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  1. pauco

    Our local Blackie is not a happy boy.

    Over the last few weeks, there has been a steady influx of migrant Blackbirds in our garden. And our local lad is a bit peeved, to watch his antics this morning as they left their roost sites, to come down for their sultanas had my wife and me laughing so much we had tears in our eyes. He spent...
  2. pauco

    Feeding Frenzy!

    Over the last month our birds have had an insatiable appetite, we just can't put enough food out!! anybody else found this, are they making up for lack of food for themselves, whilst rearing young? as these are all adult birds. Are do they know something we dont!
  3. pauco

    How can you Age Hedgehogs.

    The reason i ask is we have had a hedgehog visiting for a few months, and we leave a plate of catfood out he/she comes along at dusk most nights, and food eaten. Alas this morning, i found it by the plate Dead, now could it be old age. Or, infection-disease more likely? any ideas.
  4. pauco

    A Morning at Marshside southport.

    An overnight frost gave way to a beautiful cold, but sunny morning. Time for a trip to the coast at southport. Arrive 7-30am, there was a very fresh breeze along the coast road, first sight on car park next to sand works, a hunting kestrel. Below is list of sightings. 1. swallows. (Gathering...
  5. pauco

    House Martins + swallows Back.

    6PM, 1st-5-o5 5 house martins-3 swallows, all seen preening themselves on the telegraph wires outside our house. :t: Not earth shattering news i know just great to see, and to think of the journey they have had. Last year 1st swallow was seen on the 10th may, also 6pm. House martins-15th again...
  6. pauco

    Busy Mums!

    Had the first fledgelings out and about today, 2 Blackbirds-1 Dunnock-3 house sparrows, and some very busy parents, lovely to watch. :t: And just to end the day, our 1st nuthatch to visit the garden! The evening is dull but mild so had a brew and sat out in the back garden, just to listen to...
  7. pauco

    A perplexing Goldfinch?

    We have 3 Goldfinch visit on a daily basis, 2 have the "red face" But one has a very "orange face" now i checked it through my bins, my wife has double checked, as has a friend of ours!! looked through collins guide & my other bird books!!! to no avail. So this colour is very perplexing to us...
  8. pauco

    Cool to Bird?

    Anybody see Countryfile this morning? its cool to be a birdwatcher! were have these people been for the last 20+ years? must be just the next lot of yuppies, i wonder what will happen to all that expensive equipment, when the novelty wear's off? or am i just an old cynic.
  9. pauco

    A Couple of testers for you!

    A little general knowledge, birding of course! 1. What area in Britain is known as the wet Sahara? 2. What do fishermen in some parts of lancashire, nick name Dunlins.
  10. pauco

    The Birders birder.

    Has anyone on the forum, ever met, or birded with the late great Richard Richardson, and was it the west bank at clay he held court?
  11. pauco

    Good days birding.

    A trip to Mere-sands- woods, and it turned out to be one of those days you wish would go on and oooon. It was a very cloudy start, but warm, i decided to stop at some farmland a few miles from Mere sands and what a start, flying along the hedgerows was a Barn owl, great start. Got to Mere-sands...
  12. pauco

    A Brighter morning.

    Well this morning started nice and bright, no snow and only a very slight frost. A trip to the local woods very tempting, that biting raw wind had gone, it was just like a spring day. One walk out of the 3 you can use in the woods takes about an hour, so listed below are the birds i sighted in...
  13. pauco

    Well it seemed like a good idea!!

    I thought i would take a look at the local river this morning, so set out with good intentions. There had been some snow overnight, but nothing like the rest of the country, and its only 20 min walk. But the wind was bitter, and it started to rain heavy! arrived wet frozen, not a bird in sight...
  14. pauco

    More seed & sultanas please! oh, and dont forget the apples!!

    Feeding this morning, no snow overnight, but very frosty. 14-Blackbirds + 6 females. 2 males sat on step outside front door. "Glad he cant work the doorbell!!" 30+ house sparrows. about the same number of starlings. 15 chaffinches female...
  15. pauco

    Garden tick of the year.

    Very busy in garden this am, due to slight snow overnight. 12 male Blackbirds + 4 females, and all the other regulars, but the best for me was the sight of 2 Fieldfares!! life garden tick :t: what a start to the day.
  16. pauco


    Well after getting up early, feeding the tribe, i thought i might as well go local so of to the woods. Its a long time since i have felt so cold after only a short time out!! the wind chill, boy!!! or its me getting soft. Anyway good movements of Blue-Coal-Great tits, on the lake 50 Blackheaded...
  17. pauco

    Looking for a Home?

    Over the last 10 days i have been keeping an eye on the roosting pouches, and there have been a few wrens making good use of them, coming in at dusk, best count is 6. Blue tits around 8 use them. Today the coldest east wind blowing 5-30am, went out to feed the tribe, Blackbirds waiting for...
  18. pauco

    Magazine news.

    Birdwatching magazine is in the early stages of builing its own web site. :t: they are asking for any material people would like to see printed. Nows your chance.
  19. pauco

    Continental Blackbirds.

    Well it looks as though the boys from the continent have arrived, the noise in our garden this evening was to say the least LOUD, me thinks they were looking for somewere to roost, but picked our home teams places. In the cul-de-sac were we live there are 8 males who have their own roosts, and...
  20. pauco

    Time to Get out the Thermals?

    I have just read on AOL weather forcast, that we are due to have one of the coldest winters we have had for some years!! now i know that they can get it wrong but there have been some subtle signs about for a while. and only the other week i spoke to a local farmer, who's words were " mark my...
  21. pauco

    The Hawk she came a huntin!

    3 Fly bye's, and she was back, just sitting on the fence, while all around was in total silence. Then you could just hear blackie with that low chuck-chuck alarm, the head of the hawk turned in the direction of the call as if it was on radar! then she was gone. Finished feeding the tribe came...
  22. pauco

    Blackbird's back.

    Well the boy's are back, went out to feed the tribe yesterday, and 3 of them came from under the hedge looking for their sultanas, and do they look in good form!! all very sleek with their nice new feathers, strutting round showing of their winter plumage. The moult just seems to have been...
  23. pauco

    Feeders with perching ring's.

    For the past month i have been useing the old type feeder, ie: were the bird has to hang on. + the new CJWildbird-food type, ie: new perching ring. I have 3 of each in use, and boy has my food bill gone up with the use of the new one's!! But the finche's& house sparrows seem more at ease using...
  24. pauco

    Dates for Bird-Fare.

    The dates for WWT-Martin-Mere fare this year are. Sat-13th-Sun14th November. 2004. Speakers to be announced. bert.
  25. pauco

    A few hours at the mere.

    Set out for a few hours at Martin-Mere, damp very windy start. A break in the weather on the way made me stop to take in some veiws overlooking farmland at croston, and so glad i did. Just set the scope up to scan hedgerows and bingo!! 2 Barn owl's, watched them for about 20 min's WOW...