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    Legend L 10x42 bargain?

    I read quite often about binocular bargains in the US, feeling a little jealous... I noticed that the low price of the Legend L series is repeated here in the UK by Amazon.co.uk who advertise the purchase from the USA and ship (duties paid) to here in the UK.. Seems too good to miss! The...
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    Which budget 10x to compliment my 7x bins.

    I have a great time with my UV7x42HD and ZR7x36ED2 binoculars. I appreciate their steadier view and increased DoF but for hiking and holidays we (wife &I) take Nikon M7 8x30 bins (because I can't find a 7x that will do that job). Our main viewing is done in woodland and fairly compact habitats...
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    Hi, thinking of adding an 8x42 roof to my set of binoculars. I have noticed that these binoculars can be bought for around £200, but can't find much in the way of reviews for them.. Has anyone tried them?
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    Common Crossbills at RSPB Dove Stone Feb 2018

    My wife and I had a short walk up the side of Yeoman Hey reservoir after parking the car in the layby at Bin Green (the actual car park is closed and full of building plant). Walking down the lane to Yeoman Hey Dam, we saw three male Crossbills in the top of a bare Larch, leisurely feeding...
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    Binocular repairer in the UK.

    After feeling smug for so long about my cherry of a Zen-Ray ED2 7x36, I discovered that the dioptre setting will not adjust far enough to accommodate my eyes. It seems that the neutral point is far off CW and the extra needed for my eyes puts it up against the stop. Sending back to Zen-Ray...
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    Intermittent focusing problems after wearing glasses

    I noticed that I couldn't get a good sharp focus on my bins (any that I tried) from time to time. This seemed to happen at home and not when out birding for the day. It hasn't been too much of a problem, but was a little concern when I couldn't get a sharp view from my newer bins. A few weeks...
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    ED2 7x36 impressions.

    Whilst others have posted much more detailed reviews of the ED2 7x36, I thought that I might add some comments, along the lines of my impressions of this binocular and how it fits in with my existing “collection”. In “Test mode” all that has been written seems to be the same for my example. I...
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    Nikon EDG 7x42 discontinued?

    I tried to buy a discounted EDG7x42. Sadly, I was a little too late and missed my chance. The dealer told me that they could not get any more from their distributor who told them that this model is now discontinued. 7x getting a little more scarce? Dave
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    Eyecup packing

    I read now and then about "O" rings being used to hold the eyecups in an extended position. I have had binoculars with eyecups that move back down fairly easily, so had to find some way of packing them in the extended position. Lately, I had a binocular that I had to lock the eyecups in...
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    ZR 7x36 ED2 sweet spot question.

    The ZR ED2 7x36 was once on my wish list, I had pre-ordered one a while ago, but cancelled when other issues got in the way. Now it's back on my wish list, but..can anyone tell me what the sweet-spot is like, particularly the way that the definition of the view degrades outside of the sweet...
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    Sweet-spot assessment.

    Perhaps a naive question, but how does one assess the scope of a sweet-spot? My expectation is that, if I were to finely focus on a detailed object in the centre of my view, sharpness and detail would remain as I panned the binocular to the point that I detected a loss in detail/sharpness...
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    Trinovid BN stiff focus

    My used 7x42BN Trinovid has a focus mechanism that stiffens towards either end of the "normal" range. In the middle it feels free but get firmer to the point where it moves in a stuccato fashion. It's fully usable, but a little irritating when viewing at close range. Is this a fault or is it...
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    Algarve raptor possibilities?

    Hi, no photo, I'm afraid, but a question anyway. During the first week of March, we had a few days in the Algarve and visited a reed marsh area, west of Lagos. The marsh is between Salema and Burgau, in a woodland area. On a hillside near the marsh, we saw three raptors gently soaring...
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    7x binocular expectations.

    I have been interested in acquiring a good 7x roof for some time. My 7x36 EX Excursion is nice enough in many features to make me believe that 7x is the way to go, but not good enough itself to satisfy my requirements. I have been plagued by faulty or poor examples or have simply expected...
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    Odd sweet spots.

    I have had some binoculars that had sweet spot problems lately. Three with a sweet spot that was more a donut where the dead centre was not as sharp/detailed as the off-centre, and one where the sweet spot of one (left) barrel was biased way off to the right. As a result, I try to check many...
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    Manufacturer's Warranty on used binoculars.

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing a good Alpha level, used binocular. I'm thinking of a Zeiss Victory or possibly a Leica Ultravid (Also the Nikon EDG 7x42, but that would be new). I think that I had read that the Leica warranty is not transferable to a second owner, is that right? What about...
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    Binocular faults: correct terminology?

    I have had and returned a few problem binoculars recently. when trying to describe the problem, I wonder if I could have used better terminology to describe the problem. These faults have included alignment, focus area differences (sweet-spot), mechanical problems in the focus and two kinds of...
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    Older Imagic BGA PC 8x32

    I've been looking for a mid-size binocular that might suit my quality/cost requirements for a "to-go" size as an alternative to my non-WP porros that can be taken on holiday (and might be bumped around in the bottom of my ruck-sack, lost etc..). Whilst chasing a few particular models of new...
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    Adapting an eyepiece to fit.

    I have a B&L Premier HDR scope body (60mm) and have found that eyepieces are rare for this model/range. It has a bayonet fitting for the eyepiece and a 42mm (I think) threaded mount. I may be able to find an eyepiece that will fit into the body, but without the bayonet and can work on a way...
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    Zen Ray 7x36 ED in the UK.

    Zen Ray 7x36 ED2 in the UK. Hi, I'd like to buy a pair of the 7x36 ED2 bins, but am aware that they are a US marketed binocular and not (that I've found) available outside the US. Can anyone suggest a stockist that might be willing to ship to the UK? Regards, Dave.