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  1. Birdingcraft

    Hotel question

    I have made brief visits and am eager to visit for a thorough review. It sounds very promising and has potential for being a major hotspot. Very good for hummingbirds including Black-bellied and Green-fronted Lancebill, and the trails have produced such species as Black-breasted Wood-Quail...
  2. Birdingcraft

    Costa Rica in august (Covid)

    This about sums up the current situation for visiting Costa Rica at the moment- not for everyone and not without various steps and costs. At first, buying one of a few specific health insurance policies offered in Costa Rica was obligatory. After blowback about that, a change was made to allow...
  3. Birdingcraft

    Costa Rica in august (Covid)

    Still impossible to say when the borders will open. The next announcement/decision from the government about this will likely take place on June 30th. However, given a recent rise in cases in Costa Rica and elsewhere, I doubt very much that the country will be open by August.
  4. Birdingcraft


    Interesting to hear about that discount offered by the EAFN. Given wide scale cancellations during part of the high season, every lodge and tourism venture in CR and most places have been impacted to varying degrees. Some that always have low occupancy rates during the next few months might...
  5. Birdingcraft

    Flycatcher Costa Rica.

    Mountain Elaenia
  6. Birdingcraft

    Birding San Gerado de Dota Without a Vehicle

    Sure would, that would be perfect. When the place started out in the 90s, that was the original plan. They were even building some cabins and the placed looked quite different. But, for whatever reason, the project came to a stop and had that caretaker ever since. The new owner is most...
  7. Birdingcraft

    American Kestrel

    My immediate impression was Gray Hawk but yeah, could be a Broad-winged. One of those situations that could use another photo or two.
  8. Birdingcraft

    Birding San Gerado de Dota Without a Vehicle

    Just a note that for the moment, El Tapir seems to not be as accessible. The place, or at least rights to the place were recently purchased by a local involved with ornithological projects. Some small construction has taken place as have plantings in the garden and a tall metal gate was put into...
  9. Birdingcraft

    brown-crested flycatcher

    Either that one or Nutting's. Suspect Brown-crested but since they both look so similar, without more views and/or hearing it, I don't feel comfortable giving a positive ID.
  10. Birdingcraft

    flycatcher Mexico #2

    Yes a Least Flycatcher based on the field marks mentioned. The only other very similar flycatcher sp. in that part of Mexico would be the other migrant Empids (Acadian, Yellow-bellied, Alder and Willow).
  11. Birdingcraft

    Costa Rica Hummingbird IDs - February 2019 Last 5

    The Mountain-gem depends on where it was seen but likely White-throated. The other is a female Volcano based on the white tip and amount of black in the tail.
  12. Birdingcraft

    Costa Rica Hummingbird IDs - February 2019 Set 1

    Second one is Scaly-breasted Hummingbird, last ones are Fiery-throated. Nice pics.
  13. Birdingcraft

    Costa Rica Yellow-tailed vs juv Orchard

    Nice image of Orchard Oriole. Yellow-tailed is very rare in Costa Rica, does not normally occur at that site and has a yellow shoulder/wing bar among other features.
  14. Birdingcraft

    Hacienda Solimar

    Not sure but I think they only take groups.
  15. Birdingcraft

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Canebrake Wren'

    Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, a skulker but can come in quite close in response to playback.
  16. Canebrake Wren

    Canebrake Wren

    In Costa Rica, Canebrake Wrens are common in marshy fields and other low, dense habitats.
  17. Birdingcraft

    La Selva and Arenal in September.

    Just echoing what others have said- September might be rainy at times but fewer people, probably fewer photog. groups too, and I agree that there can be more bird activity. Have a great trip!
  18. Birdingcraft

    Help with swallow/martin ID

    Definitely a Gray-breasted Martin. In Costa Rica, this species often nests and roosts in situations like the one in the image. The Brown-chested is a rare vagrant and looks a bit like a big Sand Martin (Bank Swallow), and the female Purple Martin is a passge migrant in Costa Rica has more of a...
  19. Birdingcraft

    Costa Rica bird

    A tough call and I'm not sure but am leaning towards Mourning because young males can show quite an eye ring and this bird seems to have that rather than the distinct, abrupt white crescents above and below the eyes. Unfortunately, just to make it more of a challenge, neither species can be...
  20. Birdingcraft

    Nighthawk, July, Florida

    I think the position of the white on the primaries is a more reliable feature to separate the two. In this case, the white is barely visible because it is closer to the base of the primaries, a feature for Common Nighthawk. It's a cool photo!
  21. Birdingcraft

    Riviera Maya in Mexico

    Plain Chachalaca Tropical Kingbird Tropical Mockingbird Yellow Warbler Yucatan Vireo
  22. Birdingcraft

    A few more from Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Eastern Wood-Pewee Summer Tanager Spotted Sandpiper Yellow-throated Warbler Orange Oriole
  23. Birdingcraft

    Woodpecker, Riviera Maya, mexico

    This is because the taxon that occurs in the Yucatan lacks yellow on the front, I think most lists now consider it a separate species, the Velazquez's Woodpecker.
  24. Birdingcraft

    Costa Rica: the wood-rail formerly known as Grey-Necked

    That one is Russet-naped Wood-Rail, it seems that the brown patch on the nape is definitely more distinct for that species. Also, I know that spot, it seems that only Russet-naped is present there. Yes, the other is White-throated Crake.