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  1. stuartvine

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Java Sparrow - Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta, Java. Good place for some of the few left in the wild.
  2. stuartvine

    Sparrows demand more sunflower seeds after first week of supply

    I put out sunflower hearts, our sparrows love them (not as much as they do suet balls, mind you). When we moved in, two sparrows were coming into the garden. 20 years later, we have a flock of 30 on the feeders. :-)
  3. stuartvine

    Wheatear - Italy

    Ain't that the truth! :ROFLMAO:
  4. stuartvine

    Wheatear - Italy

    Well, damn me. No wonder I couldn't find a match, I didn't even think of looking at pipits. Thank you.
  5. stuartvine

    Wheatear - Italy

    I'm not good on Wheatears, so a spot of your finest, expert, ID, would be nice. Seen on top of Monte Baldo, above Lake Garda.
  6. stuartvine

    Bird Flu in seabird colonies

    In the short term, not a lot can be done. The basic bio-security precautions that are being taken is about the best we can do. In the long term it would require the entire world to stop the intensive rearing of poultry (or invent a really inexpensive, universal, oral, bird flu vaccine) which...
  7. stuartvine


    A couple of photographic answers as to what Ring-necked Parakeets eat. They don't need feeders (although they sure love the easy pickings they offer (mine are now enclosed in steel cages). Flowers are good. Personally, I prefer apples. Can't beat a good bit of grass!
  8. stuartvine


    My seed feeders have steel cages around them to stop the $£%£$! parakeets emptying them almost as fast as I can fill them! Apparently, banks don't accept "parakeets" as a reason for going overdrawn. ;)
  9. stuartvine

    Split, Croatia

    Closest would be Marjan Park, a hilly, wooded area in Split. Omis is a bus ride south, which gives easy access to more wooded limestone hills. We also took the ferry to Hvar. I believe that there is some good birding on the plain outside the main town (maybe hire a bike?)
  10. stuartvine

    First Swift of the year 2022 (UK)

    First two over Surbiton yesterday evening. (20 May)
  11. stuartvine

    Your WORST identifiable photos

    As Butty says, adjust the exposure a touch, then lighten shadows (I use Adobe Lightroom). I wouldn't have bothered with that particular image, but I'd never managed to get a shot of a Hawfinch before.
  12. stuartvine

    Spring birding in Crete

    You might try: Crete Birding - it stops in 2016 but is a good source. They still maintain an active Facebook page (called Crete Birding, unsurprisingly).
  13. stuartvine

    Marsh or Willow Tits? Slovenia.

    Thanks! Looking at the brownish cheeks made me think that, but I am never sure (don't see that many Willow Tits).
  14. stuartvine

    Your WORST identifiable photos

    Hawfinch. (Before editing it was a black blob and only identifiable by the size of the beak).
  15. stuartvine

    Do you Twitch, Tick, or Watch?

    I rarely twitch, but if there's a species I'm interested in seeing reported nearby, then I'm off. ;-) I keep a single world list to remember what I've seen. I always keep an eye out for birds (and anything else of interest) and will happily sit/stand/lie down and watch birds and other wildlife...
  16. stuartvine

    Marsh or Willow Tits? Slovenia.

    A couple of suspects, the first from Ljubljana Castle, the second from around Lake Bled.
  17. stuartvine

    2022 is going to be my 20th year as a Birder

    Hmm, I seem to have been at it some time! 😂
  18. stuartvine

    John Heinz Bird Sanctuary, Philadelphia

    It's well worth going to. You can even get the train to Eastwick (Airport line) and walk to the entrance. Some good birds (inc. Bald Eagle) friendly Rangers and a few mammals.
  19. stuartvine

    Miserable Birders???

    You are obviously a very even-tempered birder! I would have said something particularly offensive. :LOL:
  20. stuartvine

    Terns, Norfolk/Suffolk, mid-September

    Thanks everybody - that's very helpful. 🙂
  21. stuartvine

    Terns, Norfolk/Suffolk, mid-September

    I am rubbish at tern ID, I never get to see enough of them. So, with that admission, a little help would be lovely. 1. 2. 3.
  22. stuartvine

    Miserable Birders???

    I longingly aspire just to make "average". :LOL:
  23. stuartvine

    Miserable Birders???

    I've wondered that, especially as birds can see into the ultra-violet spectrum. Staying still or moving very slowly and quietly are possibly more effective. However - "Camouflage Clothing for Birders: Some avid bird-watchers are reconsidering their fashion choices now that they know birds see in...
  24. stuartvine

    Miserable Birders???

    Re the body armour, not quite, (although chuck a gilet over the top and you can achieve a very similar look) but I've seen people dressed like they're survivalists (usually minus the weaponry). The night vision goggles would be pretty good for nocturnal birding though! Personally I find ultra...
  25. stuartvine

    Miserable Birders???

    Birding is full of all sorts of people. Most are, at the very least, polite and helpful. However, we've all met the other sort. Some are just a nuisance, treating hides as their personal property and camping there all day (for some strange reason, many are dressed in camo). Others are just a bit...