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    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    Just gotta love any "pimped up" Boeing 707s, even with modern engines. The more bumps, lumps, extensions and fins the more arousing. And faithful to the vertical stabiliser aerial and cable running down to the aft cockpit. Lovely Old School airframe.

    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    Carrying Sparrowhawk, not Gos, missiles! (y)

    Why is the RSPB SO against eagle-owls?

    Yes, remember watching in disbelief as the nocturnal video showed an EO snatching an almost fledged Long Legged Buzzard fron a cliff nest.

    LoTuTec Coating

    Didn't all Zeiss sporting optics that had this coating applied, were stamped with the eyebrow logo akin to the serial number at the time, such as the Victory FL? If your Diascope does not display this then it's fairly safe to assume it is pre LoTuTec. I'm also assuming you haven't had the unit...

    Blue Tit feeding behaviour

    Today I witnessed something I've never seen before. Blue Tits pecking and eating a small dessert apple, making a circular hole in the fruit. Despite a daily top up of sunflower hearts, suet pellets and mealworm, a " female type " spent a good few minutes feeding on a the cherry sized apple...

    Odd looking Spider N.East London…and it jumped!

    Though not particularly venomous to humans, they still bite?

    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    Yes. FJ might give the definitive model, a licensed version of the Boeing AH - 64 Longbow Apache used by the UK Army Air Corps.

    Swans V Avain bird flu

    Difficult to answer with any degree of confidenve, so many variables to consider ie, how many other Mute swans may succumb to this disease over the winter period and whether any surviving birds wander or move into this now acant territory.

    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    And my old brain thinking Augusta Westland.
  10. PYRTLE

    Goshawks and impact on the ecosystem

    What about the numbers of Grey Squirrels in the area? Has that also decreased?
  11. PYRTLE

    Zeiss service current lead time?

    I'm sure many large manufacturing companies, particularly in Europe do so, eg Fiat / Ferrari.
  12. PYRTLE

    Zeiss service current lead time?

    Don't the German optics companies have a lengthy summer holiday shutdown period, 3 or 4 weeks? However, good news your compacts were replaced f.o.c.
  13. PYRTLE

    Which one for measuring distances to remote objects?

    Ted has stated that it is not for hunting purposes, moreso, for an element of his hobby. He may well also record the weather, altitude etc, and the time period of each noted observation.
  14. PYRTLE

    Alternative to Pentax Papilio 6.5x21 mkii for insects

    I'm with Richard D. A high spec monocular ( like the Zeiss ) is very useful for insects, plants and bugs.
  15. PYRTLE

    RFI - Paphos (December)

    Matt should have one or two staked out, usually one up in Anaritta Park near the old goat sheds.
  16. PYRTLE

    RFI - Paphos (December)

    Matt is a keen and experienced all round naturalist and excellent wildlife photographer. Finsch's Wheatear will also be not too far away along, perhaps also Blue Rock Thrush.
  17. PYRTLE

    Unknown - Norfolk, UK

    Is it one of the larger Robber Flies?
  18. PYRTLE

    American Robin or Confused Novice

    Most likely a juvenile or young Blackbird rather than an American Robin.
  19. PYRTLE

    Fingering NL

    Yes, seems to be that. I was looking for a vase with Gin and flavourings.
  20. PYRTLE

    Fingering NL

    What on earth is going on here, weird?
  21. PYRTLE

    Mourning Dove Moving Eggs

    Removing the egg shell after hatching most likely.
  22. PYRTLE

    Birds and Butterflies of Cyprus & Crete, April 2022.

    In a hire car? Thought that was frowned upon by the hire companies or is it that the vehicle's insurance is not valid whilst in the Northern sector. Viper shots are super, particularly the viper head on stare down.