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  1. _pauls

    uk -nortumberland

    That helps me - I saw a number of similar birds while crossing the north sea from Kent toward Stavanger a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get any photos but the birds in question were like this.. notably all dark above except a pale flash on the rump. Is that really a gannet's bill though...
  2. _pauls

    Carrion Crow or Raven please - Horwich Moor, Greater Manchester UK

    Tough one but I'd go for raven too... looks like signs of shaggy throat feathers, lot of feathering on the bill, tail shape. But I'm 51% to 49% only.
  3. _pauls

    ID from call- Kadyny (Northern Poland) - 05/06/22

    Sorry I didn't mean to sound harsh in dismissing the suggestion of an online tool, but I have some experience in working in a similar technical field (albeit a few years ago now) and I know how unreliable and difficult an area it is. The thing is... when I run that file through BirdNET first...
  4. _pauls

    ID from call- Kadyny (Northern Poland) - 05/06/22

    I've just checked it out - White-tailed eagle with a 100% probability. However that's absolute garbage! Which is why I posted it on this forum rather than using an app or website! I would definitely have recognised if it was a white-tailed eagle (I've spent a lot of time at falconry centres)...
  5. _pauls

    ID from call- Kadyny (Northern Poland) - 05/06/22

    My first thought was a woodpecker of some sort. I did see a fleeting glimpse of a woodpecker the next morning from the car... Black and white spotted but didnt look like a GSW (looked chunkier from a very quick view) . Not sure what other woodpeckers are in that area.
  6. _pauls

    ID from call- Kadyny (Northern Poland) - 05/06/22

    I was in northern Poland over the weekend, staying in a hotel in woodland in Kadyny not far from Gdansk. Lots of birds around but one calling that I never saw and had a distinctive call that I didn't recognise (although I am very bad at recognising bird calls!). I made a recording on my phone...
  7. _pauls

    Derbyshire country park photos

    And a rabbit!
  8. _pauls

    Mystery duck - any ideas please? Warwickshire UK

    If Joern gives a confident ID on a hybrid duck I think that's generally good enough to be satisfied!
  9. _pauls

    White-tailed eagle babies? Danube Delta this morning

    Sorry to create an argument - I was just pointing out what the rules say.
  10. _pauls

    White-tailed eagle babies? Danube Delta this morning

    Technically I don't think you are allowed to post photos of nests here... "You may post a link to a photo of a nest but do not post the photo of the nest here."
  11. _pauls

    Bird Calendar photo of Wren

    Sorry Dan that was meant to be a joke :)
  12. _pauls

    Bird Calendar photo of Wren

    Well it looks like April if you look at the bottom of the image :)
  13. _pauls

    Fly-catching nuthatch (no pics) - Northumberland 15/04/22

    I just came across this article on the BTO that cites "In addition, the Nuthatch is remarkably proficient at ‘fly-catching’, dashing from a branch to grab an insect in flight, sometimes even hovering to achieve this feat.". So maybe it is just behaviour I've never seen before and my slightly...
  14. _pauls

    Fly-catching nuthatch (no pics) - Northumberland 15/04/22

    Thanks Alexander - interesting suggestion and from front on it would be a good match but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a wheatear - I would have noted the distinctive rump, plus I've never seen a wheatear in woodland. I've walked along that particular stretch of river hundreds of times over...
  15. _pauls

    Fly-catching nuthatch (no pics) - Northumberland 15/04/22

    At one point I almost convinced myself it was a spotted flycatcher but couldn't reconcile that with the dark markings on the face which were quite apparent when it approached towards me chasing flies. Might have a walk down the same stretch of river tomorrow with my camera to see if I can get...
  16. _pauls

    Common Nightingale or Thrush Nightingale ?

    I can't help with the ID but those are cracking photos
  17. _pauls

    Fly-catching nuthatch (no pics) - Northumberland 15/04/22

    I went for a walk this morning alongside the river Blyth in Northumberland (at this point it is shallow fast-flowing river through mixed woodland) and saw a puzzling sight. First up I saw a bird I couldn't quite identify hopping across the path ahead of me (fairly distant and I had no...
  18. _pauls

    Strange looking hen (?) pheasant

    My parents lived adjacent to a managed moor where pheasants were bred and released (and often wandered into their garden) and I would not be surprised at any plumage there!
  19. _pauls

    Open field Bird ID

    Location and date?
  20. _pauls

    Goose ID please

    Most assuredly not a White Front but I'll leave it to the goose hybrid specialists to comment on what it is...
  21. _pauls

    Kestrel taking prey.

    The other birds may have been incidental - the presence of one or more raptors can cause panic in flocks of other birds in the vicinity even if they aren't a direct threat.
  22. _pauls

    Kestrel taking prey.

    Kestrels tend to eat small mammals and insects so its unlikely that this is prey as such. Perhaps more likely a territorial struggle - looks like another falcon?
  23. _pauls

    Dodder River in Ireland

  24. _pauls

    Is this a rare bird?

    Not a rare bird - I'm just North of Newcastle in southeast Northumberland and they are fairly widespread but always nice to get a good view like that. You are probably used to seeing them soaring more often than perched.
  25. _pauls

    What about this bird of prey?

    Common buzzard for me.