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    Beyond Barry Hill

    Some lovely images, thanks for sharing!
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    Flycatcher? Norfolk UK today (4/9/22)

    Lesser Whitethroat
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    Ouirgane Morocco

    Why not female Blackcap?
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    Thanks both. Just checking as I've never had this message before this weekend
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    Anybody else get a security warning when trying to open the SACC website currently?
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    New edition of Fågelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    “Some” sound recordings added. I purchased this purely for the sound recordings. I have been disappointed that when wishing to refresh my memory in the field nearly all of those i have wanted to listen to have been absent (to be clear, it’s calls rather than song i have been looking for)
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    Owen's lifetime of wildlife in a year.

    Enjoying this, thanks!
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    Warbler? - Ottawa

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    Latest IOC diary updates

    Similar conclusions to this 2020 twitter thread:
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    Seeing "transatlantic vagrants" on their home turf

    Which clearly covers most birders
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    Seeing "transatlantic vagrants" on their home turf

    Ascension frigatebird far more difficult
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    Small Wader. Musselburgh. Uk. 8/9/21

    Yes, combination of white supercilia, long bill, attenuated rear end and pale peach breast makes this a juv Curlew Sand for me
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    Understood. Thanks for this clarification of what I took to be the case but wasn’t 100% sure of. On to the next round...
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    The Proposed splits and lumps page of the IOC website has a number of “Birdlife / HBW splits” greyed out under version 11.2. Therefore presumably reviewed but not accepted, but with no “stet” or “further research required” type comment
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    So this follows the recent North American decisions, with the exception of lumping Andean Duck with Ruddy Duck (?)
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    Raptor; Sucumbios, Ecuador

    Only looking on a phone but the white looks to be flared undertail coverts (?), and shape and details I can see are highly reminiscent of Double-toothed Kite, which also fits the habitat / area given
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    Waders Cambridgeshire gravel works UK

    Green Sandpiper - note dark appearance and lack of white shoulder patch of Common Sandpiper Agree Greenshank #2
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    A lot of effort to post all these BirdLife proposed splits - only another 300 or so to go! I’m guessing the associated proposed lumps won’t be so popular
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    Mew Gull is with NACC https://https://americanornithology.org/nacc/current-prior-proposals/2021-proposals/ .org/nacc/current-prior-proposals/2021-proposals/ Assuming if this (plus several others) pass then IOC will act upon them (?)
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    Bob Flood shearwater talk live Wednesday 3 feb

    Very interesting talk, as expected Thanks for sharing
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    Raptor ID

    No real reason. Probably reflects my lack of knowledge of LSE and the area the photo was taken. I think of LSE as a summer migrant to the north, wintering in Africa
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    Raptor ID

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    Raptor ID

    Thanks. Wahlberg's was my immediate impression, with protruding head too. I note the photo was taken in July - I wouldn't have expected Lesser Spotted to be in Tanzania then but haven't checked and may well be wrong (?)
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    Raptor ID

    What features point away from Wahlberg's ?