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  1. KenM

    One over the roof N.E.London?

    Taken Oct/Nov transferred to Phone then deleted from camera hence poor quality ;( and promptly forgotten, however the more I look at it, the more I think why isn't this a Shag, overall the feel is small, as would appear to be the bill, steep forehead and the short neck? Cheers Cheers
  2. KenM

    Corvid NEast London.

    Got on to this a bit late! just a couple of shots before it winged over the roof. CC or Rook, felt it looked more like the latter on brief views? Cheers
  3. KenM

    Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks...

    Have either of these species ever been suspected of occurring in Europe at any time in the past, as they’re quite widespread in the US and do move around. Suspect that it would be a brave soul to claim either? Cheers
  4. KenM

    Mandarin or Coot?

    Have seen plenty of the former flying over the canopy (stream beneath) but never the latter, (if you're wondering it's going R2L) it was imaged at 16.20 with a 1600 ISO value, hence the poor quality. I did once only (in 60 years)....find the latter perched on a thick limb overhanging said...
  5. KenM

    Some “challenges” from the Bird Migration on Merchant Ships 9 minute film clip in the Migration Forum.

    Having watched the clip many times, it would be good to get some answers on some of the birds shown. The Wheatear at 1.36 (a grey backed Black-eared?) The Song Thrush at 2.13 (striking face pattern and a grey rump) The sp passerine at 2.21. The falcon sp at 3.00 (Saker?) The “seemingly”...
  6. KenM

    For those that are interested in merchant shipborne migrants....

    Just been viewing a nine minute video clip of on-board migration (assume Eastern Med?) by “mono” in the migration forum with mesmerising uncluttered images! Circa 60 species involved to include Rufous Bush Chat, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Subalpine and Sardinian Warblers, Nightjar to name but a...
  7. KenM

    A washed-out Reed Warbler?

    Am reasonably well acquainted with un-streaked UK Acros, and with this year in particular, having had good exposure to Autumn passage Reed Warblers due to garden lockdown, this September 1st. bird, just looks a bit odd to my eye? Have deferred to Reed Warbler albeit images aren't the best...
  8. KenM

    Late Pipistrelle?

    One of the above feeding between 16.30-16.45 this evening (N.E. London) believed to be my latest. Have to presume that during mild spells at this time this occurs not infrequently? Cheers
  9. KenM

    Grey Squirrel colonises island in lake....20m from the forested bank?

    Found this today ''momentarily'' forgetting that the Grey Squirrel was on an island 20m from the forested bank! There were no trees high enough or close enough for the squirrel to make a ''flying'' access, thus it must have swam!!! Anyone else encountered this phenomena? Cheers
  10. KenM

    Firecrest x2 followed by an 11am Noctule!!

    After an almost two year absence (just a single brief couple of second visits in each year '18 and '19), two Firecrests now almost daily in the garden since October, with the first circuit at 10am leaving me wanting better shots. Twas whilst waiting for that second circuit that this Noctule...
  11. KenM

    Grey epaulettes on a female Great Spotted Woodpecker.....

    This female GSW was one of my regular Great spot.visitors to my feeder up until a few days ago. Sadly over the course of her last day, she made repeated attempts to fly up to, but was obviously too weak to land, always falling short, then crashing into the shrubs below. There she followed a...
  12. KenM

    Fly agaric N.East London.....?

    I don't often come across this fungi, when as I have in the past, I'm familiar with the first two image types but not the third, have to presume par for the course? Cheers
  13. KenM

    Some Gull questions NE.London?

    Am a little uncertain as to this birds ID (first 3 images), am thinking it's a 3rd year LBBG., and do the primaries appear a little on the ''long'' side for the (4th image) Black-headed gull? Cheers
  14. KenM

    Lesser Whitethroat sp N.East London?

    Shot early September, thinking there's a lot of white in the outer tail margins. Question...what might be the consensus on the extent of the ''white'' does it include both outer rectrices and if so, does this make it an Eastern contender, also the brown wash appears to extend up the nape? Cheers
  15. KenM

    Assumed Chiff Chaff at Felixstowe 7th Oct.

    When first seen in total silhouette perhaps 5-7metres above with occasional tail pumping I assumed Chiffchaff/Willow Warbler. However it eventually moved higher up into the canopy and direct sunlight, constantly appearing and disappearing. Although I never glimpsed the head, it eventually...
  16. KenM

    Comments on these N.East London Song Thrushes

    Several Redwing arrived on the 28th Sep.in my neighbour's garden feeding on the prolific Yew Berries, whether a co-incidence or not, a couple of ''grey Song Thrushes (1st Winters) arrived at the same time, I've not seen such striking examples before! Presume one can only speculate as to their...
  17. KenM

    The variable Hobby!

    A month ago on a very dull grey afternoon, me and the missu's were just turning into our road (on a hill) after our requisite 10k steps when we heard the grating rasp of a Corvid! Looking up I noted a Buzzard just ''creasing'' house roof, then appearing in the topmost corner of my eye above...
  18. KenM

    1st year gull ID?

    Shot on the Thames Canary Wharf today, thought it looked like a clean, attenuated 1st year gull, think I've narrowed it down to either a YLGull or LBBG? Many thanks.
  19. KenM

    Confirmation and two ID's N.East London.

    1st image I believe is September Thorn, second image is kinda reminiscent of Copper Underwing but isn't? and the third image looks very interesting also very small perhaps 7-8 mm in length can't recall seeing anything quite like it? Cheers
  20. KenM

    Warbler S.E.England?

    Found this old shot (not one of my best) unfortunately the only one, taken Sep.13th 2005. Cheers