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  1. gdhunter

    Birdwatcher's Diary master lists

    Thanks for the response. I finally figured that out (after watching someone's YouTube video).
  2. gdhunter

    Birdwatcher's Diary master lists

    As noted in another thread, Birdwatcher's Diary has now been updated to run on at least the current iOS (not sure about other platforms). But the master lists available from Stevens Creek for download are not updated to any version of the latest taxonomy. Has anyone had any success creating an...
  3. gdhunter

    Birdwatcher's Diary iOS

    Out of the blue, indeed. The BWD update was at the top of the list of available apps, and I've updated it. Don't think I'll stop using the eBird Mobile app, but BWD now might well be a plausible Plan B. If memory serves correctly, updating the country (or state, or province, or whatever) lists...
  4. gdhunter

    I so hate Window10

    Delia: I'm using two different versions of Windows 10 (Home on my desktop, Pro on my laptop). I have a few icons placed on the far right edge of each, and I have a taskbar on each. And believe me, that's not the result of some complicated workaround, because that would be beyond both my skills...
  5. gdhunter

    Birdwatcher's Diary iOS

    It served me well for awhile, but ANY efforts to seek support were always ignored. It helped me keep track of sightings and I'm glad I had it when I did, but for my purposes it did nothing that eBird Mobile doesn't do better. I haven't tried mine in a while (still have it installed as Plan B)...
  6. gdhunter

    Scythebill update issue

    I did just get around to my update, and indeed it did trigger an annoying sequence to deter the download and installation. But during that sequence I did encounter an opportunity to notify Microsoft that I trust the software and the developer, and I took advantage of that opportunity. Gary H
  7. gdhunter

    Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Cuba, No. 4, 2021

    Thanks for the heads-up. I just ordered a copy from Amazon
  8. gdhunter

    What's the best field guide for Ecuador?

    I'm having trouble following that last passage. No doubt I'm missing something obvious, but are you saying that the Helm Ecuador guide (for example) suffers in comparison to (for example) the Zona tropical Costa Rica guide, or are you saying that the latter also suffers from such deficiencies? I...
  9. gdhunter

    Birds of Bolivia

    Worldwide contemporaries will be of little value to someone selecting a field guide for a South American trip. How it stacks up against others in the region will be more important.
  10. gdhunter

    Any thoughts on a good birding magazine covering the US?

    Although I allowed my membership to lapse years ago, I always found the ABA's bimonthly magazine, Birding, an informative resource. https://www.aba.org/magazine/ Gary H
  11. gdhunter

    Advice: eBird, Audubon, Bird ID apps

    Nothing beats learning to identify birds. Not sure it's even fair to call it birding, otherwise. Gary H
  12. gdhunter

    DIY non driving bird vacation 2 spots, 2 weeks. Recommendations?

    So your preference will be something in the mountains northwest of San Jose? If you want to mix in something a bit more lowland, Tirimbina Rainforest Lodge near Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui might be of interest. About 80 miles from Arenal.
  13. gdhunter

    Your most anticipated futures books

    I don't recall much (if any) mention of travel cost in the critiques. It remains (in my opinion) a stretch to characterize Hawaii as a part of North America. I have no such qualms about Alaska; its inclusion is self-evident. The book will likely land on my shelf someday, but almost surely not...
  14. gdhunter

    Your most anticipated futures books

    So ABA's rather dubious decision to incorporate Hawaii within its definition of the ABA area is sufficient reason for the Peterson series to follow suit? For a relatively small subset of "NA year-listers" who might include Hawaii in their efforts? Making the guide less useful for those of us not...
  15. gdhunter

    Costa Rica - Birding Guides

    BirdForum documents 1000 of Patrick's posts from 2011 through Sept 2019, mainly in the Costa Rica forum (which has hardly been teeming with activity in the last few months). Over the last nine years or so he's been an active and (more to the point) informative participant.
  16. gdhunter

    Costa Rica - Birding Guides

    My identical answer to an almost identical question on another thread: Any time I contemplate a return to Costa Rica I check on the availability of Patrick O'Donnell and Randall Ortega Chaves, both of whom have extensive experience in every region of the country. Patrick is a frequent...
  17. gdhunter

    Birds of Costa Rica

    Any time I contemplate a return to Costa Rica I check on the availability of Patrick O'Donnell and Randall Ortega Chaves, both of whom have extensive experience in every region of the country. Patrick is a frequent contributor to this forum...
  18. gdhunter


    You're doing yourself a favor by incorporating into the day you're driving to Guango Lodge, but you should still plan to spend no less than three or four hours. Prepare for relatively frigid temps and potentially low visibility; that was true in Nov 2015, and I assume there is little seasonal...
  19. gdhunter

    Birdwatcher's Diary iOS

    Good luck with that. I like Birdwatcher's Diary. Used it for years. A few times ran into problems (often user-related!) & sought guidance from Stevens Creek. No automated reply. No answers. Never. Saw some evidence in BirdForum of similar experiences with other users. I think someone may have...
  20. gdhunter

    eBird outage

    Niels: I finally got around to downloading & installing Scythebill, and then imported by eBird life list. Sure beats trying to update my Excel spreadsheets to reflect taxonomic revisions! Thanks for the heads-up. Gary H
  21. gdhunter

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Google Books (https://books.google.com/books/about/Birds_of_Argentina_Volumes_1_And_2.html?id=JZ0ZQwAACAAJ shows it as a two-volume set due July 23, 2020. So later is more plausible?
  22. gdhunter

    eBird outage

    Niels: Thanks for the heads-up! Looks like a great Plan B that could just as easily become Plan A!
  23. gdhunter

    eBird outage

    This morning I received a reply from eBird support in response to an email inquiry I had sent. Major power outage in Ithaca yesterday caused the disruption. It did motivate me to download my lifelist & major regions lists. Hate to have all my eggs in one basket.
  24. gdhunter

    eBird outage

    Have been unable to reach eBird for the last five or six hours. Browser error message: "Can’t connect securely to this page. This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner." No problem reaching other...
  25. gdhunter

    Hacienda Solimar

    An email address & a telephone number are included on the Spanish-language page found here: http://ganaderiapedregal.com/ganaderia_dondeestamos_solimar.htm