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    Ally Georgia which hawk?

    Yes: Definitely Red-shouldered Hawks. Bob
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    Anyone else like their Cascades porro?

    Hi Coin Hound: I have owned a 7x42 Leupold BX-2 Cascade Porro Prism binocular for nearly 10 years! I purchased it from Eagle Optics for $299.99 and IMO that price was a real bargain! It performs above its price! It weighs 22 Oz and has ER of 18mm. FOV is 388.5' @1000 yards. As you...
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    Male Goshawk to id, UK.

    Agree. Bob
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    The talk and the facts, NL vs Retrovid with pictures.

    I think that the $79.95 Nikon 7x35 Aculon has a 9.3 degree FOV. https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/binoculars/aculon-a211-7x35.html#tab-ProductDetail-ProductTabs-TechSpecs Very wide FOV's can't can't be that hard to do. Bob
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    In your opinion, the best looking binoculars are....

    Well, it wasn't me for sure! He wasn't smart enough to use the correct spelling of Caesar:eek!: or he would have gotten away with it; but that is probably asking a lot of the policeman. ;) As to the handsomest, best looking binocular? It is hands down the Leica 8x42 Blackline! It is the...
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    Nikon published a new 10x25 image stablized bino

    It seems to be written only in Chinese. Can't find out anything about it on Nikon's Home Site which is in English. https://www.nikon.com/index.htm Scroll down to "Latest News" which goes up to September 2nd, 2020. Bob
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    Hawk in Michigan

    Short barring on the secondaries and narrow tail bands makes me wonder if it is a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk. Bob
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    FOV and Blackout Axis

    Good, clear explanation, Ed! It is almost as if you have studied it!;) Bob
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    Aculon A211 7x35 vs 8x42?

    :hi: Hi R. Random! Welcome to Bird Forum! Choosing between the 2 Aculon's ends up becoming the classic 6 of 1 or 1/2 dozen of the other dilemma! The 7x35 has Eye Relief of 11.8mm. The 8x42 has 12mm Eye Relief. (Both are kind of short as eye relief goes.) 7x35 weighs 24.2 oz. The 8x42...
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    What do you think this Texas bird is?

    Texas is a big place. Where and when in Texas did you see it? Bob
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    7X42 Format.

    I like using 7x42 Roof Prism binoculars and I have a number of them. The first one I purchased was a new Leitz 7x42 Trinovid BN from a Dealer in Toronto at a sale price in 1991 after Leica introduced the 7x42 BA. It has Uppendahl roof prisms. I wore glasses at the time and used it often...
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    Two good Nikon from the past ?

    Hello Pluton, They are both excellent binoculars. I have them both. The 8x30 EII is a Porro Prism. It is very likely regarded as THE CLASSIC porro prism -- bar none! See the 13 reviews of it in Allbinos in the link below! If it isn't the most reviewed binocular in Allbinos it is pretty...
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    Which binoculars?

    Hi HR21, You are looking for a Binocular in your stated price range of 250-350 British Pounds to use for General Birding; often in Woodland, which must have long eye relief because you wear glasses. https://www.opticronusa.com/Pages/discovery_wp.html Check out the specs on the Opticron...
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    Nikon refurbished optics at deep discount

    Follow up to above: I found the sales order for the Nikon 10x35 E2. It is dated 8/12/2005. I paid $229.00 for the binocular. I also picked up a Vixen/Televue Porta Mount with a Televue Plate for $425.00 and 3 issues of Amateur Astronomy magazine for $15.00. I still have the 90 Day...
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    Nikon refurbished optics at deep discount

    Unless it has changed the 90 day warranty on refurbished products is honored by Nikon with the Sellers who market them. About 15 years ago I picked up a refurbished Nikon 10x35 EII at High-Point Optics in Northern NJ for about 250.00. They had a box of about a ten of them that I could chose...
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    Cabela's Guide Series 8x32 Revisted

    Hi Brock, Welcome back! I managed to pick up a Cabela's 8x30 Porro Prism on May 30, 2012 for $49.99. Its box says it was made in Japan so I guess I am set for the millenium. Bob
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    Zen Ray

    I have a Zen-Ray 8x42 Vista which I won in a raffle drawing of sorts here on Bird Forum when they first were introduced. I have never used it except very casually on my deck. It is made in China. I would describe it as a good user binocular. It is a clone of the 1st version of the Vortex...
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    Swarovski EL 8.5x42 blare/distortion

    :hi:Hi Dean, Welcome to Bird Forum! You should be able to adjust the eye cups to different lengths. Try all the lengths to find the one that fits best with your eye physiognomy. In my case I pull the eye cups out to their full length on all my binoculars and then brace the top of the eye...
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    12x36 with glasses

    @ Cottonbase, I'm hoping I will never have to contact Canon's service department too:smoke There is a difference between my Canon 12x36 and the other ones with the problems that are mentioned above. Mine is an IS III version which I purchased at the end of January 2019. The Instruction...
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    12x36 with glasses

    I've been using my Canon 12x36 III IS almost daily since purchasing it on January 31, 2019. (I don't wear glasses.) I had to replace its 2 AA batteries one time this past November. I use it mostly in warm conditions. It weighs 23oz. It cost me $699.00 at B&H Camera. (There is a 10x30...