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  1. Tired

    Birds currently following my brother at 11pm in Utrecht, Netherlands

    Whatever these birds are, they've been following my brother for at least a quarter mile, circling above him and calling. They're staying far up, so I assume it's coincidence? But we're still curious what they are. I thought maybe barn owls, since they're out at night and seem to have rounded...
  2. Tired

    Copper for self-disinfecting feeders: thoughts?

    Copper is known to kill many different bacteria and viruses on contact, in times ranging from a few minutes, to a few hours, to a couple of days. It's so effective that, if a hospital ward coats its heavily touched surfaces in copper, it can see up to a 51% decrease in hospital-acquired...
  3. Tired

    "Wheepa-wheel" bird, not quite like Whip-poor-will, in Uvalde, TX

    Several birds heard at night, separate from each other, in a scrubby, brushy area with low trees. I thought maybe Whip-poor-will, but the calls Merlin has for those sound like "whip-poorwill, whip-POORWILL", and these birds are more like "wheepa-wheel" or "wheepa-wheeol". They sound close in...
  4. Tired

    Wayward Yellow-rumped Warbler spotted feeding on whale carcass

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/185008678318969/posts/2262573677229115/ https://ebird.org/checklist/S109420025?fbclid=IwAR3NDBANKk3Je7-yTsYRiTJodaiYedoIYXZGRjsgFXpcKdpzKtYi_aebxQ4 Check this out! I suppose it thought it had found a gigantic suet feeder.
  5. Tired

    Myiarchus flycatcher trying to get into house, every May, for years

    Since at least 2019, a Myiarchus flycatcher (I think a Great Crested) has been turning up around our house every year. For the first couple weeks in May, it flies up to the windows and flutters against them, scratching with its claws, as if trying to get in. Sometimes it lands on the sill and...
  6. Tired

    Best seed for doves?

    I have some feeders in front of my window, partly because they're excellent entertainment for the cat. She's especially interested in the white-winged doves, because of all the tail-bobbing they do, and because sometimes multiple ones cram onto a feeder at once and they both flail for a bit. I...
  7. Tired

    Batch of birds in Cozumel this week

    I had a lovely vacation in Cozumel. I did a 5-hour tour with an expert guide, and got in plenty of birding on my own time. I netted myself (figuratively!) a couple of Cozumel Vireos, a Cozumel Emerald, several Cozumel Golden Warblers, and all sorts of other fun birds, including a Plain...
  8. Tired

    Why do Blue Jays mimic hawks?

    The Blue Jays in my area can do a wonderfully accurate Red-shouldered Hawk call. They're good enough at it that I can't always tell which bird is making the sound, and when I can tell, it's usually because it's a hawk that has added some additional notes the jays usually don't bother with. Or...
  9. Tired

    Any (feasible) way to keep feeders up safely with avian flu around?

    My cat and I have been enjoying watching the birds at the feeders I have set up, but that's not safe any more, because of the avian flu in the US. I'll say it right now: if there's no reasonable way to do this, I'll take the feeders down in a heartbeat and keep 'em in until the avian flu is...
  10. Tired

    Tours and other things in Cozumel?

    I'm going with my family to Cozumel at the end of April, and I'm looking for a few different suggestions for places to go. First off, I'm trying to find a tour that my whole family would like. My mother has problems with her joints where she can't walk on uneven ground, can't walk especially...
  11. Tired

    What do birds like in a seed-cracking perch?

    A chickadee has just started visiting my feeder. It comes, picks up a seed, and then flies off to crack the seed elsewhere. I'd like to set up a perch close to the feeder so I can watch it and other birds open seeds, so I'm trying to figure out what sort of perch they'd like. Should I just...
  12. Tired

    One-way window film: the world's best cat TV.

    I've hung a feeder and waterer right outside my second-story window so I can enjoy the birds up close without having to worry about the neighborhood cats turning up. It hasn't really gotten much for the past week, because we have a cat who runs up to the window and slaps it every time she sees...
  13. Tired

    Protein feeder for hummingbirds and kinglets?

    I'd love to see Ruby-crowned Kinglets up close. I know they don't attend most feeders, but I've seen designs for feeders that grow fruit flies as protein for hummingbirds. They all basically amount to the same thing; a container of mushed-up fruit that fruit flies will breed in, often with a lid...
  14. Tired

    Central/South Texas bird- Grosbeak-style bill, yellowish-orange overall, scattering of ringlet feathers on breast.

    Seen just yesterday. I... don't know what this is. Overall I'd guess maybe 1st year Blue Grosbeak, but those little feathers with the ringlet patterns are throwing me. Waiting near some feeders at a bird conservation park, with a mix of scrubby forest and long grass nearby.
  15. Tired

    Empidonax flycatchers in Central TX- help?

    I'd like to suggest a rule that all tiny flycatchers be required to have their Latin names written conspicuously on their wings. I can't tell what these are, beyond some suspicions. All photos are thumbnails- open for more detail. All birds were seen in about mid-May this year. Are these...
  16. Tired

    Your WORST identifiable photos

    Everybody with a camera's got plenty of bad, deleted photos. I want to see the bad photos that didn't get deleted, because the bird was actually recognizable. Like this guy. Wildly out of focus, but if that's not a male Common Yellowthroat, I'll eat my camera strap.
  17. Tired

    Hummingbird in Central TX, July- Anna's?

    Patrolling an area around a flowerbed, occasionally perching to look around. I'm thrilled with this photo, but I'm not entirely sure what hummer species this is.
  18. Tired

    Central Texas bird looks like White-winged Dove, but ruddy, with darker head.

    This little guy was in a small group of doves in my yard. A couple of them seemed a bit more ruddy than usual, and then there was this one, that caught my attention as soon as I saw it. I've never seen one this color. I wish I'd gotten better photos, but it was walking quite fast, was fairly far...
  19. Tired

    Whooping Cranes (and others) in Port Aransas, TX, late this November- any tips?

    I'm heading down to Port A later this year to look for cranes, with a side dish of other coastal and wading birds. I get seasick, so will not be doing any boat tours. Can anyone recommend a good spot to see and photograph wading birds? Somewhere with nice walking paths would be ideal. I want to...
  20. Tired

    Black, white, and purple-crowned hummingbird in an online video with no source given.

    I hope this is okay to post here. It's not my footage, but I assume a link to a source (even if that source stole it) is acceptable. I saw this video today, on an account that seems to specialize in reposting various cute and interesting videos from around the web. No source is given for the...
  21. Tired

    Medium-sized Central TX bird that goes "bowh, bowh, bowh".

    I heard this bird yesterday at a local park. There's a large pond, a stretch of forest, and a few acres of restored prairie habitat. I briefly saw a medium-sized bird with a short tail moving about in the top of a large pecan tree, and the call changed locations when the bird did. I couldn't...
  22. Tired

    IDs for Southwestern Texas?

    These are all from a scrubby area on an exotic game ranch- antelope and the like. Uvalde County, which is one county over from Mexico. Lots of bird activity! I got a good thirty-seven species. I have a few I need additional opinions on. 1: Female or juvenile Vermillion Flycatcher, maybe...
  23. Tired

    Wide, oddly smooth grayish-blue lizard in SW Texas scrubland- any IDs?

    I was down in Uvalde County this last weekend, which is one county over from Mexico. Caliche soil, scrubby brush, pretty dry, great lizard habitat. I saw plenty of lizards I know, and a couple I found the names of, but there's one I'm not sure of. This little fellow was maybe 5" long, and I...
  24. Tired

    Do white-winged doves sound different in different counties of Texas?

    I live in Williamson County. Today I'm in Uvalde County, which is about 3.5 hours drive away, West-Southwest. I'm hearing what sounds to me like a white-winged dove, but off. The first bit of the call has heavier emphasis, like it's shouted, and seems reedier. It sounds like someone imitating a...
  25. Tired

    Vireo- Bell's? Central/SW Texas, scrubby dry area by a river.

    This is a very small bird nesting right by where I'm currently staying. It's tiny, warbler size or so. The area is dry and scrubby, with some mesquite. It looks like the African savannah. Partly because of the zebras. (No, seriously, I'm on an exotic animal hunting ranch. I fed a giraffe...