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    Chiffchaff or Willow warbler? IRELAND

    Hi everyone, I'm ashamed to say I've had difficulty separating these two species XD what do you think of the attached photo? I'm leaning more towards willow warbler with this one but would love to hear any and all opinions. Thanks, C
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    Scope advice

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first scope and would appreciate any and all advice. I'd like to keep it under 500 euro/$ if possible. It would be great to have a scope that's good for sea-watching as well as conventional birding. Any advice with this would be great. Kind regards, C
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    Nikon Nikkor 500mm f/4 D ED IF AF-S AF Lens

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of upgrading from my Sigma 150 - 600 C lens to the lens above. Does anyone have any experience using this lens? And if so, would you recommend it? I don't think it's the most recent 500mm F4 offering from Nikon, but frankly I don't have 4k+ to throw away on camera...
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    Equipment overhaul?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about updating my bird photography equipment and would appreciate any advice. I currently shoot with a Sigma 150-600mm C lens on a D7200 body. Happy out with the camera for the most part. I love the lens as well, but am at a stage where I'm hoping to get more from my...
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    Condors in Peru

    Hi everyone, Hoping to make it to Peru next year. Does anyone have any recommendations for sites to see and photograph condors? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, C
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    Magpies chasing squirrels

    Saw something quite unusual yesterday. A grey squirrel was running along the ground, being chased by three magpies all the way. The magpies were looping from tree to tree before coming to ground. They were unrelenting, but stopped short of attacking the squirrel, which didn't have anything...
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    Birding in Peru

    Hi everyone, I'm hopping to make it to Peru later this year and was wondering if anyone could recommend day tours from Lima or Arequipa, ideally in search of condor and cock of the rock. Any help greatly appreciated. Feel free to DM if need be. Kind regards, C
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    Unknown duck spotted in Wicklow, Ireland

    Is it a tuftie or a scaup? Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Warbler in Ireland

    Hi guys, See attached photo of a warbler shot in Ireland. Any idea what species? Any help would be great. Thanks, C
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    I've been observing the (Eurasian) magpies congregating in the trees outside my house. I find their interactions fascinating. I notice that, as they gather in a tree, the birds in the lower branches will be continually chased off their perch by new arrivals, but the birds perched at the very...
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    Hi there, Not an easy assignment, I know, but I'd like to go looking for (European) nightjars this year. Does anyone have any tips for when and how is best to find nightjars in Britain/Ireland. Is it best to see them on passage? What time of year? Habitat preferences? Any and all tips would...
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    Glaucous or Iceland gull?

    Spotted in Dublin earlier today. Any help with this one would be great. Thanks, C
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    Little egrets

    Hi everyone, Just curious about this behaviour I witnessed from a brace of little egrets a few days ago. They landed next to each other, and started marching towards each other with necks extended and heads tilted up(see photo) before one of them flew off squawking. Were they challenging each...
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    House finch?

    Just wanted to make sure. These were taken in Vancouver, BC. Thanks a lot, C
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    North America - Canada - finch??

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what kind of finch this is? I photographed this in Vancouver. Any help with this would be great. Thanks, C
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    North America (Canada) - hummingbird?

    Any idea what species of hummingbird this is? Not sure if it's Anna's or Rufous. Any help at all would be great! Thanks, C
  17. C


    Hi everyone, I know it's a tough ask, but does anyone have recommendations of places to see nightjars in Ireland? Thanks a lot, C
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    Barn owls in Ireland

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows of good sites in Ireland to see barn owls? Obviously they're not common and difficult to see, but are there any spots you'd recommend? Any advice at all would be great. Cheers, C
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    Vancouver in July

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to visit Vancouver (city) in July. And was wondering does anyone know of any affordable bird guides up there? Any help at all would be great! Cheers, C
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    Low-Cost birding trips in Europe

    Hi everyone, So with the New Year upon us, I'm trying to plan out one or two birding trips for the year ahead. There are lots of spots I'd like to see...the problem is that most birding tours are prohibitively expensive, at least for my budget. Would anyone have recommendations for low-cost...
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    Spotted flycatcher?

    I photographed this in Waterford, Ireland yesterday. Any idea what species it is? Thanks a lot, C
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    Unknown gull - Ireland

    Hi everyone, I photographed this gull in Dunmore East on Ireland's southern coast today. Not sure what species it is. Any ID help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Conor
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    Birding Trip to Spain, Summer 2015

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to share a three day (including a weekend) birding trip with in Catalonia (in northern Spain) this summer. The tour is operated by an excellent guide that I've used before, and possible birding sites could include the Garraf, Ebro Delta and Pyrenees...
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    Birding in Ecuador

    Hi Everyone :) I'll be heading to Ecuador for a business trip in February and was wondering if anyone knows of good birding spots around Quito or Cuenca that might be worth a visit. Also, are there any 1-3 day birding tours in the region? Thanks a lot and happy holidays! C
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    Birding in Spain

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to share a birding trip with in Catalonia (northern Spain). The tour is operated by an excellent guide that I've used before, and possible birding sites could include the Garraf, Ebro Delta and Pyrenees. Species of interest include Wallcreeper, Sandgrouse...