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    Could new SW EL price lead to Ultravid price decrease?

    Noticing that the Ultravid 8x42 now costs more than the Swarovision 8.5x42, I was wondering if we might see a price drop in the Ultravids in the near future. What do you all think?
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    Kestrel - Cadiz, Spain - March

    For some reason I am having trouble with this kestrel, seen in Cádiz Province, Spain in March of 2019. I had identified it as a common kestrel, but am now not so sure. Thanks for any input as to why it might be one or the other.
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    Opticron MM4 60 - Excellent image

    I've had this scope for just about a year now, but until lately have rarely used it. I bought it for a trip to Spain (where it served nicely), but when I go out I usually opt for the big guy (Kowa 883). Anyway, certain circumstances have me more interested in using a lighter rig lately. Out of...
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    If you own both 10x and 8x, in what situations do you use each?

    As I consider adding a pair of 10x42 to my current single pair of 8x42, I am interested to hear about which birding situations best lend themselves to each magnification. When do you opt for the 10x and vice versa? Thanks.
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    Question about Monarch 5 vs Terra ED

    Hi, My wife uses a pair of Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 bins, which she likes. From time to time she also messes around with my extra bins, Zeiss Terra ED 8x42. She says she does not like the Terras, and that they "kind of make her dizzy." My questions is: is there anything structurally or...
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    Dowitcher Help - Southern California, April

    Hi All, Any input on these dowitchers is greatly appreciated. My initial thoughts are that bird 1 is a long-billed, while the others are short-billed. I thought bird 1 had a fatter, more rounded shape when feeding. It also seemed appreciably larger than another nearby dowitcher, but size...
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    Empidonax - California

    Hi, I only glimpsed this empid briefly, so wasn't able to note anything about its behavior or sound. I initially wrote it of as a Pacific-slope Flycatcher (common in the area). I think it shows characteristics though that are suggestive of Hammond's or Least Flycatcher (Hammond's is rare but...
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    Bird Song - Southern Spain

    This was coming from a warbler-sized bird in the town of Zahara de la Frontera in Spain last week. I was thinking possibly Western Bonelli's Warbler, though it seems to trill on for a bit longer than I am hearing in other recorded songs of that species online. Any help is appreciated. Thanks...
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    Anyone Know Anything About Field Optics Research Tripods?

    I'm looking at the Field Optics Research ProMax FT6229C Profesional Full Height Carbon Fiber Tripod. This would be for an Opticron MM4 60 scope. It is nice and lightweight, and reaches to a decent max height (I'm 6'3"). I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these tripods? I pretty...
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    Some Questions about MM3/MM4 Scope and Eyepieces

    Hi All, I've gone through many threads on this forum researching what travel scope I should buy. I am pretty sure I am going to get either the Opticron MM3 or MM4. I am a bit unclear on some things, mostly around eyepieces. Apologies if these questions have been answered already here, and I do...
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    Gull in Southern California

    Hi All, Any input on this gull is welcome. Photo taken today in Southern California. Looks mostly like a Herring Gull to me, but the mostly dark bill and head shape are throwing me a bit. Could be Herring X ?? Thanks
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    What do you guys think of this knot?

    California in September. Likely a Red Knot of course, but I thought the bill looked pretty big and heavy. Thanks.
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    Gull - Oregon - November

    Hi All, I took this photo last week on the Oregon coast. I'm not very good at gulls. Any tips here would be appreciated. This is the only photo I have unfortunately. Thanks.
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    What type of Junco

    Coastal Southern California, today. The bird seemed to have a grayish head and darkish mask, possibly suggesting pink-sided. Oregon junco would be much more expected here. Thanks for any advice!
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    Gull Help - California

    This was taken today in Southern California. I think it's a Mew Gull based on the very small bill (which appeared very small in the field). That would be unusual this time of year though. Eyes were dark, legs were a colorless gray, perhaps every so slightly pinkish. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Galapagos Finch Help

    Dear All, On our trip to the Galapagos, we saw mostly ground finches, of all three varieties. I was hoping for help on a couple possible non-ground finches that i'm not sure about: 1. I thought this was a small tree finch due to the more angled bill shape (it's the one labeled as such in this...
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    Conquest 32 vs 42 FOV

    I just noticed that the 8x32 Conquest model has a significantly larger FOV than the 8x42 model (140.0m @ 1000m VS 129.5m @ 1000m). Why would that be? I see 32s usually have a larger FOV than 42s. For some reason that is the opposite of what I expected. Just curious about the science behind this...
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    Advice for 4 Days in Costa Rica

    Dear All, Thanks for all you input into this forum, it's been a great help in my preliminary research, and has been wonderful for trips past. We are doing a rather quick visit to Costa Rica around New Years. We'd love to head to the coast (somewhere), and stay at a nice beach spot, or any spot...
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    Thoughts on Scaups?

    One male and one female. This was in Santa Barbara, CA today. LESC are much more common around here. Thanks
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    Ecuador Birding Lodge Recommendation

    Hi, Four of us (me, wife, her parents) are doing a Galapagos trip in June. I've managed to get a ew extra days tacked on to the beginning of the trip to bird the Andes west slope area. I am looking at several Eco Lodges in the Mindo/Tandayapa/Milpe areas. Does anyone have any recommendations...
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    New Zeiss Conquest HD - Focus Wheel Issue

    Hi, I just received a new pair of Conquest HD 8x42 bins from B&H Photo. I am very pleased with the optics. Beautiful! However, the focus wheel's action is kind of sticky or jerky, and it has a bit of play in either direction. This is very obvious when I compare to my Terra EDs, which have an...
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    Sacred or Collared - Copying this Request from ID page

    http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=354859 Thanks!
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    Sacred or Collared Kingfishers?

    Photographed in Late November - Tallebudgera, Gold Coast, Australia. The calls sounded very close to the calls for Collared in my app. Visually, I'm not sure where to go with these birds in looking at my field guide, EXCEPT for the very heavy bill, which points to Collared (I think). What are...
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    Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned

    This bird was small, about the size of a pigeon. That initially had me thinking Sharp-shinned Hawk, but the head shape seems better for Cooper's I think. Is there anything in the tail feathers that can be learned? Thanks. Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/huYdX8mcqr4Geeba2...
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    Southern California - Bad Photos - Any Ideas?

    Appreciate any input here. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oh7mrdJCItJNwyA33