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  1. foresttwitcher

    UK another Odonata to ID

    Taken yesterday by a friend on the Basingstoke Canal near Odiham. I would be grateful for an ID. Thanks.
  2. foresttwitcher

    UK Odonata & Grasshopper / Cricket ID

    I would be grateful for help in identifying these two for a friend - taken in SE UK presumably today.
  3. foresttwitcher

    UK fungus on cherry

    Seen today on a dying cherry near Beaconsfield, Bucks. - any ideas? It had pores rather than gills.
  4. foresttwitcher

    Japan - February 2020

    Japan had long been to me an exotic land of mystery and iconic birds that I would almost certainly never get to visit. But last summer the opportunity arose for me to potentially be there at some point over the coming winter - either in Tokyo in early December 2019, Osaka early in the New Year...
  5. foresttwitcher

    Fungus on poplar, UK

    Bracket on poplar SE England today.
  6. foresttwitcher

    Moth ID Bucks, UK

    Hi, can anyone ID this moth seen on the inside of a window in Buckinghamshire, UK yesterday? Thanks in anticipation.
  7. foresttwitcher

    Hokkaido - best time to visit?

    As per a thread I started in the Japan sub-forum:
  8. foresttwitcher

    Hokkaido - best time to visit?

    There is a very, very slim chance I may have the opportunity to visit Japan during winter 2019/20 and, if so, would be tempted to add a side trip to Hokkaido for Sea Eagle, Fish Owl and Cranes. It could either be around the first week in December 2019, or the first week in January 2020 or the...
  9. foresttwitcher

    Bangkok - July 2019

    I was going to start by saying that I unexpectedly ended up in Thailand last weekend but of course it had to be arranged so it can't have been entirely unexpected! Perhaps best to say that I had the previously unforeseen short-notice opportunity to attend an event in Bangkok last Friday evening...
  10. foresttwitcher

    Southern Spain - Pt 3 - June 2019

    My previous two visits to southern Spain had been at different times in the year (October & April) so I had missed out on a couple of late arriving breeding migrants. Therefore this trip was planned to try for three such targets and in the hope getting a sighting of a previously heard only...
  11. foresttwitcher

    Bangkok - mid-July

    Link to a thread in the Thailand sub-forum - any information would be gratefully received. https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=377631
  12. foresttwitcher

    Bangkok - mid-July

    I will unexpectedly need to be in Bangkok on 12th July and before I book flights I thought I'd ask about the opportunities for birding within a reasonable area around the city to get an idea of how many days to try to squeeze out of a small budget. Any information welcome.
  13. foresttwitcher

    Raptor ID Lesvos

    Link to another thread - can anyone help Mick with an ID? https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3838542#post3838542
  14. foresttwitcher

    Norway (& Finland) - The Re-return - 2019

    I guess many birders will have a species or family that prompted interest in their early years of looking at books / field guides, due to colours, patterns or behaviour, that in time became a bit of an obsession. In my case it was the Eiders. Common Eider was eventually easily ticked off on...
  15. foresttwitcher

    Fungus on Beech

    I would be grateful for confirmation of the ID of this fungus growing in a cavity on a mature beech in The Chilterns:
  16. foresttwitcher

    Professional Hunters kill a young elephant

    Scum: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157444377233115&set=a.10150636268333115&type=3&theater
  17. foresttwitcher

    Moth ID - Bucks., UK.

    Hi, I would be grateful for an ID of this moth - not my photo but was presumably taken in the High Wycombe are of the Chilterns but I'm not sure when.
  18. foresttwitcher

    Hornets & Hibernation

    What time of year have the males mated & died & the females hibernated? I have a very active nest below a dangerous tree that needs to be felled. Whilst clearing an already fallen part of the tree today there were plenty around & one of my guys was stung. I have put off dealing with the rest of...
  19. foresttwitcher

    Finland & Norway - May 2018

    Having had a brief taster of life above the Arctic Circle in 2014 I decided on a trip for northern latitude species this spring. I usually prefer to do my own thing but assuming that I could walk around looking in trees for many weeks searching for Boreal Forest specialists I opted for a couple...
  20. foresttwitcher

    Summering Steller's in Varanger

    Have there been any Steller's (& King) Eider summering in Varangerfjord reported this year?