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    Barrow, Alaska - Birds of the Arctic Tundra

    Eiders and the Snowy Owl have fascinated me since I first saw them in pages of the Sibley Guide. Recently I was finally able to do a quest I had been dreaming about - to see all 4 species of eiders, plus the incomparable Snowy Owl in its tundra home, all in one day. There is only one place in...
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    Accommodations along Denali Hwy

    Its 2022 and looks like most are still closed even for the busy June season. Tangle River Inn is definitely closed for this season. Maclaren is open. Does anyone know if Denali Hwy Cabins in Paxson is open?
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    Prairie birding: Eastern Colorado & Western Kansas

    Colorado is world famous for its chickens and last year April I visited western Colorado to look for 5 out of the 7 North American chickens possible there, among other great birds like all 3 rosy-finches and Pinyon-Juniper specialties. I had then resolved to come back the next year to check out...
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    Colorado chickens: First birding trip after 17 months

    My last traveling trip was to Guyana in Oct 2019. I had great plans for 2020 and then the pandemic happened. By the time 2021 rolled in, I had a choice - lose my mind or go birding somewhere other than my @#$% backyard. My criteria was that the trip had to be safe and should not be too far away...
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    Guyana - probably the best lowland Amazonian birding?

    Hello all, I recently did a comprehensive birding trip to Guyana. Detailed trip report with about 50 pictures, detailed diary and location info in the link below: https://www.cloudbirders.com/be/download?filename=BARUAH_Guyana_0910_2019.pdf This itinerary has so many special birds that I...
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    Central Ethiopia

    I recently did a short birding trip to Ethiopia to see spectacular wildlife like Arabian Bustards and Geladas (Attenborough's iconic coverage of these highland monkeys on BBC Planet Earth made an impression on me). Link to detailed trip report with many photos...
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    North West India: Desert National Park (Great Indian Bustard & other goodies)

    The Thar Desert in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan is the western most frontier of India and although its sandy and scrubby desert-scape can seem rather lifeless, it is actually a veritable hotspot for birding. In particular, there are some sought-after species here that are difficult to...
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    Borneo (Sabah)

    Hello all, I birded for 16 days in Borneo this August, in particular Sabah state in Malaysia. The following sites were visited (in order): Selingaan Island, Sepilok, Kinabatangan, Danum Valley, Crocker Range (1 day), Kinabalu NP, Poring (half day only). Here is a summary: - All the montane...
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    Kinabatangan: Bilit, Sukau or Abai?

    Can someone help me with choosing one or two lodges for birding on the Kinabatangan river? I've never been to Borneo before so a lot will be new for me. Even so, I am most interested in a lodge that gives me the best chance for Bornean Ground Cuckoo, Storm's Stork, Hornbills and species that I...
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    North East India: Wakro to Walong, Lohit Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

    The remote villages of Walong and Kibithu in the Lohit river valley of south-eastern Arunachal Pradesh form the eastern most frontier of India. This area has recently become popular for birding since it revealed two new additions to the Indian checklist (Yunnan Nuthatch, Black-browed Bushtit)...
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    North Cachar Hills (Barail Range), Assam, India

    Recently there was an all-India Big Bird Day event on 8th March. Basically birders from around the country go birding in different locations on the same day and try to find as many species as they can. Then they enter the data on ebird and the stats/results are compiled after that. I wanted to...
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    Warning: Olympus LS-14 not for birders.

    I've been a very satisfied user of the Olympus LS-11 since mid-2009 (when it was released). Basically I wanted a recorder that was small, portable and high performance without external microphones for recording outdoor bird sounds. Suffice to say that the LS-11 wildly exceeded my expectations...
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    India: Namsang Road (Dehing-Patkai WLS) - the northern most lowland rainforests.

    A rather brief report on a good day of birding in Joypur RF of Dehing-Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary over four years ago. The Upper Assam wet tropical forests are considered to be the northernmost lowland rainforests in the world. Being at the juncture of two biodiversity hotspots (Eastern Himalayas...
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    India: Khonoma (Nagaland state) Jan 4-7 2015

    Just got done with a 4 day trip to Khonoma in Nagaland state, India. Khonoma is renowned for its efforts to conserve the biodiversity of its surrounding forests. In 1998, concerned about the precipitous decline of fauna in their forests, a community driven decision led to the declaration of...
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    Albertine rift endemics of Nyungwe (Rwanda)

    I visited Nyungwe NP as part of a longer trip to the tiny country of Rwanda. Nyungwe is the best (currently accessible) place to see Albertine Rift endemics (ARE), so basically the aim was to find as many AREs as possible. At the end, the trip was quite successful - I managed to see 23 of the 27...
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    Snow leopards & birds of Central Ladakh, India

    Hello all, I visited Hemis National Park & Uley in the Ladakh region of India from 6th Mar to 14th Mar 2014. The main aim of this trip was to see the Grey Ghost of course. But I didnt miss the opportunity to find whatever birds were possible in the bleak winter. Although only 42 species were...
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    Need email address

    Hi, does anyone know Peruvian freelance guide Alex Durand Torres' email address? Thanks.
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    Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands (Nov 2013)

    Hello all, I had the opportunity to visit Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands last month with Quark Expeditions (21 days). I did not use a bird tour company as I felt that I would be able to find most targets even on a general expedition ship. Birding tour companies do this route by...
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    Mega North Peru with White-masked Antbird & Scarlet-banded Barbet

    Hello all, I would like to announce a mega North Peru tour covering the following: 1. Upper Maranon (Trujillo, Cajamarca, Celendin, Leimebamba) 2. East Slope & Lower Mayo (Pomacochas, Abra Patricia, Afluente, Moyobamba, Tarapoto) 3. Cordillera Azul for Scarlet-banded Barbet (new site easily...
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    Perched Barred Parakeets

    Barred Parakeets are usually seen as rapidly disappearing silhouettes even by people who regularly bird in areas where they occur. But now birders going to Km 70 might be in luck. They are coming to a small accessible pasture with strips of forest to feed on fruits. I was birding in Paraiso...
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    Arenal rarities

    I will be birding alone in and near Arenal Observatory Lodge on 31st & 1st Jan. Would really appreciate any tips on some rather difficult birds: - Black-crested Coquette: Feeders? - Lattice-tailed Trogon: Saino trail? Will try in QGRS later in the trip. - Keel-billed Motmot: I have heard there...
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    Hacienda Baru

    Has anyone birded in Hacienda Baru? I have one whole day there and I am thinking of birding there for a few hours. Did you take any of their in-house guides - they offer 'lowland' and 'highland' (probably means foothill) birding options but I have no data that allows me the decide on which one...
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    Three-wattled Bellbird & Bare-necked Umbrellabird in January?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where in Costa Rica I might find the Three-wattled Bellbird and Bare-necked Umbrellabird in January? The reason I ask is that the are both altitudinal/breeding migrants. Is the TWBB possible in the lowlands of La Selva and/or Carara during that time? If Monteverde/Santa...
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    Birding in the neotropics - Jan/Feb

    Hello all, I am planning to do a longish birding trip in South or Central America in January/Feb. I prefer 21 days to a month, but of course participants may choose to do shorter depending on how planning proceeds. This is just a declaration of intent to look for others having similar interest...
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    Travellingbirder down again :(

    Travellingbirder seems to be down again - the dreaded UNOEURO page is back. Hopefully not the same situation as last summer. Does anyone have any inside information? The admins seem to have stopped responding to emails since last year's outage.