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    How much do you pay?

    How much do you pay for your Bird seed?, Is it good quality?, I have to use the money from Name cards to fund my seed at work so all i can afford is the cheap seed 25Kg sack for £10.50p, I tend to buy a small bag of good stuff each week and mix it in, i did buy dried Mealworms but nothing...
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    The North Wall Grimsby

    It was quite a bright morning, with plenty of bird movement mostly house sparrows, as i walked out towards the Wall i had Meadow Pipits with a few Skylarks thrown in, I did see Linnets, and a first in a Redpole, the usual Sea Birds were present Blackbacked Gulls both type, Black headed Gulls...
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    Escape of a Mountain Red Tailed Hawk in Grimsby

    I've just read it in a local paper, this bird has been missing since Monday, Just in case anyone thinks his/her sightingsis a Migrant, Can they ring 07840219481 B (:
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    First Swallows of 2011

    Two Swallows were above my work this morning, Probably scouting for Nesting venues, First of 2011.
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    Wheelsby Woods

    Wheelsby Woods is situated on the southern edge of Grimsby Town Centre,From the A180 head for Cleethorpes, at the Issiacs Hill Roundabout, turn right onto Clee Road to the next Roundabout Right onto Wheelsby Road and the Woods are on your left.The Woods are a Mixed variety of trees with some...
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    Thinking of getting

    I'm thinking of purchasing my first Scope on Amazon.. A PRACTICA B00514 20-60x77 SCOPE Plus HAMATAR 62 TRIPOD Plus Cover £115.11. What do you all think is it any cop?? Your comments would be welcome:t: Or a OPTICRON IS50 Plus x20 eyepiece £ 129.99p What do you all think
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    Rosper Road Pools

    These Pools are situated on Rosper Road Immingham, Take the A160 Brocklesby Interchange off the A180, over first Roundabout, through the lights and over second roundabout, under the Bridge, turn left on to Rosper Road and the Pools are on the Right, Today i saw: Shovellers ( they're following...
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    North Killingholme Pits

    Quite a nice bright and sunny morning, for a change, beats the Fog, Anyway it was quite quiet on the pits this morning the only birds present were Shovellers 6 , Mallard 4-6, Coots 6, Mute Swans still sleeping 2, Water hens 2, Shell Duck 6, a Pheasant was heard and around 50 Curlew over flew...
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    Pyewipe Industrial Estate Grimsby

    The Pyewipe Estate is on the West side of Grimsby as you come in from the A180, It has a rich list of Birds to see ,Especially on the Humber mud flats where on the right Day Tide permitting you cannot see the Mud for Birds, The most famous find to Date was an American Robin ( The date escapes...
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    Mystery Bird

    I've no Photo but a mystery bird has been feeding on the floor of my feeders, it is the size of a sparrow brown streaked back with a Wide Black eye stripe and a pinkish tinge to the breast i thought it was a female Reed Bunting , will see if it returnsB (:
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    Thinking about a Scope

    I've been Birding for ages but never had a scope, With so many types out there Can you get one on a limited budget of say £200-250 for general birding, Would you buy New or Second hand?? Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated, Basically i need one for the Gulls on the Beach or for Hide...
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    Collins Bird Guide 2nd Edition

    I've bought some Bird Books in my time but this one is by far the best ever,If you need a ID book For Britain and Europe then look no further.and for £17.99 WH Smith, Definately money well spent i can't praise it enough..:t::t::t::t:
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    Did I see an Bird Id app

    Did i see an Wild bird ID, Phone App, advertised somewhere?. Does anyone know where i can get one??
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    Went out on the North Wall at Grimsby Docks on Saturday, I saw Great Black backed Gull, Black backed gull, Herring Gull, Common Gull, Black headed Gull, Carrion crow, Turnstone, Curlew, House sparrow,Starling and Oyster catcher, Quite quiet really, The weather was overcast and a chilly wind
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    Curlew Invasion

    I had around 50 Curlews arrive in the field next to us this morning, I was always told that they will be Males as their bill isn't long enough to reach the worms on the Beach in Winter ,Only the Females longer bill can reach them:t:
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    This is my first Blog for the site, so here goes, I went for a walk on the North Wall Grimsby and saw Great Black backed Gull, Common Gull, Herring gull, Black headed Gull, Turnstone, Curlew, Ferral Pigeon House sparrow Carrion Crow, Starling, Oyster catcher and Wood pigeon. Not many small birds...
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    Funny Story

    As i've mentioned befor i used to be in the Royal Navy, And i have served on H.M.S. Endurance which for the unenlightend is an Ice patrol ship, visiting the Antarctic, On one of these trips way back in 1975 i was on shore leave at the British Antarctic Survey base at South Georgia and we were on...
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    What's your most common

    What's your most common Garden/Yard Bird?:t:
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    I've just seen a first for me, a Robin feeding on a Seed Feeder, I've seen them on Bird tables and feeding on the ground but never on a seed feeder 6 feet in the air, has anyone else seen this before?:t:
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    Been at work

    I've been at work today, i've recently moved sites and just erected feeders on the new site, and i can see them out of my window.Well they've been up a week, So far i've had Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins and Chaffinch, I have 1 Peanut Feeder ,1 Seed Feeder ,1 Fat Ball feeder and a Ground Feeder/...