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  1. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Southern water pollution - appalling read

    I can't remember how long ago it was - maybe 30 years or more - that Southern Water became a by-word amongst local naturalists for "polluters", putting a new spin on the word "scum". A friend who lives near Thorney Island has challenged them regularly about sewage discharge and they appear as...
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Honey buzzards North Wales

    I think you'll find people will be very cagey with HB sites - as Welsh Peregrine says, they attract interest from people who are not really interested in the birds' welfare. A further disincentive is the current restriction on travel. There's nothing better than getting to know your local patch...
  3. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Bushfire - Australia

    Too true Andy, too true. I've been looking at https://www.abc.net.au/news/ the Oz equivalent of the BBC and it simply defies belief what's going on. I know Chosun is clear to say that global warming isn't implicated in this immense tragedy but the amount of coal which is being mined (largely...
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach

    How to REALLY reduce your carbon footprint

    Ditto. The "get on a plane before it's all gone" is one of the most selfish, ignorant posts I've read on here. Even if it was satire, it's going to be taken seriously by those who've no intention of reducing their life-list dominated ethics. I'm not trying to "flight-shame" or to be...
  5. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Birding/Twitching and Global warming

    An article in British Birds on the dichotomy of world birding trips vs environmentalism. https://britishbirds.co.uk/article/b...n-ornithology/ Peter:-C
  6. Johann Sebastian Bach

    How to REALLY reduce your carbon footprint

    An article in British Birds on the dichotomy of world birding trips vs environmentalism. https://britishbirds.co.uk/article/bb-eye-addicted-high-carbon-ornithology/ Peter :-C
  7. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Birding/Twitching and Global warming

    I get this Jurek - and it would make sense in a world where global warming was a distant threat. But global warming isn't distant. There's evidence of a crisis all around us: extreme climate events in Australia and Europe; glaciers and ice-caps at their lowest level; and climate deniers in the...
  8. Johann Sebastian Bach

    How to REALLY reduce your carbon footprint

    It's NOT plastic bag use. It's flying. It's eating meat. It's good insulation. A fascinating study, making some sense out of all the opinion flying around.(o)< http://https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-reduces-our-personal-co2-footprint-we-have-clue-frank-bilstein/ Peter
  9. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Birding/Twitching and Global warming

    Part of my motivation for starting this thread was a decision which Anna Magdalena and I took to try not use air travel any more. Virtuously, we booked a holiday on the Scillies rather than our usual annual fortnight in Spain. But then I remembered the Scillonian voyages back in the 80s when...
  10. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Birding/Twitching and Global warming

    Has the insistent and urgent voice of climate change modified your birding behaviour in terms of travel? If so, what changes have you made? Could you share any insights into travel alternatives (I heard recently that London to Cadiz return rail fare is about £250). Patch birding, of course, is...
  11. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Extinct bird re-evolves (apparently)

    It doesn't seem possible to get behind the paywall but this extract leaves me distinctly sceptical of the premise written in (by?) the papers. The implication is that two flightless rails evolved on a specific island and that they may have had identical skeletons. There can have been no soft...
  12. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Extinct bird re-evolves (apparently)

    Not an April fool spoof. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/bird-extinct-back-from-dead-madagascar-white-throated-rail-a8908211.html Peter
  13. Johann Sebastian Bach

    New official Checklist of the birds of Germany sparks debate

    A beautifully written and erudite post, illustrating that language as an art form is as important as language conveying meaning. Does your "practical" approach to language leave room for the works of Shakespeare, Chaucer and Tolstoy (for example), or have they simply written a set of cumbersome...
  14. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Chris Packham CBE

    Yes, I think Packham's gong is well-deserved, even though the majority of the honours system stinks of corruption and nepotism. I also think he deserves to be well paid and to be able to afford a big house (not that that's any of my business). For all I know, he may also have a posh car, eat...
  15. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Birds you don't like...

    Birds with monotonous calls/songs. Wood pigeon is top of my list because they sit on phone cables outside my window and hoo-hoo-HOO-hoo-hoo from dawn until dusk, [email protected] all over cars and eat everything that falls from my feeders. Collared doves come a very close second. I remember a student band...
  16. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Any member of Bird Forum not a member of the RSPB Community Forums and why?

    I felt the tone of your premise was accusatory. I was therefore curt with my reply. Peter
  17. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Any member of Bird Forum not a member of the RSPB Community Forums and why?

  18. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Any member of Bird Forum not a member of the RSPB Community Forums and why?

    IAN JAMES THOMPSON: SOME OF US DON'T CONFORM TO YOUR MANY EXPECTATIONS. (And using capitals is a bit shouty, don't you think?) Peter
  19. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Self found rules: Local wintering/breeding species at "known sites"

    May I propose the permanent removal of the idiotic (and linguistically awkward) term "self found" and replace it with the term "kudos list". "Self finding" a black winged stilt in the UK is clearly preposterous because it's 100% about luck and 0% about birding skill. "Kudos" finding would be...
  20. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Cuban Ivory Bill

    This reminds me - there are tales of unicorns in my woods. I've packed a rucksack, had my jabs and bought the plane tickets. I'll let you know how I get on. Peter
  21. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Your Birding Anniversary

    June 1958. Great Spotted Woodpecker at nest in woods at the end of my road near Manchester. Peter
  22. Johann Sebastian Bach

    China no longer wants the UK's plastic waste

    From the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42455378 "Michael Gove admits he was slow to see the problem coming" - as if it's a new issue. Peter :-C
  23. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    Ignoring Apple's @ 20p per 100 gram's, there hasn't been much of a decline in those who write it's instead of its. Even some of BF's finest luminaries think that it's is possessive. i.e. The Rubythroat had lost it's ring by the time I saw it This is incorrect. The apostrophe in it's only...
  24. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Birdguides new system

    Not being one of the Twitterati, could someone please give me details of where to find gen on Twitter? I've no intention of joining the new Birdguides, which is now about profit rather than altruism. :C Peter