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  1. Gladiator96

    Netherlands November 2021

    I'm planning a trip to the Netherlands in from 30 October to 6 November. I am tentatively planning on doing 2-3 days on Texel and the rest around Noord Holland. Any birders in the area want to meet up? It will be my first real birding trip in Northern Europe so I'm expecting at least 30 lifers.
  2. Gladiator96

    Phantom power vs Plug-in-power

    I would like to start nocmigging and have been looking at a few of the options available. I have decided that I will be going for a good set up right away, rather than going cheap at first then improving incrementally. So I have looking at Telinga equipment. I was looking at the Stereo MK3 mic...
  3. Gladiator96

    Birds of Prey, Israel

    These were all taken in April 2019 in Eilat Israel, more specifically in the Date Palm Plantations between the IBRCE and the North Beach. I think they are all Oriental Honey Buzzards, but I'm not 100% sure about all of them, especially the first one. Would appreciate your thoughts.
  4. Gladiator96

    November Lake Kerkini

    Didn't get any feedback from the Greece sub-forum, so I am repeating my queries here. Unfortunately I didn't find any detailed trip reports for the area in late autumn. I will be in the lake kerkini area at the end of November for 3 days. I have saved the ebird hotspots in the area in my GPS...
  5. Gladiator96

    3 days around Lake Kerkini - questions

    I will be in the lake kerkini area at the end of November for 3 days. I have saved the ebird hotspots in the area in my GPS, are there any other sites I should check out? The main targets are obviously the area's specialities, including Lesser White-fronted Goose and Dalmatian Pelican. Has...
  6. Gladiator96

    Eagle, Georgia

    Your thoughts regarding the identification of the eagle in the below photos would be appreciated. This bird was seen on 07/10/2019 in the vicinity of Zugdidi, Georgia. At first glance the bird appeared to be a juvenile Eastern Imperial Eagle, however it is not a typical heavily streaked...
  7. Gladiator96

    Best mid-price 10x42

    Hi looking to upgrade from my Nikon Monarch 5 to something better without spending too much money. From what I've seen my main options are Vortex Viper HD Zeiss Terra ED Nikon Monarch 7 ATB Most of my birding is in relatively open habitats including scanning the sky for raptors or...
  8. Gladiator96

    duck, lake zurich

    Can't seem to put a name to this. It was small like a teal and not shy, swimming around on the lake with the coots, swans and red-crested pochards.
  9. Gladiator96

    Handful of confirmations from Israel

    All taken this month. Fairly sure about most of them, but always good to confirm since they are all new to me. 1. Citrine Wagtail - Neot Smadar Sewage Ponds 2. Desert Lark - Uvda area 3. Long-legged Buzzard - Sde Boker area 4. Clamorous Reed Warbler - Nitzana Sewage Ponds 5. Thrush Nightingale...
  10. Gladiator96

    Common Crossbill w/ white wing bars

    This crossbill, seen a few weeks ago in the Spanish Pyrenees, shows narrow white wingbars. According to Collins, this is a very rare variation. I would like to ask exactly how rare just out of curiosity. Has anyone else observed such birds?
  11. Gladiator96

    Lizards, Spanish pyrenees

    From last week. Any help with these 2 would be appreciated. Both at relatively high altitudes (around 1700m).
  12. Gladiator96

    Spanish Pyrenees Mid-August

    Didn't get any feedback on the Spain sub-forum. Hoping for more here. There are a decent number of trip reports (but hardly any in August) from the area but any added help wouldn't hurt. A few friends and I are going for a 1-week birding holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees in mid-August. A few...
  13. Gladiator96

    Pyrenees mid-August

    A few friends and I are going for a 1-week birding holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees in mid-August. A few birds we are targeting include Lammergeier, Wallcreeper, Citril Finch and Black Woodpecker. Dipper, Snowfinch, Alpine Accentor, Black Wheatear, both Choughs etc would also be nice. We could...
  14. Gladiator96

    Unidentified song, Malta

    Recorded yesterday. Migrants are slowly arriving so could be anything. Not too clear because of the omnipresent ploughing machine in the Maltese countryside...headphones are recommended. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks :t:
  15. Gladiator96

    Gull, Malta

    Taken yesterday. It caught my attention because it looked much smaller than the usual YLGs. I considered Audouin's but it doesn't look right for it. Any thoughts? Thanks :t:
  16. Gladiator96

    Acrocephalus sp. Malta (calls)

    This bird was heard this morning. It was in a dense Lentisk bush and could not get eyes on it at all. Given the time of year the most likely candidate is Moustached Warbler. Any thoughts? Thanks :t:
  17. Gladiator96

    Gull, Malta

    Probably a long shot. This gull was spotted this afternoon. Unfortunately it appeared just as I was leaving and therefore I didn't manage to get good views and photographs of the bird. However it was immediately obvious that it was very bulky when compared to the usual YLGs. I also thought that...
  18. Gladiator96

    Very loose eyecup

    The binocular in question is a Monarch 5 10x42. I recently noticed that a cylindrical piece of rubber fell out of one of the eyecups while extending it. Following this, the eyecup mechanism has become extremely loose. This is annoying since I use them fully extended. Anyone had similar issues...
  19. Gladiator96

    Black-eared Wheatear, Malta

    Photographed last April. Struck me as unusually dark in the field (dark crown, nape, and mantle). Perhaps it could be of the rarer western subspecies which should have more ochre according to collins. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks :t:
  20. Gladiator96

    Wheatear, Malta

    A friend and I are undecided on whether this is a northern or an isabelline. I am leaning towards the latter based on the pale wing with a dark alula and dark lores. Photos taken yesterday. Any thoughts?
  21. Gladiator96

    Unknown Call, Malta

    This was recorded today. The call was coming from the bottom of a densely vegetated watercourse/stream. It doesn't sound like a passerine to me. That being said, I have no idea what it is. Any thoughts? (Aplogies for the ploughing in the background).
  22. Gladiator96

    Gull, Malta

    Apologies for the bad photos. Couldn't decide between Lesser Black-backed and Yellow-legged for this one but leaning towards the former. Any thoughts?
  23. Gladiator96

    Calls, Malta

    1) I think this is a yellow-browed warbler: 2) No audio. A longish continuous whistle slowly going down in volume (opposite of a crescendo). Repeated after quite long pauses. Both heard today in woodland. Thanks :t:
  24. Gladiator96

    Unknown call, Malta

    Probably a long shot. Single note at regular intervals. Habitat woodland. It's a bit faint but should be audible. Vaguely chaffinch-like. Note: it's not the thing that sounds a bit like a robin which as actually a tree creaking. Cheers :t:
  25. Gladiator96

    falcon, Malta

    Any chance it's a female RFF? Feel free to play around with the colours. Cheers :t: