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    Weavers - Brufut, Gambia

    Hi Just back from The Gambia (trip report to follow) and have a few Weaver photos that I'm struggling with. These are front and back views of the same bird, taken at Brufut Thanks Simon
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    Latest guide recommendations

    Hi all We are hoping to do a week birding in Gambia this winter. Does anyone have any recent recommendations for guides (with transport) please? Is there anyone we should avoid? (You can message me if you would rather not put that in an open forum). A lot of the Gambian guides websites don't...
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    DIY Arizona

    After successful DIY trips to Ohio and Florida, myself, Dave Rose and Simon Hitchen decided that Arizona was our next destination for “do it in half the time and a third of the price of the tour companies”. Logistics South-east Arizona was never going to be an area we could do justice to in a...
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    Guides: Paper and Human!

    Hi folks Paper: I am currently planning a trip to SE Arizona for me and a couple of friends next May. What do you consider is the best site guide for the region? The ABA or the Tucson Audubon guides being the two I am looking at. Is it worth getting both? Also if anyone knows where can I get...
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    Birding South Florida May 2018

    Following a very successful trip to Ohio last year we (myself, Simon Hitchen and Dave Rose) were keen to revisit the US. This year we headed for Florida to try to get the Floridian specialities. We had no real interest in the Miami plastics so went for the Keys, Everglades and dry prairie...
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    White-rumped or Semi-p Sand? Sanibel, Florida May 18

    The bird on the right.... Thanks in advance
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    A few from California, USA

    1. Dowitcher, Crissy Field, San Francisco. Think this is a juvenile Short-billed? 2. Song Sparrow?, Alcatraz. 3. Red-shouldered Hawk? Presidio, San Francisco. Thanks!
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    Guide recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a bird guide (with transport) in Jamaica? I am exploring the possibility of putting a trip together for next May. We are limited to just 6 nights so are looking to book flights/accommodation/guide independently as the birding tour company trips are all a bit longer...
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    Ohio & Michigan May 17

    For the past few years I have taken off in May or June with a friend or two leaving my family at home for a short birding break in Europe (3-5 nights). Over the years we have ranged all over Europe and it is beginning to get tricky to find somewhere in Europe with a lot of new birds. This year...
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    Greater or Lesser Short-toed Lark, nr Lleida, Spain

    Going through old photos this was labelled as an STL but Taken May 2013 nr Lleida, Spain. Saw both species but struggling to pin this one down. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Flycatcher, Monteverde, Costa Rica

    Last one I'm not sure of from Costa Rica. Monteverde Cloud Forest. Eye-ringed Flatbill is my favoured opinion as the eye-ring is so striking but would like to rule out Mountain Elaenia. Not a great view of the wings though! Thanks as always for any assistance. Cheers Simon
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    Hummingbirds Monteverde Costa Rica and a Raptor from Arenal

    More Costa Rican's I need assistance with 1. Short-tailed Hawk? 2/3 (Same bird). This Hummingbird was a bit of a puzzle, with it's deeply forked tail and black bill. Tail looks right for Canivet's Emerald but not the bill. 4 Another Hummer, Coppery-headed Emerald? Thanks!
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    2 from Arenal, Costa Rica

    Looking for confirmation or correction on these two please. Both in hotel gardens 1. Paltry Tyrannulet? 2. Grey-capped Flycatcher? Thanks Simon
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    3 more from Tortuguero Costa Rica Mar 15

    1. Rufous Mourner? 2. No idea! Some sort of Warbler or Vireo 3. and 4. (same bird) Swainson's Hawk? Thanks for any advice
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    Flycatcher, Tortuguero, Costa Rica

    Social or White-ringed? Bill looks quite large compared to my photos of Social so am leaning towards the latter. Thanks for any comments..
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    Kingfisher, Tortuguero, Costa Rica

    I originally had this down as an Amazon Kingfisher. On reviewing I'm not so sure due to the white spots in wing but it still seems to have too big a bill for Green Kingfisher? Any thoughts? Sorry for rubbish photos - taken in panic from a moving boat! Thanks Simon
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    Limonal Scarlet Macaws

    Just returned from a fantastic two week family holiday in CR. Will be posting some ID photo queries in the relevant forum later this week.... One bird I was not really expecting was Scarlet Macaw as we were not in the main areas and I understand them to be rare. However we came across 3...
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    Great Sparrow? Madikwe South Africa

    Last one from my SA trip. I'm going on the apparent chestnut rump and thinking Great Sparrow? The dingy reddish throat bothers me a little but I think it may just have been dirt! Thanks Simon
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    African Pipit? Madikwe South Africa

    Thanks for all the help on my recent postings. Here is tonight's bird for confirmation from Madikwe game reserve. When I took this I was satisfied it was an African Pipit. I think I am still 90% satisfied it is an African Pipit.... But the bill looks very strong for a pipit and the supercilium...
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    Sickle-winged Chat?, Table Mountain, South Africa

    Another SA bird which I would be grateful for some confirmation on. I think this bird, taken on top of Table Mountain last week, is a Sickle-winged Chat. It strikes me as "cleaner" than the Familiar Chats we saw everywhere else but the eye-ring is not as prominent as I would have expected from...
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    Puffback or some other sort of Shrike? Madikwe South Africa

    Another one from Madikwe game reserve. This has me struggling! Juvenile Black-backed Puffback is the closest I can get in SASOL but I saw no adults in the area to back this up. It certainly gave the impression of being the right size for the Puffback. It was in trees near the lodge. Any ideas...
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    Tit-babbler?, Madikwe, SA

    Another one from South Africa. This was taken last two weeks ago in Madikwe game reserve. It's not a great picture as the bird was not co-operating! I'm thinking from the striking eye and barred throat that it may be Chestnut-vented Tit-babbler (although I did not see any Chestnut). Thanks Simon
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    Buzzard sp? nr Stellenbosch, SA

    Another one from the Cape region. This raptor was taken distantly near Stellenbosch. Closest I can get is Forest Buzzard but habitat seemed wrong as not in a wooded area but strikes me as too pale for Jackal Buzzard? Any takers? Cheers Simon
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    Cape Point, South Africa, Karoo Prinia?

    Hi all Just returned from a great trip to South Africa. I have a few photos which I would like confirmation on and in a couple of cases I am really struggling. First up, this was taken yesterday at Cape Point. I think it is a Karoo Prinia can anyone confirm or correct please? Cheers Simin
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    Suggestions for family safari in Aug 13

    Hi all We are just putting together plans for a family safari (2 adults and 2 children aged 10 and 7) to South Africa in August 2013. The rough idea would be to visit two safari areas covering different habitat and then head down to Cape Town. Amongst the areas we are currently trying to pick...