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  1. dandsblair

    Best Birds Seen On Your Birthday

    Arranged to be in Savegre in Costa Rica on a big birthday and caught up with Resplendent Quetzal, Red-headed Barbet and Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher which were all lifers. In UK either Little Auk or Ring Ouzel many years ago
  2. dandsblair

    Costa Rica or Ecuador ?

    It might be worth swapping La Selva for Savegre or Arenal if you want the Quetzal or the Cotingas in Costa Rica but all the places in both countries will give you good birding. We went back to both Ecuador and Costa Rica after longer trips so don't expect to clean up on such a short trip to...
  3. dandsblair

    Looking for Wallace's Standardwing on Halmahera - help needed!

    I suspect we probably saw birds in 2018 at site you knew within 30 minute walk of Weda Bay Resort. We went with Carlos Bocas from Birdtours Asia who will know if Lek or is still active or could lead you to an alternative.
  4. dandsblair

    Caprivi birding info - 2022

    Info may be slightly dated but for Rufous-bellied Tit area around Rundu - try the woodland near the radio mast on the B8 south west of the town. For the Shrike I think you will need someone to have found it and posted on line or luck across one as I couldn't find any reliable sites when I was...
  5. dandsblair

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Finally saw a Siberian Jay when we were bear watching at the Finland / Russia border. Didn't photograph the Jay despite good views so attach Brown Bears instead.
  6. dandsblair

    Lucky storm gives us good Bittern views at Leighton Moss

    As part of the Jubilee beak we did a trip up to Leighton Moss. We were doing OK, glimpse of a Bittern, good views of a Marsh Harrier, Bearded Tit and Cetti Warbler etc. We got to the lower hide just a drop or two of rain fell, it eventually became torrential and the sky showed no sign of it...
  7. dandsblair

    Is Birding Pal a Waste of Time?

    I have managed to get birding pals in Australia a few times and Brazil once but have had a few occasions where I didn't get replies.
  8. dandsblair

    Tropical Birding During Rainy or Dry Season Best?

    We have only birded in Colombia in October and November and birding was excellent, most birds were in breeding plumage and calling. We had minor hold ups on roads near Nevado del Ruiz and at Tatama (Montezuma) on this second one we eventually had to drive to Cali to get a plane as airports at...
  9. dandsblair

    Birds You Have Seen Thanks to Other Birds

    On a business trip to New Mexico I was given a spot near Santa Fe for Greater Roadrunner when walking up a nearby trail a Mountain Lion walked right across in front of me, I also got the Roadrunner but poor views. It seems that the lions had been moved by some nearby fires.
  10. dandsblair


    Have seen Golden Eagles on most visits to Findhorn Valley but closer to your base is the Moffat Hills in Dunfries and Galloway where a project to boost the number of eagles in Southern Scotland seems to make seeing the eagles reasonably reliable.
  11. dandsblair

    Novice Birder, 1st time visit to Australia

    Hi. We have been to Australia a few times and have been very successful in hooking up with people from the birdingpal network so well worth the few dollars admin charge.
  12. dandsblair

    What Spring Migrants have you seen so far, 2022

    First Ring Ouzel of the year and first for a while at Marton Mere in Blackpool, Avocets, LR Plover, Little Stint and Ruff all at Newton Marsh in Lancs.
  13. dandsblair

    Guyana: Jewel of the Guianan Shield

    Some great photos but with discussion above on Cock of the the Rock comparisons couldn't resist photos of male and female Guianan v Andean (Guinan is just so bright). Hope you don't mind
  14. dandsblair

    Marrakesh and Atlas Mountains

    These were not really birding trips but locations visited on these two short Morocco trips and what we saw might be useful.
  15. dandsblair

    Guyana: Jewel of the Guianan Shield

    Nice report. I agree Guyana is very under rated. I would rate it most unspoiled country in South America with some great birds. Jealous of Ground Cuckoo as we heard it only.
  16. dandsblair

    Best Central/South American Country for Birding--Late May

    We did a one week stay in Mindo without a car as part of a longer non birding trip and managed to do pretty well just using the same taxi driver who took us to birding spots. We didn't use a guide but they were available. I attach the trip report which will give you an idea of birds you can see...
  17. dandsblair

    Another trip to Tenerife

    A few views of a wintery teide
  18. dandsblair

    Another trip to Tenerife

    After Jos’s comprehensive report on Tenerife, I decided to just do a quick update on what we found from our trip last week. First I should say that it had rained heavily the week before we arrived and there was some further rain when we were there, it was also pretty cold with snow above 2200...
  19. dandsblair

    Manaus or Pantanal - July (with wife)

    Another vote for the Pantanal. Fly into Cuiaba and then either drive down the Transpantaneira to a Ranch or Camp or get one of the Ranches near Porto Jofre to arrange the pick up ( they did this for us when our flights were delayed and we had to go down on our own).
  20. dandsblair

    Medellin, high up

    Looks like Spotted Barbtail.
  21. dandsblair

    Barbados and Lesser Antilles Cruise

    Sorry to hear that. We managed a river cruise (5 countries in October) but with only 29 passengers to 55 crew as well as this Caribbean trip and didn't feel any less safe than going on flights but it does appear that some ports are still very jumpy about cruises docking more so than flights...
  22. dandsblair

    Barbados and Lesser Antilles Cruise

    It was on Barbados near Bridgetown.
  23. dandsblair

    Barbados and Lesser Antilles Cruise

    Barbados In birding terms Barbados didn’t have a lot to offer us; just the Barbados Bullfinch which we saw immediately we arrived at our hotel the Turtle Beach on the South Coast. In fact the Bullfinch which looks like a Lesser Antillean female is one of the commonest birds on the island and...
  24. dandsblair

    Barbados and Lesser Antilles Cruise

    We each had two boosters as we were on the Vaccine Trial programme so we were pretty confident in our own position (the Doctor leading the trial said if we get it there is no hope for the rest off us). A couple of ships after us including the Queen Mary which a friend is still on seemed to be...
  25. dandsblair

    Barbados and Lesser Antilles Cruise

    Dominica (Roseau) After yesterday’s great day birding, today was always going to be a bit of an anti-climax particularly as we could not do a private tour to try for the two parrots. Instead we took the organised tour that took us to Mourne Bruce Garrison, The Botanic Gardens and Jacko falls...