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    Plover from Salton Sea, CA

    From a distance this bird appeared long and thin. In the photos I am having second thoughts and have settled on an ID. I would like some others to confirm my ID.
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    possible brown booby in New Jersey, very bad photos

    can anyone confirm? or is it not possible to rule out a gannet?
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    tern from NJ

    Can anyone tell for sure which tern this is, from Stone Harbor, NJ? I had "conclusively" identified it in the field, but looking at the photos I'm not as sure as I felt in the field.
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    Bird audio from Redding California today.

    I am stumped. Anyone know what this is? The closest I can think of is purple finch but I’m not sure.
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    accipiter Nevada

    I had identified this bird a couple years ago and never thought twice. I came forward with my ID and have had some questions raised about it. opinions welcome.
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    Record setting day for red breasted nuthatches in cape may nj

    Over 550 tallied by morning flight counters. I was down in the fields below the dike where the organized count is conducted and at times it was difficult to get on something other than a red breasted nutchatch. They are cyclical and some years we do not see them migrate through at all. Also...
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    is it possible that this is a USA little stint?

    I am posting for a friend. Can we agree it is not a Semi? To my knowledge no Semi should show rufous tones in any plumage. The bill looks far from average Semi, long and thin and tapered to a point. It appears to be a juvenile to my eyes, showing some scaly patterning on the lower scapulars...
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    morning flight photos, Cape May, NJ

    1 is not a warbler is it a indigo bunting? 2 really not sure with that dark tail... Magnolia? It feels like a bad guess because that tail pattern should be more obvious but I see white south of the vent and a dark under tail??? 3 no idea 4 Nashville?
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    just a Great Black-backed Gull?

    As far as I can tell it looks like a normal 2nd cy GBBG plumage-wise, but it was smaller than nearby Herring Gulls. At a glance from afar I was pretty convinced it was a LBBG but when I got closer I realized it was not.
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    bird feeder question

    Does anyone know if bird feeders harm fledglings by causing them to become reliant on feeders? I bet there have been studies on this but haven't been able to find any answers yet
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    Unknown flyover calidris from inland Virginia

    Vagrant? Unknown flyover calidris from inland Virginia This bird was seen last year on May 8. At the time I think I probably wrote it off a a Pectoral Sandpiper, but now looking back through pictures a number of things don't add up. I can not seem to find a match with any NA shorebird. I...
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    what do we make of these plovers? Western United States where PIPL is very rare

    For a split second upon first viewing I thought piping plover but I immediately erased that thought when the SEPL to the right walked up and they looked the same at the time. Then I checked out this photo and am wondering if I missed a mega rarity. Is there enough here to tell for sure?
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    Yuma, AZ Myiarchus audio

    This sounded unusual for Ash-throated Flycatcher which is the only expected Myiarchus right now according to Ebird. I don't know that this is truly the case, since the more popular birding areas in central and SE AZ are loaded with reports of BCFL right now. I found this recording and it sounds...
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    common or ruddy ground dove? Lower CO river in SE California

    Struggling to be sure. I saw it in flight and had my impression, but it was such a brief look I was not confident and am just trying to learn how to tell if anyone can tell and explain. Thank you!
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    Which loon from Georgia

    Found this photo on eBird and am wondering if the top bird could be a pacific loon. Thoughts? I am intrigued by the roundish head and suggestive bill.
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    Question about pacific loons

    Mostly to the pacific coast United States birders, When is the last time or latest date in the fall that you have seen a pacific loon in breeding plumage , specifically black under the neck?
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    ammodramus sparrow cape may nj

    I saw this bird well in the field and I know what species it is. I was curious to know if anyone can tell from this photo what it is. These are the best photos I was able to get. I think you can confidently identify it by the photo but not 100% sure. I will reveal the answer after people chime in.
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    tern in flight cape may nj

    Can anyone tell what species of tern this is? I think it looks like a common tern, but I am wondering if it could be a sandwich tern because the call it made was not one I am used to hearing from common terns. It sounded more like a sandwich tern than a common, but they do make some strange...
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    warbler in flight at cape may NJ

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    flyover shorebird cape may nj

    I got on this bird with bins first. It was medium sized, I believe the options are pectoral or buff-breasted. Anyone confident to identify it on the underwing pattern?