks. Keith
  12. K

    Gulling Victoria BC this July?

    Hi all. If anyone might be gulling in south Vancouver Island this July(!) I would be very pleased to meet up with you. Cheers. K https://www.flickr.com/photos/gullsandterns/albums @ portlandbirder
  13. K

    BirdingPal - still going?

    Hi. I have just re-subscribed after several years to BirdingPal. My payment has gone through but when I try to make contact in any way, either using the new pass phrase or just to check it, the pages come up as ‘cannot be reached’. I know payments go through Contact Pals automatically so it...
  14. K

    ID please 2CY

    message no longer relevant - please ignore
  15. K

    Larus a. argenteus or L.a. argentatus?

    Lou and others... comments welcome please. Thank you. more photographs here: http://gullsandterns.blogspot.co.uk/
  16. K

    Colour-dyed Fulmar 6th April 2016

    Hi, For whoever it may concern, or please forward message. Fulmar with red dye patch on left flank (at least) close past Portland Bill at 07:20 today. (regretfully no photo - rain) Regards, Keith Pritchard @portlandbirder
  17. K

    Small Gull ID please

    Hi, Portland Bill, Dorset, UK, 06.30 Friday 25th July 2014. Flew past at great distance. Please, gull enthusiasts / experts, please give your comments. Thank you.
  18. K

    Raptor ID please - an old chestnut I know

    Portland Dorset, May 31st 2014 size apparently as Buzzard NO replies from Dorset birders or anyone who is unfmailiar with both species on a regular basis. Thanks! Keith
  19. K

    Larus argentatus - another question please.

    Hello Lou and others, Is this L.a. argenteus? Thank you for your patience. Keith photographed: Dorset, (south coast), UK January 26th (2012) This is so difficult it's driving me mad!
  20. K

    Gull Help please

    Hi, please could Lou or others help out here? Is the bird on the right likely to be L.a. argentatus or an unusually dark argenteus? Photo taken: 29th January 2014. Dorset, south coast England. Thank you.
  21. K

    L. michahellis ?

    Not the greatest photo but is this most likely to be 3rd calendar year / 2nd winter Yellow-legged Gull? Photographed Portland, Dorset, UK 7th January 2014. Thank you, Keith
  22. K

    Interesting Larus a. argenteus wing tip

    Hello again, I believe this gull to be Larus a. argenteus - despite the argentatus-like wing tip. How unusual is an almost all white p9 like this on argenteus? Note: the enlargement is from the same photograph. Thanks.
  23. K

    Larus: argenteus or argentatus please?

    Hello, Is this gull Larus a. argenteus or argentatus please - and why? (I suspect the 2nd generation lower scapulars make it argenteus) Dorset, UK 13th January 2014 Thank you.
  24. K

    Gull ID please

    ID please. Herring or Lesser-black Backed Gull? and reasons why. Thank you! Taken today: 7th August 2013. Dorset, UK.
  25. K

    Herring Gull - wing pattern - advise please.

    photo: Dorset, UK April, 2013 This adult Herring Gull appears to have a lot more white in the wing tip than our usual L.a. argenteus. p10 does have the narrow black sub-terminal bar. So, is this indeed argenteus please? Maybe a rather odd one and / or possibly a trick of the light? Thank...