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  1. Andy Strachan

    Ringed-neck Ducks, London WWT 2021

    Didn't really know where to put this.. Anyway, I was down in London in December 2021 and went to the London Wetland Centre. While there I came across two Ring-necked Ducks. They seemed pretty tame and were only around 10 feet away! I got some ok photo's just from my phone. There doesn't seem to...
  2. Andy Strachan

    Willow warbler/Chiffchaff calls

    How confident are you at identifying the very similar "huweet" calls of the chiffchaff and willow warbler? I honestly haven't bothered to get into familiarising myself with the difference, as I've shrugged it off thinking that even if I did get ok at it, could I really tick it off with...
  3. Andy Strachan

    "Tony" the Starling

    Old Mafia boss Tony's showed up. Taking it easy nowadays after a tough life in "The Family". Still lookin' slick though.
  4. Andy Strachan

    Hooded crow or hybrid? Scotland

    Photo's taken April 2021 Aberdeenshire coast, Scotland. Would you be satisfied to class this as pure Hooded or hybrid carrion/hooded based on what you can see here? Hooded crows are not very common here, and when you think you have one they're almost always hybrids when you look close enough...
  5. Andy Strachan

    Marsh Harrier? Aberdeenshire, Scotland 18.6.22

    Hi guys, Taken this afternoon I think I've got a Marsh harrier here in these images. The bird's a bit haggard looking. Is it a moulting female or juvenile (female?)? There are one or two short grey feathers on it. First time I've actually seen one. They're fairly regular at a local RSPC site...
  6. Andy Strachan


    Hi, Anybody much experience with Teasel? We planted one in the garden in 2020 I think and as a biennial it's due to flower this year. How easy is it to control? In 2020 I noticed a neighbour had one teasel in their garden, then in 2021 noticed there were none. However, this year they have...
  7. Andy Strachan

    Sparrowhawk flight call?

    Hi, I was in the garden today (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) when I heard an unusual call from above. A sort of tongue fluttering FFRRRPP! Like when a dealer flicks through a deck of cards. I looked up and seen what might have been a Sparrowhawk. I'm probably about 60% sure thats what it was as it...
  8. Andy Strachan

    Camera cal. in Aberdeenshire Scotland?

    Hi guys, For anyone in the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland.. could you recommend any one for camera and lens calibration? Would like to send camera and lens in to get checked out and calibrated. I've attempted to check calibration in the past, but would rather have a professional do it for...
  9. Andy Strachan

    Canada Goose, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Dec 2021

    Back in December I took these images of a Canada Goose at Pitfour Lake, Aberdeenshire Scotland. At the time I remember thinking it was quite small and short-necked (the whole time it just refused to "sit up" and lengthen its neck haha) but there were no other geese to compare it to, only swans...
  10. Andy Strachan

    Common or Siberian Chiffchaff? 25/4/21 Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Hello, Back in April this year I photographed a Chiffchaff in the tree's. And at the time it struck me how pale the Chiffchaff was, but I didn't think anymore of it, until I seen the image again today and It sort of struck me again. Any chance this could this be Siberian Chiffchaff? I...
  11. Andy Strachan

    Sick and dead Guillemots

    https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/news/2021/september/guillemots-dying-in-unprecedented-numbers-off-UK-coast.html At the weekend at the north east coast of Aberdeenshire, Scotland I came across two dead guillemots within a mile stretch of beach. I remembered afterwards that I'd read an article...
  12. Andy Strachan

    Goose ID's please. Aberdeenshire, Scotland yesterday.

    Hi guys, In a flock of pink-footed geese yesterday in Aberdeenshire, I spotted a couple that I'm not really sure about. I'm not really experienced with goose ID. In the first picture there is one bird with a longer, more slender neck than the rest and it seems to have a bigger greylag type...
  13. Andy Strachan

    Would you report a MEGA in your own garden?

    Unfortunately, I don't have one in mine at the moment! Or do I..? ;) haha Imagining I do! Would I report one if it happened to land and hang about in my own garden? I would love to share it, but would I? Should I? I'm wondering what your thoughts are? What would you do? Anyone actually...
  14. Andy Strachan

    Damselfly ID (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

    Hey, Just hoping to get an ID for this Damselfly. Seen it land on a leaf near a pond yesterday. Really struggling to nail down an ID, and I'm a total novice when it comes to these. The pictures are quite poor as it was in the shade, and my phone's ancient. I've lightened them slightly, but the...
  15. Andy Strachan

    Aberdeenshire, UK - bird call

    Hi guys, While walking through a woodland park yesterday (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) I heard this call that I didn't recognise. I'm in the park most days, and like to think I'm quite familiar with the usual suspects, but this one just stood out to me. If you listen to the audio that I've...
  16. Andy Strachan

    Soft/Blurry Images

    Hey guys. Another one of these threads.. I'm sure there must be loads :LOL: I've seen other related threads on this topic, but to diagnose my own issue I think I need some help. And so you know as well, I am fairly new to photography. So, I've recently purchased a Sigma 150-600mm C for my...
  17. Andy Strachan

    Spotted Flycatcher? June 2020, Scotland.

    Hi, I was flicking through my photo's and came across a bird that I'd taken photo's of last year but couldn't identify at the time, due to lack of experience and fairly poor quality of the photo's, and I'd since forgotten about it. I'm thinking it could be a Spotted Flycatcher. In some photo's...
  18. Andy Strachan

    Sigma 150-600 - (DG) or (DC)??

    Hey guys. Im upgrading my lens. I bought a used Sigma 150-600 DG OS HSM C lens for my Nikon D3300 last night. However, my wife suggested that I may need the DC for my D3300, NOT the DG. But I’ve been told by the seller that the DG is compatible with my lens, it just means that the image will...
  19. Andy Strachan

    Warbler - Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Hey guys. Spotted this today in Aberdeenshire. Picture quality is poor so i'm not expecting 100% ID. I couldn't focus through the branches and the dog was pulling the lead! To me it seems very likely to be a Chiffchaff, with those due to start arriving, and the fact that I heard my first...