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  1. kennethwfd

    First UK Beaver kit for 400 years

    News from the Dorset Wildlife Trust regarding the pair of beavers reintroduced last year have produced at least one kit, as beavers typically have three, hopefully there will be more sightings Dorset Beaver Project | Dorset Wildlife Trust
  2. kennethwfd

    Wader ID UK

    ID please. Taken yesterday, Hampshire UK, near coast.
  3. kennethwfd

    Sparrow nest holds up roadworks

    Major bridge repairs to the A35/C10 at Holmsley cannot be completed due to a pair of sparrows nesting in a "temporary" structure in connection with the roadworks. The C10 cannot be reopened until the birds have vacated the nest advertser and times
  4. kennethwfd

    Cuckoos and swallows

    A local photographer had all the luck about a week ago managing to capture a fledgeling cuckoo which has probably flown south by the time I am making this post. Meanwhile, the air was alive with swallows, now silent. We have an old saying about a bird brain, maybe this is really a compliment
  5. kennethwfd

    Jenny paid a visit

    I used to have a robin, as soon as I opened a door or window to let fresh air in, this little chap would be indoors. Invariably, he would perch on the computer monitor and decorate it. Then one day, the dog saw him and chased him into the bedroom. no longer fun, I had to open a window and...
  6. kennethwfd

    Buzzard attacks cyclists

    I normally find them shy, hence difficulty in getting a half decent photograph, but not this one http://www.hambletontoday.co.uk/buzzard-attacks-cyclists-on-hambleton-road/
  7. kennethwfd

    Cuckoo, cuckoo, farewell, farewell

    Actually, the cuckoo in question showed some development to his call, with three notes of the scale (Me, ray, do) from time to time. Haven't heard him for some days now, so I presume he has started the journey south. Meanwhile, work has started on the bird pool, already the local sparrows are...
  8. kennethwfd

    Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Say what do you do?

    Resident cuckoo still in song, flew over me at close range. I wonder for how much longer. Modern tracking devices have shown that the old nursery rhyme is not always accurate. Last year, one individual came to Beaulieu on cue, but began the journey south two months later, on 16 June crossed the...
  9. kennethwfd


    My favourite bird. This year, a new record for me, first sighting 19 March, previous 26 March (worst year the cold start to 2013, when first sighting 1 May). As the threat of Covid was growing, comfort to see that life continues One of the few wild birds that share our outbuildings, even a...
  10. kennethwfd

    Skylark(?) Pennington marshes uk

    Behaved like a skylark and sang like one, just want to be sure after looking at RSPB and Coward. Today 2 May. Wings look skylark, partially obscured by twig in foreground. site keeps telling me pictures are too large
  11. kennethwfd

    Migrating swallows today 23 October

    Saw a small flock of swallows today at Milford on Sea, later they were at Keyhaven. what is the latest date they have been recorded in the UK. They do seem to be leaving later, but then this year they arrived late, I begin looking out for them end of March, did not see any until 1 MAy
  12. kennethwfd

    keyhaven, Pennington marshes 15 Oct 2012

    Here's a list,will post some pics once processed. Including a local garden added Blackbird, robin, Wren. For the rest. magpie, carrion crow, blackheaded gull, lesser blackback gull, herring gull, little egret, woodpigeon, rock pipit, house sparrow, starling canada goose, brent goose, mallard...
  13. kennethwfd

    Wader ID

    this chap and companion (cropped out of pic) flew past, thought "snipe" am I right?
  14. kennethwfd


    yesterday the cuckoo decided to get closer and closer, at one point told it to shut up or try another song. It then flew past me, probably not more than 5 yards away...if only I had a camera at the ready before perching on another branch and repeating its call for several minutes before moving away
  15. kennethwfd

    Merganser? Keyhaven UK

    Seen this fellow from afar, he (I am assuming its a drake) decided to swim up to Sturt Pond & was seen on the return journey. Looks like a merganser, but head wrong colour & only seen the one bird (mergansers are gregarious). No PP, simply a resize Positive ID appreciated
  16. kennethwfd

    mon 13 Feb

    Tokina 70 - 210 arrived today. Seller said it has fungus, seems to be dirt on outside rear element. First test with dog shows very good quality
  17. kennethwfd

    getting started

    well,I've found how to post in my blog, so let's get started. Cold weather seems to be over - for the rest of the week. The local bird population has discovered the feeder - it needs filling every day now The big problem with cold weather is that all the pipes on the farm freeze. Try...
  18. kennethwfd

    new fuji HS20

    Just brought Fuji HS20 and here are what I consider the best three bird shots from my first use of the camera - I realise that the crop of the hen blackbird is unbalanced - too much to the rear rather than the frount. No post processing apart from crop & resize
  19. kennethwfd


    wish to launch a campaign, can I contact admin as per forum rules
  20. kennethwfd

    kenko 3x teleconverter - new release

    came across this, does anyone have any experience as to how good this T/C is? http://www.castlecameras.co.uk/kenko-new-dg-pro-300-3x-eos
  21. kennethwfd

    identification please - southcoast UK

    About the size of a sparrow, but obviously not, thanks in anticipation
  22. kennethwfd

    blackbird - manual focus

    not claiming this to be the photo of the year, my Tamron 400 prime arrived yesterday, so went out to play with it. On my Canon, this gives a focal length of 540mm, was shot entirely in manual mode, handheld as well, apart from the foreground being out of focus pleased with result given the poor...
  23. kennethwfd

    three local incidents regarding birds

    I post this, because recently, three incidents make me think how we need to be vigilant in the UK. Incident 1. I used to work in a nursing home, well gardening and maintenance. Management objected to swallows using the outbuildings for nesting, and would I block any holes where they were...
  24. kennethwfd


    only one thumbnail appeared on previous post
  25. kennethwfd


    help in identifying the following two, they are together, except the pic cropped, about the size of a turnstone