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  1. J

    windows 10

    Just had Microsoft updates for Windows 7 and its' left an offer of a free upgrade to Windows 10, anyone heard anything about it, think it's worth upgrading, or stay with the devil you know?
  2. J

    Algarve November 2014.

    Algarve Trip 6th-21st Nov. 2014 - J. H. Johns. November's here again, time for another trip to the Algarve for some decent birding. I wasn't going to bother with a report but a couple of people have asked me to so here it is. A bit long-winded as usual but I like to include most of the birds...
  3. J

    java problem

    I've disabled java on my PC and set it to not update but something is overriding this and it still keeps sending me updates, every time I go back to java settings in Control Panel I find the update box has been ticked again. Anyone any ideas how I can stop this without removing java altogether...
  4. J

    Hudl apps

    Just bought a Hudl for my wife, does anyone know if you can use Firefox and Thunderbird on it, I haven't a clue as to what you can or can't use. Thanks for any help.
  5. J

    making a website

    I've been thinking about having a go at making a website, anyone got any recommendations (or don't go there) for free website building sites that are easy to use and run afterwards. Thanks for any info John
  6. J

    Mozilla Thunderbird

    Anyone using this with Win7. I've just got a new PC and looking for a new e-mail programme that will run on Win7, I'm trying to use Microsoft Outlook but having problems as it's not supported by Win7 anymore and I don't really want to use Windows Live and Outlook.com. All I want is a good...
  7. J

    Rice fields

    Are there still rice-fields in the Algarve, in particular near Estombar. I remember reading something about it a couple of years ago on here. If they are still in use can anyone say when they are likely to be cut. Thanks John
  8. J

    Moth ID Cornwall

    Can anyone ID this moth please, tried what books I have but no success, also is the brown 'hump' on its back natural or parasitic. Thanks.
  9. J

    Warbler Cyprus

    Not sure about this warbler, I assumed it was a female Spectacled when i took it but now can't rule out Subalpine. Your thoughts please.
  10. J

    Flycatcher Cyprus

    Any thoughts on this one, I'm undecided on Pied or Collared.
  11. J

    Extremadura and Sepulveda May 12-23 2012

    Extremadura and Sepulveda May 12-23 2012. My main reason for the trip was photography so it wasn’t an all-out birding race to get as many species as possible, more of a leisurely pace trying to photograph what I wanted, even so I ended up with 155 species including most of the ‘specials’...
  12. J

    Jaraicejo Extremadura

    I'm planning a trip to Extremadura in May can anyone give me directions to the fairly well known (but not by me) Jaraicejo track north of Trujillo. Many thanks for any info.
  13. J

    PS elements 10

    Does anyone know if this has a custom install feature whereby I can install just the editing part without the organiser, I've tried the Adobe 30 day trial and found the Edit side of it OK but the Organiser is a shambles.
  14. J

    PS elements 10

    Does anyone know if this has a custom install feature whereby I can install just the editing part without the organiser, I've tried the Adobe 30 day trial and found the Edit side of it OK but the Organiser is a shambles.
  15. J

    Golden Eagle ageing Portugal

    Can someone age this eagle for me please, I'm thinking 1st year but not sure. Thanks
  16. J

    100-400 and 7D with TC

    100-400 +7D + Kenko Pro 300 1.4TC Has anyone else had problems trying to get autofocus with the above setup mine automatically switches to MF and that's it even when the pins are taped, (RH bank of 3 when looking at the TC from it's front). It will AF with no problem using Live View but taping...
  17. J

    butterfly ID please

    Took this last night in Cornwall but can't work out what it is, only saw the underside as it was at rest. Nearest I can come is Dingy Skipper but head doesn't look right. Thanks for any help.
  18. J

    mpga files

    Can anyone help with how to convert mpga files to mp3 files, my mp3 player doesn't recognise them. Thanks for any information.
  19. J

    spider ID please

    Found this one in my garage, can anyone tell me what it is please.
  20. J

    Raw Therapee

    I know a few people use this converter and think highly of it so I've downloaded version 2.4.1 to give it a go (not very impressed with DPP) but it doesn't seem to support 7d files, anyone know a fix for this? Thanks for any suggestions.
  21. J

    poss. Azorean Y-L Gull, Cornwall

    Taken on Hayle Estuary 27oct. Anyone with any experience of Y-L gulls like to give their views on it, positive and negative of course. many thanks for any comments.
  22. J

    Pearl or small pearl

    Took this in Scotland recently but not sure if it's pearl-bordered or small pearl-bordered, doesn't seem to be a lot of white on the underwing for small p-b. Appreciate any thoughts. Many thanks.
  23. J

    Hoverfly ID's please

    Never realised there were so many species until I started looking, only problem now is ID-ing them :-O Thanks for any help.
  24. J

    2 Dragonflies

    One for ID please, Not sure if this is a hawker sp. I think it had freshly emerged as it was low down to water and climbing a stem in stages until it eventually reached the top where it then took off. The second one is a female Broad-bodied Chaser, I thought it's behaviour might be interesting...
  25. J

    Need a printer

    My 8 year old Epsom 680 has finally bit the dust so I'm looking for a replacement, anyone any recommendations for one that gives good quality prints that is reasonably fast and inks don't cost a fortune. Also could be interested in one with a copier and scanner. There's so many different ones...