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    New Meopta Meopro HD+

    Announced over on their Facebook page: Log in or sign up to view Their website still seems to need updating. Let's hope we get the more detailed specs on their website soon! Meopta Sport Optics has introduced new MeoPro HD Plus binoculars. A completely redesigned Gen 2 version of the previous...
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    A movie for all nature lovers and wildlife observers.

    Just thought of passing on a link to this highly raved about, recently released movie. Reading about it, it appears like its been in the works for a while. A famous photographer Vincent Munier, writer Sylvain Tesson and a few others collaborate to bring this search for a snow leopard and other...
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    Using a camera wildlife lens as a spotting scope?

    All, Three things make me wonder about the possibilities of using a camera lens as a spotting scope. (1) When the combined weight of carrying both a camera lens and a spotting scope can be significant, and when one's interested in wildlife photography + wildlife watching. Not to mention the...
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    80ish-mm spotters and mobility.

    All, I was wondering if birders here find 80-85mm scopes too restrictive for mobility, travel and day hikes? I wish to replace my Kowa 663M+TE-9Z. I am finding 60ish mm scopes to be fantastic for traveling or long haul birding walks but I personally find the viewing comfort (even for the range...
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    Keep or send back? Under the night sky. Star test 883 + TE-11WZ.

    Everyone, Finally managed to image a star test with an 883 + TE-11WZ . Definitely not sure if Kowa cares about astigmatism as much as we do around here. :) ( My 663M also has it. ) Oh, and the prism edge of course. Could you comment on what else you see in the attached pics? Any thoughts on...
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    Slight-vignetting with TE-11WZ on Kowa 883 post 38X?

    Everyone, I have a sharp image circle boundary until about 39X on the TE11WZ + K883. Beyond that, I observe slight vignetting that stays on until the end, 60X. Eye cup adjustments doesn't get rid of it. Is this common? Thanks, Kumar
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    Some experience with a few Kowa 663 copies.

    Hi Everyone, I just thought I would share the following experience with the Kowa 663s so that you can check in on some of these points, the next time you are considering a scope. This is by no means a review - I do not think I am qualified enough. TLDR: 1. I will 100% recommend the K663 for...
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    On "something's interfering with the view"!

    Hi Everyone, Suppose I give multiple spotting scope copies of the same type to a user. Let's assume they are all focused for a target. Assume that the issues of astigmatism, coma, and pinching are comparable across all scope types. Beyond eye-relief, what are some of the common issues in...
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    Are eye-relief differences across scope copies induced by EPs only?

    Everyone, This question came up as myself and another forum member were discussing ER. Can the objective contribute at all to a noticed ER difference across two scopes / is it all determined by EPs? We do come across long eye relief EPs for a given scope type, so I also wonder if they...
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    Snow Leopards far away ( Martin Tomas, Kowa Prominar 883. )

    Kowa had shared this over on their FB page yesterday; thought I would share it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IybXlcHWE1c&fbclid=IwAR3GtFp65If49cbLUMW1Mrfv3WI3zzlzQxX1bYqD3CyM4tN0P2Hob93nV7c Stunning indeed! - Kumar
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    Henry's simple guide to testing spotting scopes?

    Does such a thing exist, @Henry Link? :) Cheers, Kumar
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    Spotting scopes + Gitzo Series 1 tripods?

    Hello Everyone, If you have any experience coupling Gitzo series 1 (mountaineer/ traveler/related) tripods with a 60-65mm, and upto ~85mm scopes, could you please share your thoughts? Thank you, Kumar
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    Fell for the 128RC2 trap!

    Hello Everyone, I soo wish I had read these forum posts more carefully and some of the issues our members had raised around the 128RC! We fell in love with the fluidity of the 128RC in store. So much so that without thinking/actually trying, purchased it for use with a Kowa 663M + 20-60...
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    Cost-effective digiscoping adapters.

    Frustrated by the absurdly high cost of native digiscoping adapters, this thread tries to gather some of the best cost-effective alternatives for digiscoping with phones/cameras with binoculars and spotting scopes. Please add your own suggestions to the thread for various systems. It will be...
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    Bird sounds recording: Windjammer & external microphone for Olympus LS-P4?

    Hello Everyone, We are interested in recording bird sounds and some ambient sounds as well with lightweight equipment when we go for birdwatching & digiscoping. To start off, following some of the threads here, we purchased the Olympus LS-P4 recorder. We are now wondering what else we need...
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    Usage strategy: Eye patch / sleep masks for happy, extended, one-eye spotter viewing.

    Hello Everyone, I love spotting scopes, and the incredible detail they deliver. But, I most certainly dislike viewing through the scope with one eye while shutting the other. I find it to cause great strain in both my eyes significantly limiting (a) observation time, and (b) as I would later...
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    Is overcorrected spherical aberration in spotting scopes bad?

    Hello, Just playing around with the Kowa 663M + 20-60 I received recently. This is my first time with star tests. I will soon post some pictures once I get those adapters. There were two really big skyline buildings behind our apartment a little more than a couple of miles away, on top of...
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    Olympus OM-D EM10 III + Confusion with the DA-20 adapter.

    Hello Everyone, Our goal is to use our Olympus OM-D EM10 III + 14-42 EZ lens (with its small 37mm filter thread) for digiscoping with our Kowa 663M + TE-9Z eyepiece. As far as I understood from Kowa's website, we have two options: (a) go the DA20 adapter + AR37 ring mounted on the EZ lens...
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    Alternative to the TE-9Z zoom on the 663M?

    Hello, I am wondering about the 20-60 zoom's relatively narrow field. I see the 30X fixed TE-14W being recommended as an alternative, but are there better zoom alternatives that would fit a 663M? Thanks!
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    Competition for the Opticron MM4/60 with respect to weight & quality costing <$1200?

    Competition for the Opticron MM4/60 with respect to weight & quality costing <$1200? Hello Everyone, We are looking for a lightweight 60/65mm scope with good optical quality for birding purposes. This will be our first scope. After reading through the forum posts, and getting in touch with a...
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    Compact and lightweight point and shoots for birding?

    Hello Everyone, We used to carry a DSLR + a Tamron 150-600 G2 for wildlife photography; some photos here: www.500px.com/mskumar . Now we carry binoculars more often, and we are looking for (a) very compact, (b) relatively fast-focusing P&S camera. OK/sub-par image quality is fine if that means...
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    A request for a review on the BX4 Pro Guides.

    Hello Everyone, Just a suggestion for the knowledgeable optics reviewers here - could any of you review the BX4 Pro Guides when you get a chance - as an 8x, and perhaps also as a 10x option? I am staring at it alongside an 8x MHG, and a 9x demo B2. The build quality of the BX4 is just plain...
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    The Top-left Shadow problem.

    Hello Everyone, Have you experienced this shadow issue on the FoV illustrated with a nice figure by Tobias Mennle here: http://www.greatestbinoculars.com/allpages/articles/itsthebaffling.html . Basically, one doesn't get a clear sharply bounded image circle, but the best image circle formed...
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    Birding in Florida - Mid February.

    Hello Everyone, We are planning a birding trip to Florida the mid-second to third week of February for about 8 days. I was wondering if you have any thoughts/suggestions on the sites to visit. Our main goal is to get a sense of Florida wildlife, wintering birds and any other rarities that we...
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    Is there a a little more bright, wider FoVd & neutral color Toric for <=$1000?

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased an 8x42 Tract Toric Schott HT, and I am blown away, given my previous experience with the LegendM/Monarch7 bins. The snappy focus with which the Toric latches on to subjects, even moving ones, the clarity, punchy contrast, sharpness, almost-neutral color...