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  1. Andy Strachan

    The Odd Couple

    Picked this link up in a thread on here and it's very good for this. https://literateherringthisway.blogspot.com/p/hoodie-carrion-crow.html?m=1 I've seen a good few hybrids like yours and 1 or 2 that looked very close to pure Hooded around Peterhead over last couple years. But for me it's...
  2. Andy Strachan

    Ringed-neck Ducks, London WWT 2021

    Surely they wouldn't have birds with clipped wings there, do they?
  3. Andy Strachan

    Ringed-neck Ducks, London WWT 2021

    Didn't really know where to put this.. Anyway, I was down in London in December 2021 and went to the London Wetland Centre. While there I came across two Ring-necked Ducks. They seemed pretty tame and were only around 10 feet away! I got some ok photo's just from my phone. There doesn't seem to...
  4. Andy Strachan

    What view of a bird do you need to consider it "Checked/Ticked" off list?

    I don't really count my list totals much as the amount of birds I've seen total doesn't really matter, I'm more of a patch guy. I doubt im ever going to be travelling the world or even the UK for birds. Maybe that will change one day, who knows but at the moment im not much of a twitcher. There...
  5. Andy Strachan

    Willow warbler/Chiffchaff calls

    How confident are you at identifying the very similar "huweet" calls of the chiffchaff and willow warbler? I honestly haven't bothered to get into familiarising myself with the difference, as I've shrugged it off thinking that even if I did get ok at it, could I really tick it off with...
  6. Andy Strachan

    Birds That Visit Your Garden Now That Didn't Before

    Pfffft! No way! Haha more chance of winning the lottery! ill stay humble and pray for a Blackcap or woodpecker (y)
  7. Andy Strachan

    Birds That Visit Your Garden Now That Didn't Before

    Wee update I suppose. Since my last post I've had a few greenfinch visits with 3 being the highest count. And I did get Siskins! I've counted them at least 7 weeks this year, with a high of 3 birds. The most important thing I think is consistency and patience! and eventually they'll come. I've...
  8. Andy Strachan

    Gull identification please

    To be honest my understanding of moulting and juvenile gulls etc. is basic, and it's now something I'm taking into consideration a lot more when out and about. I could see that the two outer primaries were worn, and at one point did consider that it could of been juvenile feathers, but somehow I...
  9. Andy Strachan

    Gull identification please

    How come there are no outer primary mirrors?
  10. Andy Strachan

    Carrion Crow or Raven please - Horwich Moor, Greater Manchester UK

    I've changed my mind on this a few times now. I first thought the rounded tail, neck feathers and bill size said Raven. Then I looked at Carrion Crow pictures... started doubting myself and thought It could still be carrion crow though. But I thought nah, bill and tail says Raven. Then I looked...
  11. Andy Strachan

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    Thanks. First time seeing one that wasn't running in front of car headlights! so wasn't too sure. Saying that, there was a dead one in my local park last year on the path :( I didn't actually think to ID it properly or report it. I might have taken a photo though. Would feel like a bit of an...
  12. Andy Strachan

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    Spotted this out and about today, up Stirlinghill, at Boddam. Even after looking online, I'm still not 100% what is it. Weasel or Stoat? I'm leaning towards Weasel..? There were 3 or 4 calling wrens hopping around the heather, so I thought I'd try for some pics as it's not always easy to get...
  13. Andy Strachan

    Osprey chick dies after hawk attack

    If you pause the video and click through it, it's hard to tell, but it actually looks like the adult Osprey appears at the last second and grabs the Goshawk and pulls it away, but the Gos has a good hold of the juv and takes it with it. Had the Osprey gotten there just a split second earlier...
  14. Andy Strachan

    Montrose Basin and the surrounding area

    Haven't even seen or heard one this year, anywhere :( though I might've at the weekend just past. Caught sight of a bird through the binoculars, and it caught me off guard, I didn't immediately recognise it, so in the 2 seconds it took me to swap from binoculars to camera it vanished! So i'll...
  15. Andy Strachan

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    Ah ok, I thought I might need something a bit stronger than my binocs or my camera. Never had much success with spotting birds out at sea so far. Maybe I'll treat myself to a scope at some point, seeing as I seem to be taking this birding thing quite seriously :LOL: I've had so many hobbies...
  16. Andy Strachan

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    I considered going down to see these, but didnt bother cause im just not well equipped for seawatching. Have they been quite distant?
  17. Andy Strachan

    ID please, Brown head, black body, Limerick, Ireland

    I also had a blackbird almost exactly like this yesterday in the garden, here in North East Scotland.
  18. Andy Strachan

    Birds fae Torry

    I just spotted my first Common Sandpiper today at Ugie estuary, Peterhead. Funnily enough this is the first thread I came onto just now after just adding it to birdtrack, and here you were with your one! Felt like some sort of deja vu.
  19. Andy Strachan


    Ha! Right enough. Never even noticed
  20. Andy Strachan


    That's a Goldfinch :)
  21. Andy Strachan

    "Tony" the Starling

    Old Mafia boss Tony's showed up. Taking it easy nowadays after a tough life in "The Family". Still lookin' slick though.
  22. Andy Strachan

    Hooded crow or hybrid? Scotland

    Photo's taken April 2021 Aberdeenshire coast, Scotland. Would you be satisfied to class this as pure Hooded or hybrid carrion/hooded based on what you can see here? Hooded crows are not very common here, and when you think you have one they're almost always hybrids when you look close enough...
  23. Andy Strachan

    Birds fae Torry

    Could be a juvenile that doesn't really know what to do with itself? Lots of young crows going about at the moment. They're just not aware of the dangers around them, and you can often get really close. I got arms length from one recently that was sitting on a fallen tree that was lying across...
  24. Andy Strachan

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    Had a great walk around Willowbank, between Peterhead and Longside today. Either side of the old longside/peterhead railway line there are two "new" walk paths that were made accessible a couple of years ago, Buthlaw River Ugie path, and Faichfield Burn path. Both take you for a farmland loop...
  25. Andy Strachan

    Marsh Harrier? Aberdeenshire, Scotland 18.6.22

    Yeah, that's the ones I was referring to also. All makes sense now. Like I say, little experience on my side. Thanks. It's good when not only are you seeing a bird for the first time, but you learn something at the same time.