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    Can anyone tell me when the last Bee-Eaters fly back south? I caught a glimpse of one feeding over a field with Swallows and Martins on a recent trip to Eastern Germany. But the locals swear that this is not possible. Thanks Savi
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    Last date for nesting blackbirds?

    I was amazed to see our resident Blackbird fly into the hedge with a beak full of worms. It was in the area where we knew he had a nest which had already fledged. Is he feeding a new brood? Does anyone know when they stop having new clutches of eggs? I know it more or less depends on the...
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    When Robins attack !

    We have been happily watching a pair of Robins feeding young in our hedge for a while now. Today we let the cat out as usual when it was suddenly mobbed. I was astonished to see both birds swoop low down on her from nowhere, forcing her to beat a hasty retreat back inside. They had put up with...
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    California Spring Trip

    I have been to the states before. We went in September to coincide with the pelagic boat trips out of Monterey. It had been a brilliant trip and as soon as we got back we started planning to go again, this time we chose spring to see which time of year was best. It would have been better to go a...
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    Best place for Condor

    Can anyone clue me in on the best place for Condor as I am off to California next week. Also any updates on the road repairs going on along the coastal road around Big Sur.Thankyou
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    A Norfolk Trip at Easter

    We decided to take advantage of the Easter break and spend a long weekend in North Norfolk, camping overnight at Burnham. Luckily for us it coincided with the hottest Easter for 100 years so we topped up our tans at the same time. Two years ago we had heavy snow which was no fun. Our first...
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    Reed Buntings at the feeder

    Much to our suprise we saw a Reed Bunting at the feeders the other day. Has anyone heard of this before ?
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    Yosemete birding

    Im going to spend a few days in Yosemete in the first week of May before heading off for a two and a bit week jaunt round California. Does anyone know if Glacier Point road will be clear for Blue Grouse and Townsends Solitaire ? cheers Savi
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    florida at Christmas

    Over the Christmas holidays Im hoping to get to either Florida,where I have never been,or California.Can anyone give me any updates on the impact of the oil slick on the birding there? cheers.
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    Germany May 2010

    Hangelsberg - Germany 12 May – 25 May 2010 We stayed for ten days in a village near Berlin. We were based in a log cabin with a huge garden in the German Forests so it’s more of an extended garden report than a trip report. Also if people staying in Berlin on business want to get out into the...
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    Lesser Spotted Eagle?

    Can anyone confirm these as Lesser spotted Eagle? They were taken at Slonsk on the Polish/German border. Apologies for the poor quality.
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    Trip to Berlin

    coming back to the Berlin/hangelsberg area in may. has anyone got any info on new arrivals? any long stayers near pubs??
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    North Norfolk at Easter 2010

    A long week end was looming, the first of the year. We had booked ourselves a cottage in Brancaster for the Easter period - not the best time to go but anyway we planned to visit as many places as possible and see as much as we could. I don’t have a pager and I later found out I couldn’t even...
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    California 28 August - 14 September 2009 We arrive in San Francisco for a long planned dream holiday, a two week trip around California. Having read Jos's epic report on Birdforum we are really looking forward to it, despite the...
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    Biding near Slonsk

    Hi I have previously birded the Betonka area near Slonsk-a brilliant place.Can anyone recommend some areas near the Slonsk area? Thanks Savi
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    Birding in Germany and Poland

    Trip Report Germany / Poland 8 - 14 June 2008 We flew to Berlin on an empty Ryanair flight. We wanted to take our rented car into Poland but were told if we parked it unattended and it got stolen we would be liable. As they don’t have that many car park attendants in the huge expanse of the...
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    Birding in Germany

    Bavaria 11 – 17 May 2008 Having stayed with friends for a short break in a village called Kochel we decided to fly over for a week which we would give us plenty of time to explore the promising habitats, lakes, moors, mountaine and forest in the region. We went towards the end of May and this...
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    birdwatching in Poland

    I am hoping to go to the Warta Mouth Nature Reserve near Slonsk.Can anyone tell me how to get to the Batonka (the concrete runway)near the village of Przyborow?
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    Bavarian Trip Report

    BAVARIAN TRIP REPORT Kochel am See – September 1 - 5 Having been invited by friends who had moved to southern Germany we decided to take the bull by the horns and spend a few days on a recce in Bavaria. We landed to a cold drizzle and had a bad start when Europecar gave us the wrong car...
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    birding in bavaria

    I will be spending 5 days in Kochel Am See,about 90 minutes south of Munich airport.can anyone help me with some good birding sights.it would be great to see any local birds but I really would like to see Collared flycatcher(halsbandschnapper?) and Red Necked or Black Necked Grebe. thanks