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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    A Note About Nikon w/Regard to the 10x42 SE

    Huh, interesting. A couple years ago I sent my 8x32SEs in for a hinge tightening - they came back optically better than ever - not sure what they did, but it was great (they did note a cleaning and service). The form (which I still have) just says covered under warranty, a bit vague about what...
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    Curio 7x21 v Uvid 8x20 personal review

    Sorry, yes, that was confusing! Trinovid is right...the 7x21.
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    Curio 7x21 v Uvid 8x20 personal review

    Just a quick additional note based on a full day of extensive use yesterday. Hiked up Mount Townsend in the Olympic range (Washington State, USA) yesterday with these around my neck. Mixed day of clouds, with clearing at the end. Mount Townsend is known for its panoramic views of the range...
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    Zeiss SFL 10x40 specific tests or reviews please

    An 8x30 sfl is an auto purchase for me.
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    What if you like the SFL 8x40 but don't have the budget for it?

    To answer your question: Buy a Zeiss Conquest 8x32 or x42 HD.
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    My Thoughts on the Nikon E 10 x 35.

    Very nice, I've always been interested in those...
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    Zeiss SFL - focus wheel

    Mine are excellent, fast and excellent. Not stiff at all, and consistent.
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    I should also add, this would be the perfect opportunity for Zeiss to not use the "Designed by Zeiss" moniker and also put the old "Z" logo on the outbound hinge cap...:)
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    I found it telling that when I bought my 7x42 UVHD+s from the Bellevue Leica store a couple years ago, their other set was manufactured in 2015....
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    I couldn't agree more on Chablis - love that stuff!!!
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    My video review of Zeiss SFL 8x40

    Doesn't that just say it all? Maybe we should all just stop...
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    One other note - I just realized that I have been actually often gripping the 8x40s the way I was describing for the 8x30 above... Another pre-drop frenzy begins!!!
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    Just making pretend with my 8x40 SFLs, looks like index finger focus, with pointer either on the focuser also or resting on the front bridge, will be how these work. And I have small hands. I think this was a pretty brilliant stroke by Zeiss - going "between" typical sizes - but delivering at...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

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    What's your favourite bins of all time..... and why?

    Great thread - I've enjoyed (and been surprised by some of) the responses. Surprised this hasn't been on the list yet, maybe just too early...but... the Zeiss SFL 8x40. And then, I'll be bold and say Nikon 8x32SEs (since I got them back for a service from Nikon and still can't figure out...
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

    I'm just proud to have hosted the start of a new rabbit hole!!!
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

    James' note dropped while I was drafting mine. I'll leave it to others to decide. They seem the same to me as a non-measurer.
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

    Hi, Lee is right, and I can see that writeup is a bit confusing - not really compare and contrast between the listed bin and SFL. I think the 7x42 UVHD+ is maybe a half step less sharp/resolved than the SFL. I do know the 7x42 UVHD+ is less sharp/resolved than the Nvid based on direct comparos...
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

    I guess in my mind "resolution" and "sharpness" are the same. But I am happy to be schooled.
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

    I am borrowing "lift" from the wine world. I think of lift being brightness and energy in wine, usually some combination of acidity and flavor and energy. Maybe in optics, a combination of contrast and brightness? And that special je ne sais quoi. But that last is no more descriptive than...
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    Zeiss 6x42 Skipper.

    There's just something about those videos that made me think of John le Carre... Those are some badxxx bins.
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

    OK, one more comment, and comparos to other bins I have. I hadn't put on the objective covers, but wow - these are terrific - perfect. They fit well, close tightly, but easy to take on and off. Aesthetically, they look totally of one piece with the bins - even including ridge continuations...
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    Yet another review of the 8x40 SFL

    Ah, really nice. Thank you for sharing. Chapeau to them - who knows, maybe they even read this site and see what kind of intense assessment we do! World class work, really. I'm a designer (in a totally different field), and they really know what they are doing.
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    So I bought a used pair of Zeiss Conquest HD off Ebay....

    Great choice - wonderful bins.