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    Aythya marila or fuligula, Lisbon, Portugal, 21/11/2021

    Good morning Need some opinions on this aythya, as it seems to me that it can be a aythya marilia.
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    Phylloscopus collybita tristis confirmation

    Hi all. I saw this Phylloscopus at 23/11/2020 near Lisbon, Portugal and then again at 27/11/2020 at the same location. The bird was very gray above and and white on underparts through bins. The bird shows Cold grey mantle, head, fligth feathers, white underparts, whitish supercilium and dark...
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    Aythya ID help

    Hi all I saw this Aythya yesterday near Lisbon, Portugal, between a few Aythya fuligula and other duck species. In recent weeks have appeared some Aythya marila and Aythya affinis at Portugal. This ducklooked a little bigger than Aythya fuligula near. The bill looks strong and head shape looks...
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    Oceanodroma monorhys at Portugal

    Oceanodroma monorhis at Portugal Hello all I saw this bird at Cabo Raso, near Cascais, Portugal, at 15/05/2020. It was flying with a flock of Hydrobates pelagicus and i saw the bird a few minutes. It was a bird with no white on uperparts or wing, it was bigger than Hydrobates pelagicus and the...
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    Motacilla flava beema - skyes yellow wagtail

    Hi all. I would like to have a positive ID for this wagtail, saw yesterday, 24/01/2020, at the Tagus estuary, Portugal. Pale grey head, white supercilium, yellow on throat, for mw it seems a skyes yellow wagtail, motacilla flava beema. What do you think? Thanks in advance
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    Phylloscopus ssp? (Portugal 12/01/2020)

    hi all happy 2020! I saw today this Phylloscopus and it seems diferente from Phylloscopus collybita that im used to see here. Its seems more clear with few green and white underparts. Can it be a ssp? like tristes or abietinus? thanks in advance.
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    Unknown sound help

    Hello Can anyone help me with this cal ? i recorded it at Borba, Portugal, 05/10/2019, and didnt saw the bird. It was a place with a lot of trees near a small dam. thanks in advance
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    Motacilla, Lisbon,Portugal

    Hi all Pics taken near Lisbon at 07/09/2019. I saw at least 4 Motacilla flava with a Motacilla alba flock. And saw this one and i have some doubts about it. Long white supercilium, greyish above and paler below, seems that it have a grey stain or spots on chest like a necklace. Its out of range...
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    Hi all Asking help on this ficedula. Pics taken today 01/09/2019 near Lisbon, Portugal. Witish wingbar on median coverts , outermost rectrix white til tip. what do you think? thanks in advance
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    Help with acrocephalus

    Hi all i only have these two pics but, the leaf is in front of bird but i think that pics are good enough for ID. it was taken today, 25/08/2019 near Lisbon, Portugal. Do you think that it can be a Acrocephalus agricola? contrasting tertials with dark center, distinct long supercilium, white...
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    Puffinus ID question, west coast of Portugal

    I have a question about this bird. First of all sorry for bad photos, i made the possible ones. It was on a flock with Puffinus mauretanicus and at first time i thought that it would be a Puffinus puffinus, after a better look i think it may be a Puffinus yelkouan. This bird is smaller than Puf...
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    Anthus ID help-Portugal

    hello all This is my first post. Sorry bad photos but i have some doubts on this one so i think that it deserves a try. Can it be a Anthus godlewskii? Pics taken at 14/03/2019 near Lisbon,Portugal. thanks in advance
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    Hello from Portugal

    hi there! im a new member! hello from Portugal!