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  1. Binoscoper

    Eyepiece question.

    Greetings all. I have an opticron piccolo 60mm (pictured below) and I am just wondering if the opticron 40931 HR2 WA fixed eyepiece will work on this scope? Thanks in advance.
  2. Binoscoper

    Looking for a monocular

    Another vote for the opticron monocular. Mines only the t2 edition but im sure the t4 is just as good. I bought one for £20 on an amazon clearout as a budget start into phonescoping. I now use an opticron piccolo 60mm. So yeah, it's small and light, the optics are ok to good for what you...
  3. Binoscoper

    Canon 18x50 IS - just a few thoughts

    @ binastro. If you want to see red kite, then you could go up to the chiltern hills. I have family up that way and whenever I go up there, i can't get away from the red kites! If you're interested and would like to know the hotspots you could always pm me.
  4. Binoscoper

    Is it me, my eyes, or what?

    I think this is a thread about stopping down. Correct me if I'm wrong. It makes for interesting reading. https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=363384 P.s. @WJC the putting a 5 year old to bed comment.... 3:-) I feel that pain!
  5. Binoscoper

    Nikon WX 10x50 IF

    Probably astronomy, on a parralellogram mount.
  6. Binoscoper

    Tripod recommendation for Vanguard Endeavor EDs

    If you look for a page on Facebook called "phonescoping" (all one word) it's a public group with 630 members. They are all very knowledgeable and will be able to help you out. I used to be a member until I binned Facebook. That hobby got me into binoculars and nature observation. I currently use...
  7. Binoscoper

    DigiScope or Camera/Lens?

    I currently do binoscoping, hence my user name. I get by with a home made adapter and my 10x binoculars on a velbon tripod. At my current stage in life I can't afford a spotting scope or DSLR camera. Even if I could, I'm not all that fussed on ultimate picture quality. In the future though, I...
  8. Binoscoper

    Kowa Overpriced Cleaning?

    Best get cracking then! :king: BINOCULARS: Fallacy and Fact: The Instruments, the Industry and You https://g.co/kgs/6Ugk2b
  9. Binoscoper

    Win Opticron Binoculars answer two questions!

    A- cley spy, Norfolk, uk. B- good selection of equipment, great on price and excellent customer service.
  10. Binoscoper

    Smartphone macro.

    First off I shall say that I'm a complete novice to the world of photography, let alone macro! However I do like tinkering around with my phone camera (Samsung s6). I went out today with a strange brainwave..... attaching my belomo triplet loupe x10 to the phone camera! Now I'm sure my pics...
  11. Binoscoper

    Alpha porros?

    If I May, I shall chuck another contender in there. What about the opticron sr. ga 8x32? They seems similar to the other two mentioned and I've read a few threads on the opticrons that seem quite highly praised on here. Whadda ya think? :h?:
  12. Binoscoper

    Tripod adapter for porro bino?

    This version gets some good reviews. I don't own one but may do at some point in the future. https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=70&sprache=english
  13. Binoscoper

    So tell me.

  14. Binoscoper

    Most difficult birding situation - optically

    would monopodding help for long sessions of glassing?
  15. Binoscoper

    Anyone have any ideas what this is?

    @ stevebaker24. Belomo 10x triplet. I highly recommend it!
  16. Binoscoper


    If I want to get a bit more magnification out of a binocular I just slap my smartphone over one eyepiece (with the relevant adapter of course). The results might not be brilliant but it keeps me happy. Sort of like phonescoping really but on a binocular.
  17. Binoscoper

    best 7x35 porros?

    @WJC. Thank you for your reply. My diopter adjusting method fits exactly as described in your book. I'm ruling out improper diopter setting. By what the extract in your book says about inadequate focus travel best describes what I saw. Again, thank you for your help. Ps. I've just ordered...
  18. Binoscoper

    best 7x35 porros?

    @ WJC #34 "I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said their binocular wouldn't "FOCUS"" My 2nd set of hawke endurances wouldn't focus. I had to have a diopter setting for infinity viewing and reset it for close birding ranges to focus equally. If you where to rock the focus back and...
  19. Binoscoper

    U.K. Couriers for binoculars

    Don't use DPD. When I sent my binoculars back for a check up, I got an email back the next day to say they received a vacuum cleaner!!! P.s. just for reference I didn't send a vacuum cleaner at all!
  20. Binoscoper

    What are the very BEST Binos in this Galaxy

    WJC #51 I always wondered why I had "squintyeyetis" while borrowing my mates Travelite zoom binocular. The more zoom I used the more headache I got! Now I know! P.s. once I've racked up some overtime I may buy your "cook book"! From the odd bits I've seen so far it looks very good.
  21. Binoscoper

    Birdfair 2017 August 18th to August 20th

    @ patudo. Thank you for your informative reply. For me it comes down to the imagic tga and the hr wp. Both of which I shall try when I get a chance. Again, thank you for your time.
  22. Binoscoper

    Birdfair 2017 August 18th to August 20th

    @patudo. Yes please. In particular your observations on both the opticron porros would be of interest. I have my eye on something full size Porro, particularly opticron for my next purchase. Providing I can shake the piggy bank hard enough :'D
  23. Binoscoper

    Nikon action ex internal blackening.

    Nikon travelite ex internal blackening. Good morning / afternoon birdformers. I've had the binoculars out over the weekend and to cut a long story short, it performs well in all ways except one. In certain angles to the sun i can detect a fair bit of glare. I've had a peek down the objective...
  24. Binoscoper

    Binocular bargains

    Nikon travelite ex 10x25 - John Lewis. If anyone out there is looking for a cheap compact porro then John Lewis currently have this approx £120 binocular going for £79 + free p&p. Also if anyone here works for or knows someone that works for John lewis / waitrose then a further 12 - 25%...
  25. Binoscoper

    Magnifier/loupe advice

    Belomo 10x triplet loupe Well, my belomo has finally arrived directly from Belarus. About £24 it cost me all together and my first impressions is that it is money well spent. All the reviews about it aren't wrong! Bright sharp optics right across the field. It can be a bit twitchy to focus...