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  1. Gladiator96

    Siberian Stonechat - Marsa Alam, Egypt November 2022

    There was never any doubt that this was a Siberian Stonechat even from the original thread. Frequent in Israel and presumably also in Egypt. Several sightings in Ebird including multiple in recent weeks, presumably mostly attributed to the more migratory subspecies from the Caspian region.
  2. Gladiator96

    Rissa? (Portugal - November 2022)

    could be a 1st winter Mediterranean Gull (doesn't look like a large gull to me). Not a kittiwake either way.
  3. Gladiator96

    Stonechat, Marsa Alam, Egypt.

    Siberian stonechat indeed
  4. Gladiator96

    Birding the Italian extremities in early Autumn: September - October 2022

    Been a few times to Sicily, mostly in the Siracusa area, but would like to do a trip specifically targetting Rock Partridge, Bonelli's Eagle and Lanner. My impression is that the area around Trapani is the most reliable for these species right?
  5. Gladiator96

    Four days in Hungary - post-pandemic special

    The American Golden Plover you mentioned is a known bird which was found on the 20th. Crazy to have PGP, AGP and Sociable Lapwing on the same day in the same general area. Hungary has had quite the autumn with the cherry on the cake obviously being the Sandhill crane.
  6. Gladiator96

    Bird ID - Scilly Isles - Tresco - early September 2022

    Greenshank and an aberrant Blackbird
  7. Gladiator96

    Wagtail sp. Istanbul Turkey

    Feels more like a Yellow Wagtail to me but could be either from just this photo. The flight call is the thing to listen out for when trying to pick out a citrine in flight.
  8. Gladiator96

    Wheatears from Georgia

    first bird feels like an Isabelline to me but I guess better photos would be desirable to clinch it. Agree with northern for the rest.
  9. Gladiator96

    Tarifa, Spain in March (Los Lances Beach)

    1, 2 Caspian Tern 3 Sanderling 4 Dunlin 5 Grey Plover 6 Kentish Plover x 2, Ringed Plover, Grey Plover 7 Yellow-legged Gull, Mediterranean Gull 8 Kentish Plover 9 Yellow-legged Gull 10, 11 Dunlin 12 mostly Mediterranean Gulls and Sandwhich Terns 13, 14 Meadow Pipit 15 Chiffchaff
  10. Gladiator96

    Eleonora's, Cyprus

    probably after bats too
  11. Gladiator96

    Western Sahara

    Yes 1 and 2 are spotted flycatchers
  12. Gladiator96

    Warbler in Mallorca to id.

    looks more like a Sardinian Warbler than a Subalpine/Moltoni's type to me
  13. Gladiator96

    Kite from Bulgaria

    looks fine for BK to me which is presumably the far more likely species
  14. Gladiator96

    Northern Spain mountain bird

    Candidate for a split as far as I know (Iberian Dunnock)
  15. Gladiator96

    Bird ID - The Douro River, Portugal, July 28-31st 2022.

    I am leaning more towards Osprey than STE, but I don't think it is possible to be 100% sure from this photo. Ospreys do have dark feathering on the head and the underwings look better for Osprey to me.
  16. Gladiator96

    Large Bird of Prey 2100m in Morzine (French Alps)... what was it?

    The likely candidates would probably be Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture and (less likely) Lammergeier (aka Bearded Vulture)
  17. Gladiator96

    Ouirgane Morocco

    another for female blackcap. the bib must be some ruffled feathers.
  18. Gladiator96

    Passerine sp. Morocco

    Strange bird. Definitely not a Desert Warbler. A weird-looking Common Whitethroat comes to mind.
  19. Gladiator96

    Unknown call, Cyprus

    Cetti's Warbler
  20. Gladiator96

    Wheatear, Montenegro 05/2022

    Eastern Black-eared Wheatear Oenanthe melanoleuca (split by some authorities)
  21. Gladiator96

    ID Help - United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    I'll have a go but best wait for other opinions from birders with more experience in the region. 1) Long-legged Buzzard 2) agree 4) probably Greater Spotted Eagle 6) wheatear sp (not an EOW) 7) Montagu's Harrier 8) agree 9) Desert Wheatear (female) 10) Desert Wheatear (female) 11) Temminck's...
  22. Gladiator96

    Is Birding Pal a Waste of Time?

    seems like an outdated and unsecure website...you're probably better off asking around through social media
  23. Gladiator96

    Sandpipers, East Sussex

    photos aren't great but I would go for ruff and sanderling
  24. Gladiator96

    Croatia - trying to ID this bird song

    sounds like part of a Nightingale song
  25. Gladiator96

    Taiga Bean Geese?? (Estonia)

    The impression I was given is that they are much rarer than that and they have been widely misidentified in the past so are likely overestimated.