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  1. Kentbloke

    Ornamental grass ID

    Does anyone know the name of this grass which self seeded in my garden please, Kent UK. First image shows a year old specimen (about 1ft tall), the second is mature with hanging seed heads (2.5ft). Many thanks
  2. Kentbloke

    Tree(?)ID please

    Can anyone ID this plant please, the darker leaves are 5cm long Many thanks
  3. Kentbloke

    Weird warbler (no pic)

    Earlier this evening while walking near the low cliff edge in Folkestone we saw a very unusual bird the like I've not seen before? It had the jizz of a willow warbler/chiffy but was a striking pale sand colour merging to almost pure white on the tail? It was feeding on insects on the seed...
  4. Kentbloke

    UK Spider

    I found this guy today inside an old telecom junction box that was on the side of my house. Can somebody ID it please. He/she was all black and around 30mm from leg tip to tip in this pic shown Many thanks
  5. Kentbloke

    Nkoro this evening (sound clip)

    Can anyone ID this call please, recorded from Africam around midnight Many thanks :t:
  6. Kentbloke

    The Folkestone Thing!

    Well, it is rather odd, and new to me. Any info please? Many thanks
  7. Kentbloke

    Folkestone (UK) cricket

    What is it please? Probably something common, it had exceptionally long antennas, not obvious in the picture Many thanks
  8. Kentbloke

    Magpie likes it soggy!

    I was puzzled to keep finding white bread in the birds bath/drinking tray. Recently, I watched a Magpie fly down and drop some white bread in the dish then fly off, presumably coming back later and collecting to eat. Today, I watched a Maggie fly down to the dish with the bread but this time...
  9. Kentbloke

    Fungi ID Kent

    Can any tell me what these are please, growing on my lawn? Many thanks
  10. Kentbloke

    Cuckoo in the hen house?

    Found this story on the Sussex OS website - what do you think?
  11. Kentbloke

    Gull fledged already?!

    Just now I heard the unmistakeable whistling call of a newly fledged Herring gull, sure enough there was one haranguing a parent bird on the roof opposite. Isn't this way too early? July is when I'd expect them to be flying around?
  12. Kentbloke

    Calf bird

    Seen on the "Life of Birds" video, but a quick google produced only 2 results:http://www.google.co.uk/#hl=en&xhr=t&q=calf+bird&cp=9&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=calf+bird&pbx=1&fp=25353823e5e816d6 Can anyone shed any further light on these 'beauties'? Thanks
  13. Kentbloke

    Folkestone Mipit?

    Crap picture taken through the patio doors yesterday. Cheers
  14. Kentbloke

    Rock lice?

    Hi all, possibly a silly question but I cant find much info on the net! I wonder if anyone can put a name to these 'things' I've seen a few times at the harbour? They only seem to appear at very high tides, such as the one this morning and look more or less like woodlice but big. They appear in...
  15. Kentbloke

    Damsel ID please

    Can anyone ID please this beauty in my garden, it was around 35mm long? Thanks
  16. Kentbloke

    Tree/Shrub ID

    Hi all, can anyone please ID this tree/shrub that has self seeded in my flower bed? It's about 5ft tall and around 5 years old. Many thanks
  17. Kentbloke

    Early migrants

    1 Common and 3 Sandwich Terns reported at Dungeness yesterday: http://www.dungenessbirdobs.org.uk/lateframe.html
  18. Kentbloke

    Safe mode nightmare

    Hi all, my main PC has just developed a weird problem which has me stumped! Avira detected a trojan a few days ago, which it deleted, a second scan confirmed it had been zapped. However, a scan today showed it had reappeared so I went for the approach of a rescan in 'safe mode' - oh boy...
  19. Kentbloke

    Blackbird singing in the...

    dead of night, well 6.45am this morning actually! Never heard one in full song in December before? I've heard one in late January a couple of years back but that was a very springlike day, unlike this cold, damp and misty dark morn. Anyone ever heard similar?
  20. Kentbloke

    id please

    In my garden. Many thanks
  21. Kentbloke

    Return Migration

    It seems that it's underway, for sand martins anyway, couple of thousand heading south at Dunge today... http://www.dungenessbirdobs.org.uk/lateframe.html
  22. Kentbloke

    Insect ID please (UK)

    Taken today in my Folkestone garden. Many thanks
  23. Kentbloke

    IE warning

    Time to dump IE for good? source:http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article5351749.ece
  24. Kentbloke

    Wierd cyber font

    Been away for a couple of day and tonight when when I switched on the laptop (from standby) both Google main page and mail and likewise Yahoo have this 'cyberfont' text? Other pages thus far (this forum for instance) are displaying normally. I'm using FF2 Anyone know how to return the text back...
  25. Kentbloke

    Soaring Terns

    Popped into Oare marshes this afternoon perchance to see the Spotted Crake. No luck though. Whilst there, I watched a flock of 30 or so Common Terns flying around doing a 'touch and go' on one of the little islands. Eventually they circled around once more but then started to climb ever higher...