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  1. _pauls

    ID from call- Kadyny (Northern Poland) - 05/06/22

    I was in northern Poland over the weekend, staying in a hotel in woodland in Kadyny not far from Gdansk. Lots of birds around but one calling that I never saw and had a distinctive call that I didn't recognise (although I am very bad at recognising bird calls!). I made a recording on my phone...
  2. _pauls

    Fly-catching nuthatch (no pics) - Northumberland 15/04/22

    I went for a walk this morning alongside the river Blyth in Northumberland (at this point it is shallow fast-flowing river through mixed woodland) and saw a puzzling sight. First up I saw a bird I couldn't quite identify hopping across the path ahead of me (fairly distant and I had no...
  3. _pauls

    European Honey Buzzard? North Yorkshire UK

    Can anyone confirm this as European Honey Buzzard? Distant shots against a bright sky - heavily cropped and lightened. Assumed at first it was a common buzzard but it didn't feel right and at the time I had no binoculars or scope. I took a couple of shots with the hope of being able to glean...
  4. _pauls

    Twite? Orkney Islands UK - August

    At Yesnaby - mid August 2017
  5. _pauls

    Bird of Prey - Northern Florida

    Hi - apologies for the poor shots but I saw this raptor yesterday (28th July) soaring high above woodlands in Lake City. Can't for the life of me identify it - any suggestions?
  6. _pauls

    Little gull or black-headed - Northumberland, UK

    Apologies for the poor photos - quite distant and a stiff wind coming off the sea - this is one of two that looked like little gulls to me, and in a location (Druridge Bay) where I've seen them previously. Relatively small and bouncy flight - although to be fair they were struggling into the...
  7. _pauls

    Cocoa Beach/Merritt Island

    Hi - will be heading to Orlando area late July for 2 weeks. First week will be at Disney but 2nd week will be roving around - initially staying with relatives in Lake City but then having a couple of days in Cocoa Beach. Managed to tick off a large number of target species last time out but...
  8. _pauls

    Gull - Northumberland UK

    Apologies - I'm hopeless with immature gulls... Is this a 3cy herring gull?
  9. _pauls

    Garganey? Saltholme (NE England)

    At Saltholme today for a brief visit and not sure about this duck - is it an eclipse garganey?
  10. _pauls

    Wood Pigeon harrassing goldfinches

    Over the last couple of days a pair of goldfinch have been building a nest in a confer in my front garden. One bird spends much of the time perched on top of an adjacent smaller bush while the other descends into the depths of the conifer with nesting materials. Today for the last few hours a...
  11. _pauls

    Pale goose - Druridge bay, Northumberland UK

  12. _pauls

    Raptor ID : Orlando (Epcot)

    Apologies for the poor pics but only had a short lens with me but while at Epcot I heard a commotion amongst the grackles and saw them chasing off a raptor which then perched on top of one of the buildings. First impression was an accipter so i figured sharp-shinned hawk (I realise there's...
  13. _pauls

    Edinburgh (Arthur's Seat) - Rock Dove?

    I know its a fools game trying to identify genuine rock doves from feral pigeons, especially in cities, but I saw this bird today while walking around Holyrood park - it was actually on the cliff top above Dunsapie loch - and it looked and behaved slightly differently to a feral pigeon, plus it...
  14. _pauls

    Flycatcher? and Heron... Northern Florida

    I thought I'd identified everything from my recent trip to Florida but I came across a couple of shots of birds that I haven't confirmed. First seemed to behave like a flycatcher... the 2nd I assume is a green heron? Can anyone confirm? Thanks in advance Paul
  15. _pauls

    Northern Florida IDs - Part 2

    Some more from Florida - this time from Lake City 1 - Great Blue Heron? 2 - Grackle - but which one? 3 - Eastern phoebe? 4 - Tricolored heron? 5 - Yellow-bellied sapsucker?
  16. _pauls

    Northern Florida IDs - Part 1

    Just returned from Florida and going through some pics of birds I couldn't work out... I only had a short lens so they are a little distant and cropped but hopefully someone can help... All three pics are taken near Orlando... Third pic I believe has red-bellied woodpecker and downy woodpecker...
  17. _pauls

    Egret/heron - Columbia County, Florida

    Saw this which I assumed was a great white egret but it seems to have dark tips to primaries. Can anyone confirm or is it a trick of the light?
  18. _pauls

    How many species? East Chevington (Northumberland, UK)

    Apologies if this is inappropriate but I was just looking back through some photos on a memory card from earlier this summer (late Aug) and was looking full size through the various birds and found a few that I didn't realise were there. How many different species do can you see here? (and...
  19. _pauls

    Recommendations for Florida in early November

    Hi all, I'll be visiting Florida (based in Lake City) at the end of October / start of November and its my first visit. I'll be with my family who aren't especially into birding and I'll be reliant on borrowing a car for trips, so I'm hoping to get some recommendations for "if you only go to...
  20. _pauls

    Gulls - Lake Constance (Bodensee) - Germany

    Visiting Lake Constance last week I was struck immediately by these gulls but I had only my 55mm lens and so couldn't get anywhere near a decent shot. Now I'm home and looking in Collins is telling me they are just black headed gulls but I was really struck by their appearance - they seemed...
  21. _pauls

    Flycatcher (Black Forest - germany)

    Apologies for the quality of the pics but this bird was way up in trees - I assume its either a pied or collared flycatcher, but anyone venture to guess which (or another suggestion?)
  22. _pauls

    LBJs - Northumberland

    All different birds.. I think I know what they all are however I'd value opinions...
  23. _pauls

    Puzzling duck - East Chevington, Northumberland, UK

    I assume that this is just a dark gadwall... apologies for the quality of the images but it was quite a distance. The darkness wasn't a trick of the light as it remained equally dark at all angles while its partner remained what I would consider "normal" in colouring.
  24. _pauls

    Leucistic Curlew - Druridge Pools (Northumberland)

    I had a brief trip to Druridge Pools after work this evening and seeing a group of birds in the distance I expected these to be Whimbrel, however although they were at the limits of my binoculars and my camera lens I think they actually curlew. One however stood out as being almost white. I...
  25. _pauls

    Suggestions for a birding weekend - UK

    OK... so since being "blessed" with a child nearly 6 years ago I've not had the chance to go away on my own and do my own thing, and "going looking at birdies is bo-riing". I've negotiated with the powers that be, that at some point this year I can have a long weekend wherever i want so I'm...