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  1. Nutcracker

    Red Crossbills? MA, USA

    Not Sitka Spruce, that's a west coast species ;) in MA, your most common spruces will be White Spruce and Red Spruce (y) But yes, the crossbills there should be ssp. minor, which (as the name suggests) is small as crossbills go.
  2. Nutcracker

    Sexing Black Scoter, China

    First-winter male - can also see the first adult black feathers on the tertials & scapulars.
  3. Nutcracker

    Red Crossbills? MA, USA

    Yep, definitely worked for me! Tried it again with the volume right up high - there might be some crossbills there, but if there are, they're a call variant markedly higher pitched and 'softer' than the ones I ever hear in Britain.
  4. Nutcracker

    Red Crossbills? MA, USA

    Nothing there I'd be confident of calling a Crossbill, unfortunately. The sounds at the start remind me strongly of [Eurasian] Siskin, so check out Pine Siskin (IIRC, sounds similar). Edit: yes; your recording matches this Pine Siskin well: https://www.xeno-canto.org/582575
  5. Nutcracker

    Acrocephalus Warbler

    Ditto to Marsh Warbler for the song - and as well as the Linnets at 9-11 sec, also a Blackcap at 12-13 sec (y)
  6. Nutcracker

    Scottish independence and your UK list....

    Tysties are not too difficult in Northumbs in winter, I've seen about a dozen or so altogether, mostly around the Farnes or (more distantly!) from Stag Rocks, but also a couple when seawatching in the southeast (Newbiggin, St Mary's I.), and also seen one on a seawatch from Whitburn (Durham)...
  7. Nutcracker

    Scottish independence and your UK list....

    I'd think it's quite common, particularly if including the common travel area (add Iceland, Norway, Switzerland), as for most EU citizens you can visit that huge area without needing a passport. They may well call it their European list or even WP list, just thay they may not have been to those...
  8. Nutcracker

    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    Yep - I never said that Willows don't visit bird tables (they do, frequently), just that they are less efficient at exploiting them than Great & Blue Tits. The result is increased populations of Great & Blue Tits, looking for nest sites in spring, and one very easy source for them is evicting...
  9. Nutcracker

    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    My personal impressions of factors affecting Willow Tits (not all confirmed by published studies [yet]): 1 Competition from populations of Great & Blue Tits, enhanced due to bird feeders; these two are better adapted to exploit concentrated food sources like feeders, and then evict Willows from...
  10. Nutcracker

    Leucistic or albino bird, Ontario, Canada.

    Bill is the wrong shape for that (y)
  11. Nutcracker

    Marsh/Willow Tit, Bauska, Latvia Dec 2020

    Marsh Tit - pale spot near the base of the bill, Willow doesn't have that (y)
  12. Nutcracker

    Name a Bird You've Seen 2

    Yes, Goosander went long ago
  13. Nutcracker

    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    Agreed - they've got Wolves in the Netherlands and Denmark now. If they can live with them, so can England, let alone Scotland or Wales.
  14. Nutcracker

    Scottish independence and your UK list....

    I'd be thinking more in terms of what species I might regain on my sadly depleted EU list - King Eider, Capercaillie, Ptarmigan, Red Grouse, Ring-billed Gull, and a few others (y) Of course, if Northumbs seceded from Little England to (re)join Scotland & EU, that would be a huge re-gain.
  15. Nutcracker

    Possible Hawfinch Bauska, Latvia Dec 2020

    Nice catch! Yes, Hawfinch.
  16. Nutcracker

    Peregrine Falcon?

    Some nice Viscum album (Mistletoe) in the photos too!
  17. Nutcracker

    Possible Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Bauska , Latvia, Dec 2020

    Yes definite Middle Spot; small bill safely excludes juvenile Great Spot (y) Here's the 1st pic brightened a bit, shows it very nicely
  18. Nutcracker

    Leucistic or albino bird, Ontario, Canada.

    I can see it as a chickadee too, agree Black-capped, with it being in Ontario. I'd suspect it is a true albino, as the bill and legs are both pink; if the eye was in better light I reckon it would show blood-red too.
  19. Nutcracker

    ID from Poland

    I know! I was surprised too, but can't think what else could be making a low, soft semi-continuous croaking sound.
  20. Nutcracker

    Geese - Kent, UK - dark-coloured with white armpits

    They're female Goosanders (Swedish: Storskrake), not geese (y) PS welcome to Birdforum!