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    owls in the Galapagos

    Hello there! I am planning an owling trip to Ecuador later this year. I am very interested in seeing the island forms of barn and short-eared owls on the Galapagos. If you can recommend a local guide or birder who can help me, or have suggestions of places to look that would be very much...
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    Nayarit Mexico for Mexican barred owl

    Hello, I took a quick trip to Nayarit in West Mexico to search for Mexican barred owl. Let me know if you have any questions about the trip. Cheers, Iain https://iainsowls.blogspot.com/2020/07/nayarit-mexico-2020.html
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    Lenggor Forest Reserve Malaysia?

    Hello. I am interested in visiting Lenggor Forest Reserve in southern peninsular Malaysia to look for owls. According to ebird it's a good site for white-fronted scops owl. If anyone has birded this site please let me know. I am interested in directions and any practical information on trails...
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    Owling trip to Comoros

    Hello, I recently took an owling trip to the Comoros (and Seychelles and Kenya). here is what happened https://iainsowls.blogspot.com/2019/10/2019-comoros-mayotte-seychelles-and.html Cheers, Iain
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    Info wanted for the Coromos and Mayotte

    Hello, I am planning a trip to the Coromos and Mayotte to look for the endemic scops owls. I have been able to get good information on the birding sites, but surprisingly little on basic travel information. If you can recommend a good local travel agent or web sites with basic travel...
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    Owling Trip to Sulawesi and Java

    Hello, I went on an owling trip to Sulawesi (including Sangihe, Peleng and Togian Is) and Gunung Gede in West Java. Details... http://iainsowls.blogspot.com/2018/05/2018-indonesia-owling-trip-report.html
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    Hello, I am thinking of visiting Hamahara as part of an owling trip in Indonesia. My only targets are Halmahara (Moluccan) boobook and barking owl. I would be interested to know if its worth getting out to Pak Roji's place? Is it a hassle to get there compared to just working my way inland...
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    RFI owling trip to Sulawesi and Satalites

    Hello, I am an avid owler. I am planning a trip to Sulawesi and neighboring Islands to look for owls. I am thinking of visiting the following sites in April: Sulawesi-visiting Tangkoko, Gunung Ambang and Lore Lindu for Minahassa masked owl, ochre-bellied, speckled, "white spotted"and cinnabar...
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    Sula Islands in Indonesia

    I am looking for information on birding the Sula Islands in Indonesia. If you have been there and have any advice on logistics and birding sites I would love to hear from you? Cheers, Iain
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    Owling trip report from India, Oman & UAE

    21 Species of owls.... http://iainsowls.blogspot.com/2017/02/2017-india-oman-and-emirates.html thanks
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    Pharaoh Eagle owl in the UAE or Oman?

    Hello, I am planning a owl trip in January. I will have a couple of days in the UAE. I have previously missed Pharaoh Eagle owl at Qarn Nazwa. If you know of any reliable sites for this bird in the Emirates, please let me know. (I will also be in Oman on the same trip. Pharaoh Eagle owl is...
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    Help with Dusky Eagle owl in NW India?

    Hello, I am making an owling trip to India this January and need help with Dusky eagle owl. I am planning on stopping in Delhi for a couple of days. Any advice on finding Dusky Eagle owl would be much appreciated. Are they easy at Bharatpur.r? Could you recommend a specific guide at the park...
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    help with Chilean Owls

    I am taking a trip to central Chile later this year. My main targets are Rufous-legged and Austral Pygmy owls. I would also like to find the local taxa of barn and short-eared owls and to find Magellanic horned owl. Any advice on specific sites with-in a day's drive of Santiago would be much...
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    Help with owls in Oman

    Hello, I am an avid owler who is planning a trip to Oman (and Dubai) in March 2016. If you can recommend any sites for Arabian/spotted eagle owl, Hume's owl, Omani owl and Lillith/little owl in Oman would be great. If you live in Oman and would like to go owling please let me know. Cheers, Iain
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    Pharaoh Eagle and "Lillith" owl in Dubai?

    Hello, I am an avid owler who is planning a trip to Dubai (and Oman) in March 2016. If you can recommend any sites for Pharaoh Eagle owl and Lillith/little owl in Dubai would be great. If you live in Dubai and would like to go owling please let me know. Cheers, Iain
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    Madagascar (Bemanevika/Lac Matsaborimena)

    Hello everyone. I am an avid owler who is heading out to Bemanevika/Lac Matsaborimena to look for Madagascar red owl. This is an amazing site with the pochard, serpent-eagle and many other fantastic birds. I am renting a 4wd and driver leaving Tana on the morning of September 6th and returning...
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    Travel to Bemanevika (Madagascar red owl etc)

    Hello, this September I am visiting Bemanevika reserve in search of Madagascar red owl. If you have made the journey I would love to hear from you. Especially if by public transport. From Bealanana is the reserve obvious/well known or sign posted? Could I rent a pick up or bush taxi to get...
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    Mexican owling

    I took a trip to Mexico to look for owls. To read about my adventure: http://iainsowls.blogspot.com/2015/02/mexico-owling-2015.html Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Iain
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    2014 owling year

    A blog about the owls I saw in and around Portland, Oregon.... http://iainsowls.blogspot.com/2014/01/2014-owling.html cheers, Iain
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    Djibouti guides or local birders?

    Hi I had a couple of specific birding questions about birding Djibouti. If you know a guide or local birder I could contact? Many thanks, Iain
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    Ethiopian Little Owl

    Hello folks, I am an avid owler who is planning a trip to Ethiopia. One of my targets is Ethiopian Little Owl. This bird is rarely reported online. If you know any locations in either Ethiopia or or Djibouti please let me know. Cheers, Iain
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    Owling in Peru 2011 (19 species!)

    Intro Just months after both my first son, Charlie was born and after I decided to begin my world owling career, I went to Peru. I chose Peru because it was a cheap country with huge number of owls, because I had seen hardly any of these owls during my last trip and because it was home to the...
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    Owling in Bolivia and Argentina-2012

    Intro Last year I owled Peru and had a fantastic trip. I didn't try for one of my most wanted owls; cloud-forest screech-owl because I could not find a good recording prior to my trip. I was beginning to obsess over this gorgeous and rarely seen denizen of the east slope of the Andes. Last year...
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    South Mexico owling trip report April 2013

    April 12th Tui dropped me off at PDX mid-afternoon. I had been feeling a bit nervous about the trip for a few days, so it was good to finally get started. I flew on Alaska Air down to LAX, which was a zoo as usual. I had plenty of time to figure things out. The automated check in machines were...
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    Philippines 2014 owling trip report

    Philippines January -February 2014 I travelled to the Philippines in 2002 and 2010 on general birding trips. On these trips I saw Eastern grass owl, Palawan, lowland Luzon, Mantanani and Giant scops owls, spotted wood owl and Luzon and chocolate hawk-owls. The purpose of this trip was to look...